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One of the major commodities available to the guest at Meling Ranch is relaxation, and at Meling Ranch, relaxation comes in huge quantities!  But there are many things to see and do around the ranch, so click on the link of choice below, and take a tour of beautiful Meling Ranch.

Meling Ranch Animals:  Meling Ranch is a working cattle ranch, so there are plenty of horses, goats, cattle, dogs, cats, chickens and more.  The ranch is truly  an animal lover's paradise!

Meling Ranch Family Cemetery:  Located on a hill overlooking the ranch and the valley, the cemetery provides a fascinating insight into the lives of Baja California pioneers.

Motel Rooms:  Meling Ranch offers a small, very rustic motel, with unique and charming rooms.

Library and Game Room:  Stocked with books left by guests, the ranch has a library, complete with pool table, and an out-of-tune upright piano.

Meling Ranch Pool:  Fed directly by a mountain spring, the ranch features a refreshing, sparkling clear pool.

Around the Ranch:  Lots of photos around the ranch, of buildings, equipment and other interesting things.

Kitchen and Dining Room:  Meling Ranch features a well-equipped kitchen, and a rustic dining coom, complete with huge flagstone fireplace.

Meling Guest Ranch Wood Stove:  Wood is plentiful, and the staff at Meling Guest Ranch prefers to cook their delicious meal on a wood-fired kitchen range.  How many times have you had the pleasure to enjoy a delicious meal, cooked on a wood-fired stove?

Mountain Scenery:  Meling ranch is situated at the base of the Sierra San Pedro Martir mountain range, and the mountain scenery is truly breathtaking.

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