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Despite the fact that the city of San Luis Rio Colorado is a decent-size town, Sunday is a lazy day, as very few businesses are open, and, as per state law, no alcohol is sold.  Sunday afternoon, October 6, 2013, I was in luck, as I happened down Calle 5, and stopped for lunch at Birria El Charro.


Photo: Birria El Charro is located in downtown San Luis Rio Colorado, next to the bus station.  As shown in the photo, the restaurant is actually located on the sidewalk, and sticks out into Av. Madero just a bit.  The owner has his Grand Cherokee Jeep parked next to the restaurant to deliver supplies.  The bus station is located just to the right of the concrete wall in the right of the photo.


Photo:  The small restaurant features a limited menu of tacos and tortas, and the fillings offered are asada, birria, adobada and chorizo.  I chose to order two tacos de birria, and a Coca Cola.  As in many small restaurants, you sit at the counter, and you can watch the staff, in this case, one guy did it all, cook and prepare your meal.  The restaurant, along with the stools are actually located on the sidewalk.


Photo:  Birria El Charro offers a wide variety of soft drinks.  There is no refrigerator, as meat, drinks and produce are stored in ice chests, and kept cool using blocks of ice.


Photo:  After ordering, the guy scooped a couple of large handfuls of birria out of an ice chest, and threw it on the griddle.  He also threw four corn tortillas on the griddle, to toast beside the birria.  He timed it out, no doubt through lots of experience, so the birria and the tortillas were ready at the same time.  He then grabbed a plastic plate, and put a throwaway plastic baggie over it, placed the tortillas on the plate, and scooped the birria on the tortillas.  I ordered everything on my tacos, so photo shows him placing onion, cilantro, cabbage and runny guacamole on my tacos.  The method of using a throwaway baggie is a common practice among small restaurants on the streets of Mexican cities, as Birria El Charro lacks running water, and the throwaway baggie eliminates the need to wash the plate.


Photo:  Since I was the only customer, at the time of my visit, I asked the guy to snap my photo, and he obliged.  He seemed to be rather preoccupied, so I didn't bother to make any conversation or ask his name.


Photo: My lunch of two tacos de birria.  Each taco starts with two toasted corn tortillas, with grilled birria piled on the tortillas.  I asked for "todo," so my tacos were garnished with diced onion, cilantro, cabbage, and runny guacamole.  Wow!  The tacos were absolutely delicious!!!  The price of two tacos and a Mexican Coke came to $35.00, which is just a tad over $3.00 U.S. dollars, which is a definite bargain!

Birria El Charro features a very limited menu, as they serve only tacos, tortas and quesadillas, and offer only asada, birria or chorizo as filling.  No worries, as the restaurant serves delicious food, the service is fast and friendly, and the price is right.  For an outstanding Sunday afternoon lunch of birria tacos, look to Birria El Charro, in downtown San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora.

Birria El Charro
Calle 6 and Av. Cjon Madero
San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora

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