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Early Monday afternoon, March 12, 2007, I drove into the small Sonoran town of Sonoyta, and I was hungry, as I'd only had coffee and fruit for breakfast when I left Mexicali, early in the morning.  However, I wasn't looking for the usual taco, although eating tacos fabricated on the streets of Mexico, by street vendors is one of my favorite pastimes.  I was looking for a hot dog stand, specifically, a stand that sold Sonoran style hot dogs!  As I turned south, from Mexico Federal Highway 2, in the direction of Puerto Peñsco, on Federal Highway 6, I noticed Rico's Taquería on the east side of the highway, as they display a hot dog stand in front of the restaurant, and I just knew that I'd find a Sonoran-style hot dog at Rico's.  I was not to be disappointed!

Photo:  From across the street, this photo shows the hot dog cart, the kitchen, and the taquería in the background.

Photo:  After placing my order with the gal that was wandering about, taking orders, bussing tables, picking up trash, and other duties, she yelled into the kitchen window, "Un hot dog!"

Ricos, located at the corner of Blvd. Benemerito De Las Americas and Calle Lazaro Cardenas, or more simply described as just south of the Highway 2 and Highway 6 intersection, heading south on Highway 6, about 100 meters south of Highway 2 on the east side of the street, is quite different, as its divided into three different entities:  1)  Hot dog cart  2)  Kitchen/grilling station  3)  Taquería.  During my visit to Rico's, as I was munching on my Sonoran-style hot dog, I had a hard time of figuring how the whole operation worked together.  

My mind went into "sensory overload" as I read the simple, hand-printed menu that was taped to the wall of the kitchen stand, that advertised, among other inexpensive entrées, a Sonoran-style hot dog for MEX $10.00, which is less than a U.S. buck.  Naturally, they advertised the hot dog for $1.00, and Rico's will gladly accept U.S. dollars, but when I travel to Mexico, I prefer to pay in pesos, and I bargain accordingly.  When I ordered my hot dog, and the hot dog lady asked me what I wanted on it, I replied, "con todo," and made it clear to her that I had a peso $10.00 coin that I was planning to use to pay for my meal.  As they say in Mexico, "No problema."

Photo:  Here's Rico's menu, printed in a combination of English and Spanish.  

Photo:  The menu placed near the hot dog cart makes the inexpensive price for hot dogs pretty clear:  $1.00; half the price north of the border.

Rico'sTaquería is divided into three distinct entities:  1) Hot dog stand, in front of the kitchen, almost in the street, which was most the important fixture to me  2)  Kitchen stand, where other items on their menu are prepared  3) Taquería, which is located on the other side of the sidewalk where meat for carne asada is smoked and where the most serious chopping of vegetables and the making of salsa is performed.  On the street side of the sidewalk, on both sides of the kitchen, tables and chairs are located, and in my case, the most interesting table proved to be the one located next to the hot dog cart.

Photo:  The taco cart, with the kitchen and dining table in the background.  The girl is getting my hot dog.

I told the girl that I wanted a hot dog, and then she asked me what I wanted on it, and I replied with the same cliché that I always use, "con todo," which loosely translates into something like "with everything."  When it comes to Mexican hot dogs, I'm not shy, and I like everything on my hot dog.  I sat down at the table, watching the girl prepare my hot dog, and dreaming about the delicious hot dog that I was about to enjoy.

Photo:  My delicious hot dog, with all of the condiments, and all of the trimmings.

For the small price of MEX $10.00, you get a grilled regular size hot dog, wrapped in bacon, and placed in a bun. Since I had ordered everything, my hot dog included mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, salsa cruda, guacamole, and diced, red onions.  My hot dog also included a spoonful of pinto beans, in the true Sonora-style hot dog fashion. When I bit into my hot dot, I was immediately transported into "hot dog nirvana," as it was like biting into a little slice of heaven.  I love Sonora style hot dogs!

When you're visiting Sonoyta, or just passing through on your way to Puerto Peñasco, stop by Rico's Taquería and enjoy a delicious hot dog, for a bargain price.  You'll be glad that you did

Rico's Taquería
Hwy 6 and Calle L. Cardeñas
Sonoyta, Sonora

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