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Back in March of this year, my oldest daughter and I had the opportunity to visit the original Pink's Hot Dogs location on LaBrea Avenue in Hollywood.  On Sunday, May 01, 2011, we paid a visit to Universal Studios, and to our surprise, we found that Pink's has a location on the second floor on Universal City Walk!  We were in the mood for lunch, and just had to pay another visit to Pink's, to enjoy delicious hot dogs.


Photo:  When we visited Universal Studios on May 01, 2011, we didn't expect to find Pink's Hot Dogs, but much to our surprise, we found Pinks located on the second floor of the Universal Studios City Walk.


Photo:  Jacquie ponders the many choices that Pink's menu has to offer, as the menu is posted above the order counter.  Andy, the guy behind the counter, stands ready to take her order.


Photo:  "Honey, what do you want to order?"  "Honey, just a moment, as I'm taking a photo..."  Such is the exchange between Sharlene and I as I snap a photo, inside Pink's small store.  The Universal Studios location is quite small, with only a couple of tables inside, but there is plenty of tables outside, where most folks prefer to dine.


Photo:  Pink's Hot Dogs are created inside the small, spotlessly-clean kitchen.


Photo:  Our order of onion rings, fries, a guacamole dog, a chili cheese dog, a plan, foot-long dog, and two Betty White hot dogs.  The price for the dogs, onion rings, fries and four bottomless drinks came to $28.57, including California state sales tax.


Photo:  My order of onion rings, a guacamole dog, and a chili cheese dog.  I just had to order a chili cheese dog, as that is the dog that Pink's has built their reputation on.


Photo:  I talked a friendly fellow diner into snapping our photo.  From left to right, Eric - your author and friendly webmaster, Sharlene, our daughter Jacquie, and our grandson, Paris.  After the photo was taken, we quickly got to the task of the day:  Enjoying the most delicious hot dogs that Hollywood has to offer!  There is absolutely no comparison between Pinks' and the Dodger Dog... Pink's is light-years better than the Dodger Dog!

Unlike the original location, Pink's Hot Dogs on Universal City Walk isn't crowded, and there is no waiting in line. You get the same great hot dogs without the waiting... If you're not in the mood for star gazing and you crave the delicious hot dog that only Pink's can produce, check out Pink's Hot Dogs on the second floor of Universal City Walk.

Pink's Hot Dogs
100 Universal City Plaza
Second floor
Universal City, CA 91608

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