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Write-ups, illustrated with many digital photos, of restaurants, loncherias, taco stands and more, where I've had the opportunity to enjoy, in the Mexican state of Sonora.

Mariscos El Cangrejo Rojo:  Features mariscos, cocteles, seafood tacos and more.  Delicious seafood, good prices and friendly service. Family owned and operated in San Luis Rio Colorado.

Birria El Charro:  Serves birria, asada and chorizo tacos, tortas and quesadillas and is open on Sunday.  Located in downtown San Luis Rio Colorado next to the bus station. Great food!

Hot Dogs:  Small hot dog/hamburger cart located in downtown Nogales.  Advertises Sonora style hot dogs, but don't include bacon, dogs are overpriced, and the owner is grumpy.

Rico Mac Tacos:  Small taco trailer open for breakfast only, staffed by two friendly women, in downtown Sonoyta. Serves birria and cabeza tacos.

Truck Stop Tacos:  Located on the side of Federal Highway 2 in Sonoyta, this small taco stands serves tacos de cabeza and menudo to long haul truckers.

Taqueria Los Memos:  Staffed by two very friendly young ladies, this roadside taco stand serves delicious carne asada tacos, tortas and more, in Sonoyta.

Hot Dog Estillo Hermosillo:  Mom and pop set up this small hot dog stand, on the sidewalk, in front of their house, and serve some of the best hot dogs that I've ever eaten!

Don Tiki Tacos:  Rico serves carne asada tacos in downtown Sonoyta from the most unique taco truck that I have ever seen.

Asadero El Sarape:  Large roadside restaurant, located on north side of Sonoyta, that features grilled carne asada tacos, and some of the best beans that I've ever tasted.

Taquería El Gaby:  Small restaurant, located on the main street of Carboca, that serves delicious, bargain-priced tacos de birria, by super-friendly Gabriel.

Mariscos Guaymos:  Small roadside restaurant, located on the north side of Carboca, along Federal HIghway 2.  Serves delicious mariscos, along with seafood cocktails and tostadas.

Taqueria El Tío Juan:  Four generations of the Perez family work side by side, preparing great tacos, quesadillas and other delights, in Puerto Peñasco.

Taquería La Doña:  Located on Federal Highway 6 in Sonoyta, Taquería La Doña serves delicious birra, asada, tomales and more.

Rico's Taquería:  Hot dogs, tacos, burritos, quesadillas and more, Rico's is located on Highway 6, in Sonoyta.

Tacos El Cabpron:  Serves quesadillas, and pescado, camaron, pollo and carne asad tacos, and is a favorite of the Spring Break crowd, in Puerto Peñasco.

Super Burros:  Located in the beach city of Puerto Peñasco, this large taco stand serves all varieties of tacos, sopes, and much more.

Taqueria El Bueno:  Family owned and operated, El Bueno is well-named, as they serve delicious carne asada, cabeza and tripas tacos, in Sonoyta.

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