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Meling Ranch is a working cattle ranch, that just happens to also be a guest ranch.  As with any working cattle ranch, you'll find practically every variety of farm animals, including cattle, horses, goats, hogs, ducks, geese, chickens and a couple of turkeys.  Domestic animals include who-knows-how many cats, dogs, and a green parakeet.  I like animals, so I took a few photos of some of the animals that Meling Ranch keeps, and I'm including a few scenic photos as well.  

Photo:  Meling Ranch is located in a rather picturesque setting, at the base of the Sierra San Pedro Martir.  The ranch, as seen from the family cemetery, with a small herd of horses in the foreground.

Photo:  Meling Ranch is a 10,000 acre, working cattle ranch, and they have many head of beef cattle.

Photo:  I love the rustic fence posts, made from some of the local digger pine and cottonwood branches.

Photo:  This horse waited outside of the gate, and attempted to intrude every time somebody would open the gate. Samuel, the ranch foreman, finally chased him away, as it went from amusing to annoying rather quickly.

Photo:  Meling Ranch also has a small head of goats, which they use mostly for dairy products.

Photo:  Mr. and Mrs. Turkey.  Mr. Turkey spent most of the time with his feathers puffed up, attempting to impress Mrs. Turkey, who seemed to ignore him most of the time.

Photo:  Julie bottle feeds a young goat.  I suggested that we have cabrito for dinner, but my suggestion didn't seem to go over very well, as we had chicken instead.

Photo:  This is "Blackie," who is foreman Samuel's pet dog.

Photo:  Meling Ranch has a flock of chickens, who provide most of the eggs for the ranch.

Photo:  Andrea told me that this black hog is their organic garbage disposal, as his job is to eat food scraps.  He seems to be quite happy, and he's good at his job.

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