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The name of the restaurant reads:  "Tacos El Cabpron de La 13 St."  You read that right, as how could I make up a name such as "Cabpron," which features corruptions of both the English and Spanish languages?  But yes, that's the name of the taqueria, located at the corner of Av. Francisco Villa and Calle 13, a.k.a. Calle Miguel Hidalgo, in the quaint seaside town of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico and despite the crazy name, they serve delicious seafood tacos and they attract many beautiful women, both locals and those partying in Puerto Peñasco the Spring Break ritual.

Photo:  El Cabpron is typical in that the kitchen is open to the street, and features a thatched roof, typical of many Mexican restaurants located along the coast

Photo:  My two lovely young ladies order tacos.  Not the bowls of condiments placed on the tiled counter.

This is a difficult article for me to write as Tacos El Cabpron de La 13 St. seems to be many things to many people, as they're located at the corner of Av. Francisco Villa and Calle 13, and they display a banner that reads "Ensenada Style Tacos," which led me to assume that they specialize in seafood tacos, which they do.  What does that translate to in English, something like "13th Street Tacos?"  Whatever it translates to, Cabpron is typical of most small Mexican restaurants, as Cabpron's kitchen is open air and facing the street, doesn't offer a printed menu, and presents informal dining on picnic tables, under an awning.  Two guys work the restaurant, a skinny older guy performs kitchen duties, and another smiling, friendly guy greets customers, takes orders, makes change, and busses the tables.  

Photo:  The guy to the left is the waiter, and he's very friendly and is an outstanding photographer on this late Monday afternoon, March 12, 2007.

Photo:   The older, skinny guy cooks, and doesn't have a whole lot to say.

Tacos El Cabpron de La 13 St. has their menu posted on the outside of their building and it reads:  Tacos: Pescado, camaron, pollo, carne.  So there you have it, as Cabpron serves fish, shrimp, chicken and beef tacos; that's it.  Now that's a limited, American-style fast-food menu, but, like most taquerias in Mexico, when you dine at Cabpron, you're able to watch your meal prepared before your eyes from fresh, locally produced, ingredients.  The friendly guy at the counter greeted my in English, and he shot back with the words, "Dude, we didn't know that you can speak Spanish,"  and I replied to him something like that I was in Mexico and I'd left my English at "la frontera." After that, the remainder of the conversations proceeded in Spanish, which was ok by me.

Photo:  The waiter takes photos of two beautiful young ladies, on Spring Break.

Photo:    The Spring Break crowd as arrived!  They didn't arrive to purchase tacos, as all they did is stand around and talk for a few minutes, and then leave. Maybe to hit a bar?  The drinking age in Mexico is 18, so these folks fit right in

I placed my order for a shrimp taco, and when asked, the friendly guy at the counter assured me that the shrimp had been delivered this morning, and had been unloaded from a boat only hours before.  OK, everybody says the same thing, but he showed me the shrimp that was going to be used for my taco and it looked fresh, as it was a beautiful pink in color, and it smelled fresh, as it didn't smell "fishy," so I knew my taco was going to be fresh.

As my taco was being cooked, a couple of beautiful college age girls approached the waiter, and ordered tacos. Naturally, the guy at the counter seemed very interested in the girls, and started to engage them in flirty conversation.  The girls asked him if he'd their photo, which he gladly did, and I observed the whole evolution taking place, amid lots of girlish giggles.  So, using my best charm and Spanish, I asked the girls if they'd like it if I'd take their photo, using their camera.  They were flabbergasted that I spoke Spanish, as the blonde replied, "You speak Spanish?"  I replied with "Sí, hablo español, y pienso que nosotros estamos in México, ¿Verdad? ¿Si recuerdo correctamente, español es el idioma de México, no es?" ... which brought a huge laugh out of the ladies, and after that exchange, the rest of the conversation were conducted in Spanish.  I even got the counter guy to take a photo of me hugging these two beautiful 20-something year-olds.  Me, I'm a 55 year old pervert hugging these beautiful young girls; I love Puerto Peñasco!  After getting my photo taken hugging these two beautiful young girls, the counter guy remarked to me that he does this on a daily basis, and the restaurant seems to draw the young girls like a moth to a flame.  He grinned at me and told me that he really enjoys his job, and that he receives lots of fringe benefits.  Touché!

Photo:  Your author, hugging two of the prettiest young ladies that he's ever had the pleasure to see.  They were amazed that I flirted with them in Spanish, as they thought I was just some old, dumb, perverted gringo.  Well, maybe I am!

My shrimp taco was priced at only MEX $12.00, and it included all of the condiments that you will expect to find at a small, Mexican restaurant, in a seaside town, such as Puerto Peñasco.  As I was sitting at a table, enjoying my delicious taco, a crowd of 20-something, Spring-break-types arrived and ordered tacos.  Picture this:  I'm sitting at my table, enjoying a delicious meal of shrimp taco, and I'm presented with a crowd of men and women, and the women are wearing skimpy bathing suits, and are jabbering excitedly together, in both English and Spanish. Where else can you enjoy this much "eye candy?"

Photo:  My delicious taco de camarón, shortly before I devoured it.

I can attest to the fact that Tacos El Cabpron de La 13 St. serves delicious seafood tacos, at a very inexpensive price, and during my visit, offered some of the best scenery that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy during my visits to Mexico.  Highly recommended by the author.

Tacos El Cabpron
Av. Francisco Villa and Calle 13
Puerto Peñasco, Sonora

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