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Late in the afternoon onWednesday, March 14, 2007, while touring downtown Nogales, I came upon a hot dog vender, who advertised selling Sonora-style hot dogs.  I love any variety of hot dogs, Sonora-style dogs in particular, so I decided to stop by, and enjoy a late lunch of a Sonora dog, with all the trimmings.


Photo:  When I arrived at the corner, the hot dog cart was sitting in the street, unattended.  I waited a couple of minutes, and when nobody appeared, as asked a couple of guys sitting nearby if they knew where the vendor was. One of the guys got up, walked inside the door to the bar, at the left of the photo, put a couple of fingers to his mouth, and whistled loudly.  The vendor appeared, looking a bit disoriented, and in somewhat of a huff.  Perhaps I interrupted his session at the bar?


Photo:  I asked for a Sonora-style hot dog.  Mr. Grumpy Vendor donned a dust mask, threw a hot dog on the griddle, and got to work on my hot dog.  All the while, he was muttering under breath... he acted as if HE was doing me a favor by preparing my hot dog, and that I was a major annoyance or inconvenience.  In my opinion, that doesn't seem to be a very good business plan for a small business owner.


Photo:  My Sonora-style hot dog included a large, soft, chewy bun, a grilled hot dog, beans, chopped tomatoes, onions, mustard and mayonnaise.  Sonora dogs are supposed to wrapped in bacon, and this dog wasn't!  I asked Mr. Grumpy Vendor where the bacon was, and he replied curtly, "No bacon!"  Where's the runny guacamole?  I didn't ask, as the dude was crabby enough.  The hot dog cost a whopping $2.00, TWICE the price I enjoyed the night before at an outstanding hot dog vendor in Sonoyta!  If you can forgive the high price, the crabby vendor, and the lack of bacon and guacamole, it was a pretty good hot dog.

The hot dog didn't have any bacon, it was overpriced, and the hot dog guy was surly.  Other than the aforementioned negative factors, it was a decent dog.  However, if you look around, I'm sure you'll find many other hot dog vendors who will sell you a better product, with a smile, on the streets of downtown Nogales.

Hot Dogs
Calle B. Juarez and Calle Campillo
Zona Centro
Nogales, Sonora

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