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I could not believe my luck, as I was wandering the streets of Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico at 0700, on Wednesday, March 15, 2007, thinking about my stomach, which was alerting me to the fact that it had been 12 hours since I'd had the opportunity to enjoy some of the finest food that I've ever eaten. OK, back to my luck, I spotted a taco trailer, located at the corner of Ave. 15 de Septiembre and Blvd. Fco. Eusebio Kino, which translates to Mexico Federal Highway 2, that had spouted up while I was sleeping, as there wasn't a taco stand located at that same corner, during my visit from the evening before.  The name of the taco trailer read Rico Mac Taco, and it was staffed by two busy women, who appeared to have a purpose in life, and seemed to know what they were doing, and their purpose seemed to create, cook and serve as many tacos as possible, as the place was absolutely crowded with hungry customers.

Photo:  Rico's busy taco trailer operates from a major street corner, and serves delicious breakfast tacos.

Photo:  The girl who's doing the cooking on the grill is preparing a delicious taco for another hungry customer.

In Mexico, birria and cabeza tacos are generally served for breakfast, and that's what you'll find at Rico Mac Tacos, as they are a breakfast-only taco stand.  As I walked down the street, I spotted the two women working the taco trailer, and I also noted the limited menu that was painted on the side of the trailer, and I instantly knew that I'd hit the taco jackpot in Sonoyta.  Naturally, I knew that Rico's would be a stop for breakfast.

Rico Mac is very low-tech, as they operate out of a trailer, which is parked at the same street corner, at the same location, every day of the week, so the girls that operate Rico's can perform their breakfast magic.  In keeping with the low-tech tradition, Rico's utilizes propane for eat, and ice chests, stocked with ice, obtained from the gas station located across the highway, to keep their cold things, well... cold.  Low-tech works just fine in Sonoyta, and Rico's is a perfect example of low-tech technology in action, which results in delicious tacos for the consumer.

Rico Mac Tacos serves breakfast tacos, and they're only open for breakfast.  In Mexico, cabeza is the primary meat of choice for breakfast tacos, and that's what Rico Mac serves for breakfast.  Despite the menu printed on the side of the trailer, Rico Mac Tacos serves tacos de cabeza for breakfast.  The restaurant is very popular with local residents, as it was quite busy during the time of my visit.

Rico Mac Tacos is staffed by two ladies, one who does the cooking, and another who chops vegetables, stocks the vegetable tray in the ice chest, and makes change. During my visit, a gentleman stopped by to deliver a bag of ice cubes, to be placed in one of the ice chests, in order to keep the prepared vegetables cool.  Rico is very low tech, as they rely on ice to keep their meat and vegetables cool, and propane to cook the food.  When you visit Rico's, you'll notice a couple of ice chests sitting on the street next to the restaurant trailer; one ice chest is devoted to the restaurant's condiments, which include diced cabbage, diced jalapeno peppers, sliced cucumbers, diced tomatoes, diced red onions, and sliced key limes.  The other ice chest houses ice, and taco de cabeza meat, pre-cooked, and ready to re-heat.

Photo:  The two girls who operate Rico Mac Tacos, keep very busy, serving their many customers

Photo:  A little seasoned salt is added to the tacos de cabeza meat.

The meat for the taco de cabeza is prepared before Rico sets up shop, and the meat is kept in a large pot, warmed on their propane-fired grill.  When you order a taco, the girl that is doing the cooking grabs a couple of corn tortillas, places them on the grill, heats them up until they bubble, flips them over, and repeats the process. Then, she places the tortillas on a plate, and spoons a couple of large spoonfuls of taco de cabeza meat from the large pot, that has been warming from the grill.  Then she hands you your plate, and then you make a trip to the ice chest that contains the condiments, and if you're thirsty, you can grab a coke from another ice chest.

I loaded my tacos with all the condiments that Rico Mac Tacos had to offer, which included cut limes, diced cabbaged, diced tomatoes, diced red onions, diced jalapeno peppers, and whole radishes.  Rico's has many chairs situated around the trailer, so I just prepared my tacos, grabbed a coke from one of the ice chests, and sat down in a plastic chair, and enjoyed my delicious breakfast.  Rico's caters to the working man, as I was enjoying my tacos, I noticed many trucks, staffed by masons, landscapers and construction workers, pull up to the restaurant, and the occupants pile out to purchase delicious tacos from Rico Mac Tacos.

Photo:  My digital camera is able to capture a fantastic smile from the girl who cuts vegetables and makes salsa, and seems quite shy.  I captured her pretty smile!

Photo:  My two tacos de cabeza, loaded with condiments.  Note that they are served on a "baggie" that is placed over the plastic plate, which is a very common way to serve street tacos in Mexico.

If you're a fan of tacos de cabeza and you're visiting Sonoyta, Sonora, you owe it to yourself to pay a visit to Rico Mac Tacos.  Tacos de cabeza are priced at only MEX $10.00 each, and that includes all of the condiments that you can load on your taco. For the price of only MEX $28.00, I was able to enjoy a coke, plus two delicious tacos de cabeza, prepared on-site, from local fresh ingredients.  You can't beat the price, and you can't beat the quality of the food served at Rico's.  I highly recommend this restaurant for breakfast!

Rico Mac Tacos
Corner of Av. 15 de Septiembre and Highway 2
Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico
Open for breakfast, only

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