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The mid-sized border city of San Luis Rio Colorado offers many opportunities for diversion, including a host of bars, cantinas and honkey tonks, and restaurants of every description.  However, due to state law, such diversions are scarse on a Sunday, and like many areas in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, alcohol is not sold on Sundays. However, if you're in the mood for delicious mariscos and seafood of every variety, look to Mariscos El Cangrejo Rojo, as they don't sell alcohol, and they're open, alive and well on Sunday.

Photo: Mariscos El Cangrejo Rojo is located on the northeast corner of Calle 6 and Av. M. Hidalgo, in downtown San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora.  The restaurant sells only seafood, and advertises as "Cocina de Mariscos."

Photo:  Like many small restaurants in Mexico, Mariscos El Cangrejo Rojo features patio dining, and both the kitchen and the outdoor dining area are completely open.  Photographer is standing on the sidewalk, which passes under the awning, just to the right of the bar stools.

Photo:  The menu is posted above the bar, and offers a wide variety of seafood tacos, tostadas, caldos and cocteles.

Photo:  You're able to "belly up to the bar" and watch the hard-working gentleman fix your lunch.  The gentleman behind the counter, his wife, and a couple of their children were working the restaurant on this Sunday afternoon.

Photo:  During the time of my visit, there was only one other customer, but the counter guy kept busy, making take-out orders, as the phone rang many times during my visit.

Photo:  This gentleman sat next to me and enjoyed several seafood tacos, and was kind enough to snap my photo, upon my request.  Note the wide variety of sauce available... I never feel the need to add additional sauce to a delicious mariscos.

Photo:  Sunday afternoon, October 6, 2013, I appear in all of my faded glory, as the guy sitting next to me kindly snapped my photo.  I'm drinking Coca Cola, as per state law, no alcohol is sold in the state of Sonora on Sunday.

Photo:  My choice of lunch fare was a "Coctel de Camarron y Pulpo"  - shrimp and octopus - and the fantastic meal also included a bowl of fresh chips, and delicious, in-house made salsa.  I added a Coca Cola, and the tab came to $115.00, which is a shade under $9.50, U.S. dollars.  Fresh seafood is not cheap, even in Mexico, and mariscos are very labor-intensive, as the fresh fish is shelled and cup up as soon as you place your order.  At Mariscos El Cangrejo Rojo, you watch your coctel prepared, as you sit at the counter, munch on chips and salsa, and enjoy an icy-cold Coke on a warm Sunday afternoon.  Life is good, and so are the mariscos and cocteles at Mariscos El Cangrejo Rojo.

I wish that I had taken the opportunity to enjoy a seafood taco or two, but it didn't happen, as I wanted to sample at least one more restaurant before heading back to Yuma.  Mariscos El Cangrejo Rojo serves fresh, delicious mariscos, made right before your eyes, using fresh mariscos, and other ingredients.  On a warm, dusty afternoon, a cool mariscos really hits the spot, and Mariscos El Cangrejo Rojo serves wonderful mariscos!

Mariscos El Cangrejo Rojo
Calle 6 and Av. M. Hidalgo
San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora

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