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Taquería El Gaby is easyy to spot as you're driving north on Calle Alvaro Obregón, which just happens to be "main street," in the city of Caborca, Sonora, Mexico, which advertises itself as the "Pearl of the Desert."  The restaurant is easy to spot, as they have a huge sign that beckons the hungry travelers with the promise of a birria de res taco for the small sum of MEX $8.00, which is well under a buck in U.S. dollars.  As I was driving down the main street in town, on my way to Sonoyta, how was I able to pass up a taquería that advertised birria tacos for such a small price?  I wasn't able to pass on the deal, so I parked my car at the corner of Calle Alvaro Obregón and Av. H. Colegio Militar, and prepared to enjoy a fine lunch of tacos de birria, from Taquería El Gaby.

Photo:  You can't miss Taqueria "El Gaby," located along the main street in Caborca, Sonora, Mexico.  

Photo:   Small taquerias, such as "El Gaby," are very common is smaller Sonoran cities.

Like many small taqueíras located in Mexico, Taquería El Gaby is a locally owned and operated operation. During my visit of March 13, 2007, it was staffed only by one guy, a very friendly, perfect English-speaking guy by the name of Gabriel, who told me that he enjoys dual citizenship of both Mexico and the U.S., and has spent many years in the Mesa, Arizona area performing construction work.  He told me that most of his family lives in Caborca, and that he yearned for home and family, so he quit is job in Mesa and returned home to Caborca, and established Taquería El Gaby, back in 1996, and hasn't looked back.  I love hearing the success stories of a small-business entrepreneur such as Gabriel.

Despite the fact that Gaby's sign proclaims that they serve barbacoa de res, the only thing that Taquería "El Gaby" was serving during my visit was tacos de birrria.  When I asked Gabriel about the discrepensies, he merely shrugged his shoulders and said that they serve what they have on hand, which is typical for the small restaurants and taquerías located throughout Mexico.  Birria tacos are not a problem with me, so I ordered two of them, for the very small sum of MEX $16.00, which is well under two American bucks.

At Taquería El Gaby, your tacos arrive with just meat on the corn tortillas, and then you get the opportunity customize your tacos from the huge selection of condiments, that's located next to the kitchen.  I chose to customize my tacos by adding diced red onions,  diced jalapeño peppers, chopped cilantro, diced Roma tomatoes, and dices cabbage.  Naturally, I added a half key lime to my plate for appearance, and for taste, as no real taco is complete without lime juice.

Photo:  Gabriel spoons birria onto tortillas that will compose my lunch.

Gabriel dished the birria out of a large pot that he had warming on the griddle, after cooking the tortillas on the propane-fired griddle.  I asked him about the birria, and he said he made it at home the night before, and heated it up when he opens the business in the morning, and he just keeps the pot warm using the heat from the griddle. Of course when an order is placed, he just heats the corn tortillas on the griddle, and when the tortillas are ready, he just spoons the birria stew on the tortilla, puts the taco on a plate, and allows the customer to garnish the taco from the selection of diced vegetables that he has to offer.  The system is simple, and it works for his patrons, and it works for me.

Photo:  Two tacos de birria, complete with all of the condiments make a delicious lunch from Taqueria El Gaby.

Gabriel is a friendly guy, who serves delicious, inexpensive tacos.  During my 15-minute stay at  Taquería El Gaby, I had the pleasure to enjoy a couple of delisious tacos, and I enjoyed a pleasant conversation with the very intelligent and friendly proprieter, Gabriel.  Taquería El Gaby, is highly recommended, as they serve delicious tacos, they offer inexpensive prices, and Gabriel is one of the friendliest guys that I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Taquería El Gaby
Calle Alvaro Obregon and Ave. H. Colegio Militar
Carboca, Sonora

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