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Super Burros is probably the largest street taco stand that I've ever seen during my visits to Mexico, as it features around 20 tables and a staff of a dozen or so workers.  Their specialty is in tacos, and they serve tacos de carne asada, pastor, machaca and mixto.  In addition to tacos, their menu includes sopes, mulitas, caramelos and quesadillas, which their advertising banner proudly states as "Super Quesadillas Gigantes" which pretty much says it all.  They're located at the busy corner of Calle Miguel Hidalgo and Av. Luis Ensentas, just a few blocks south of the beach, and Super Burros is truly a busy operation.

Photo:  Super Burros is a large operation, that has the capacity to seat many hungry diners.  It's mid Monday afternoon, March 12, 2007, and I'm ready to enjoy a delicious taco or two.

Photo:  The small, but tidy kitchen of Super Burros, as seen from across busy Calle Miguel Hidalgo.

Super Burros is a typical Mexican street restaurant, as its open to the street, has an open air kitchen, and picnic tables placed under a huge awning, and in the typical custom of Mexican street restaurants, features the apex of informal dining.  In custom with most small Mexican restaurants, Burros doesn't have a printed menu, so you just walk up to one of the charming ladies working the counter and place your order.  They'll tell what they have in stock, and they'll prepare your delicious taco right before your eyes.  Unlike many other street Mexican restaurants, this place is huge, and it includes about 20 tables and is staffed by about a dozen workers.  The staff is so large that they even have a girl in the street, advertising their fine cuisine and directing folks to the fine restaurant.

Photo:  The gentleman to the left of the photo seated patrons and waited tables.

Photo:   Grilling meat for tacos de carne asada.  Note kitchen staff wears masks, for sanitary reasons, AND, because of the dust problem on Calle Miguel Hidalgo.

I have to admit that I was quite surprised that Super Burros doesn't include any seafood on their menu, as their specialty is carne asada tacos.  Nonplussed, I ordered a "mixto" taco, which is a mixture of all the head parts of a cabeza de vaca.  Yes, that's cow cheeks, eyes, brains, and all of the rest, but, hey, this is Mexico!  For the price of MEX $10.00, it's a bargain to get such delicious food.  Of course when my taco arrived, I was able to choose from a wide assortment of condiments, including creamy guacamole, diced red onions, cilantro, key limes, and much more.  Such a delicious meal for such a small price!

Photo:  Here's one of the reasons why the staff at Super Burros wears masks:  To fight the dust.  In Puerto Peņasco, and many other small resort towns, it's perfectly legal - in fact, it's encouraged - to ride A.T.V.s on city streets.  Since Calle Hidalgo isn't paved, it's a recipe for dust.  The rider and his faithful dog don't seem to mind the dust.

Photo:  I ordered one taco of "mixta," and all the garnishes.  In case you wonder what "mixta" is, it's head meat, including forehead, cheek, eyes and brains, grilled, and all mixed together.  It's dlicious!

One of the girls asked me why I was taking so many photos, and I asked her if that was unusual.  She said that she'd never seen anyone taking so many pictures and she asked my why I was doing it.  I used my standard operating line that I was just a dumb tourist and taking the photos helped me to remember my visit.  Actually, there is a lot of truth in that statement.

I enjoyed a delicious taco de mixta at Super Burros, and if you're visiting Puerto Peņasco, I highly recommend that you pay them a visit.

Super Burros
Calle Miguel Hidalgo and Av.
Luis Ensentas
Puerto Pe
ņasco, Sonora

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