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There are many relaxing things to do during your visit to Meling Ranch, but in my opinion, there is nothing more relaxing than spending a late afternoon in September, lounging by a sparkling fresh swimming pool, sipping on a cold Pacifico beer, and admiring the breathtaking scenery offered by the Sierra San Pedro Martir mountians in the background.   What am I talking about?  Lounging around the swimming pool at Meling Ranch.

Photo:  Looking west, from the veranda of Guest Room *5, The pool is in the foreground, with foothills of the Sierra San Pedro Martir in the background.

Meling Ranch features a swimming pool, at the west end of the grassy compound that the guest rooms look out to.  The pool is fed by the spring that supplies water to the ranch, and its all natural, e.g. it doesn't have any chlorine or other chemicals, as they're simply not needed, due to the natural flow of water.  What I mean is water flows in one side, and it drains out the other side, into the nearby creek.  The water is fresh and clean, and you actually could drink from the pool without any ill effects if you wanted to.  But its a no-frills affair, as the water isn't artificially heated, although during my late September visits to Meling Ranch, I've found the water in the pool very refreshing.  

Photo:  Looking east from the hill above the ranch affords a great birds-eye view of the sparkling-clear pool and the awesome Sierra Pedro San Martir mountains in the background.

You can relax by the pool, as there are ample chairs and tables, on the flagstone patio, and the friendly staff keeps the patio furniture, and the patio itself, very clean.  

The pool is only about six feet deep at the deep end so DO NOT DIVE INTO THE POOL under any circumstances. Also, if you have small children, be careful, as lifeguard facilities are non-existent.  Remember, you're in Mexico, so you're on your own!  

Photo:  Late afternoon sun on September 24, 2008, finds the pool at Meling Ranch in a mellow mood.

Photo:  Ranch hand Sam has just skimmed to pool, to remove it from some of the many pine needles that blow into it, due to the many Coulter pines that call Meling Ranch home.

My method to enjoy the refreshing pool at Meling Ranch is to pop the top on a icy-cold Pacifico beer, jump in the pool, swim around a bit, then get out, sit down in a chair, dry off a little, and then take a sip of beer.  As I enjoy my beer, ample eye-candy is present, as in the late afternoon, all you have to do is look to the east, to see the beautiful Sierra San Pedro Martir mountains, lit-up by the afternoon sun.  It's truly a beautiful sight!

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