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Tuesday, March 13, 2007, I spent wandering around the streets of Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico, taking photos, admiring the interesting scenery, and chatting with the locals.  Since I was staying at the Excelsior Motel, located along Highway 2, I made my base of operations out the motel, and branched out from there.  When I go to a new location, I prefer to walk, as that mode of transportation allows you to savor the area, up-close, and personal.

Photo:  Hubby cooks hot dogs, and the wfie just watches, as the traffic flows along Av. Altar.

Av. Altar is a major north-south artery in the small town of Sonoyta, which is overstating the fact, as it's just a two lane street, but it does contain the municipal building, the police station, a beautiful church, and many lovely homes.  I had spent some of the afternoon exploring the area, and had even enjoyed a fine taco at the  nearby unique taco truck, Don Tiki, and after taking photos of the beautiful sunset, I was heading back to my motel room. As I hiked near the corner of Av. Altar and Blvd. De Americas, I spotted something that I hadn't seen before that had just seemed to have sprouted up from nowhere:  Hot Dog Estilo Hermosillo, which was selling Hermosillo-style hot dogs.  I couldn't pass on a place like this...

Photo:  The cook allows me to take his photo.  Notice the black and white television just to the left of the hot dog cart, and the plastic table and chairs; very common in Mexico.

Two hours earlier, it was just a house, located along a major residential street.  Later in the afternoon, about 1730, a full-blown hot dog stand had sprouted in front of the house, complete with propane grill, work table, condiment tray, T.V. set, and awning.  It seems that a husband and wife operate this hot dog stand from home, and set it up on the sidewalk, along the street, and generally open for business around five in the afternoon, and usually stay open until midnight.  This hot dog stand has it all, including a propane grill, lighted sign, and lights around the restaurant, with electricity obtained from an extension cord, plugged into their nearby house. Even though I wasn't hungry, as I'd eaten at a couple of other wonderful restaurants, I couldn't pass this place by.  So I plunked down my MEX $10.00, and ordered a Hermosillo-style hot dog, with all of the trimmings.

Photo:  My hot dog is almost ready.  Note the black pot, simmering at the side of the griddle, which contains ground beef.  This guy serves, perhaps, the best hot dog that I've ever eaten.

OK, for less that a U.S. dollar, you get a juicy, bacon-wrapped hot dog, freshly grilled over a propane grill.  It's placed in a fresh, huge hot dog bun, that's about the size of  French roll, and then a spoonful of cooked ground beef is placed on the bun, next to the hot dog.  Yes, cooked ground beef, e.g. hamburger!  The ground beef was new to me, and I was completely surprised!  Then you get to choose from the many condiments offered in the condiment tray, plus you get to squeeze on mustard or mayonnaise.  Note that ketchup is not commonly offered as a condiment  in State of Sonora; you have to head west to Mexicali before you'll see ketchup offered with hot dogs.  Anyway, I chose to garnish my hot dog with mustard, mayonnaise, diced tomatoes, diced onions, cilantro, diced lettuce; a rarity in Mexico, and chopped jalapeno peppers, enjoy the fact that my hot dog was bacon-wrapped, and that he added a spoonful of cooked ground beef to the dog. You can't beat a hot dog like this!

Photo:  Hermosillo-style hot dog, served on a bolillo, complete with condiments, and lots of mayonnaise. Unfortunately, the photo doesn't show the ground beef gravy that was spooned on the hot dog. This photo represents, perhaps, the best hot dog that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

I can truly say that this hot dog is, perhaps, the best hot dog that I've ever had to pleasure to consume.  I've enjoyed some great hot dogs in the U.S., and in Mexico, but the added ground beef, plus the fresh, delicious condiments, made this truly, a hot dog to remember.  Highly recommended by the author!

Hot Dog Estilo Hermoso
Av. Altar and Blvd. De Americas
Sonoyta, Sonora

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