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Meling Ranch is located in the foothills of the Sierra San Pedro Martir mountains, at elevation of 2,120 feet, and it features some of the most beautiful foothill scenery that Baja California has to offer.  From the ranch, as you look to the east, you get views of the high mountains, an in other directions, you get lovely views of the boulder-strewn foothills.  This is not your typical desert scenery that is so common in Baja California, as the scenery around Meling Ranch resembles the Sierra Nevada foothills scenery, of Northern California.

Photo:  Looking west from the center of the ranch toward the dining room, with my truck in the center of the photos, along with the vehicles of the other guests, and Andrea's Jeep Cherokee.

Photo:  Looking east at the beautiful San Pedro San Martir mountains, on a mellow afternoon, with some of the many cattle in the foreground of the photo.

Photo:  Looking east from the ranch toward the mountains, and the creek that provides water is in the foreground.

Photo:  Looking east from a small hill that overlooks the ranch, toward the beautiful Sierra San Pedro Martir mountains.

Photo:  The iconic panel van that hasn't ran for over 40 years, and the woodshed, with the beautiful foothills of the Sierra San Pedro Martir mountain range in the background.

Photo:  We're treated to a very mellow afternoon, as it had rained in the morning, and the afternoon sun highlights the mountains to the east of Meling Ranch.

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