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Now that Tail o' the Pup is a part of Hollywood history, Pink's Hot Dogs is perhaps the most famous hot dog outlet in the world.  Pink's advertises that they have been a Hollywood ledged since 1939, and not only do they serve some of the finest hot dogs to be had on the West Coast, but they also draw many Hollywood stars, star wannabees, star watchers, and the paparazzi.  I'm a lover of hot dogs, and since I was in the area on Sunday, Match 20, 2011, a visit to Pink's seemed the most natural thing to do.  Read on, and enjoy our visit to iconic Pink's World Famous Hot Dogs!

Photo:  Sunday, March 20, 2011 at about 1300 in the afternoon, it was raining buckets in Los Angeles, which is rare, but it happens.  Jacquie and I thanked the rain makers, as we felt that the torrential rain kept the crowds at bay, as the line to order at Pinks, on an early Sunday afternoon, can be quite long.

Photo:  Jacquie ponders the menu, which is posted above, and behind the kitchen, where the Pink's folks, dressed in white, are busy making hot dogs.  The menu is also posted on Pink's web site, which is listed at the end of this article.

Photo:  The lady to the left of the photo is waiting to pick up her order of hot dogs, as she seems to contemplate the busy kitchen scene at Pink's Hot Dogs.  Note the photos of some of the many Hollywood starts who have visited Pink's, which is the favorite hot dog restaurant for the elite of Hollywood.  

Photo:  It's a rainy early Sunday afternoon, just north of downtown Los Angeles, and Pink's kitchen is busy... photo taken from the pay/pick-up area.  Here's how it works at Pink's:  You walk up to the front of the store, facing North La Brea Avenue, and choose your favorite hot dog from the menu, posted in, and above the kitchen, as seen to the left corner of this photo.  You're on the sidewalk, as Pink's kitchen is open to the street, in the essence of Mexico... anyway, you place your order with the order taker, you pay for it with cash, thank you, and she somehow conveys what you want to the kitchen staff, who, as you can see in this photo, are quite busy at making orders happen. Then, you enter Pink's, proper, and at this point in time, you're treated to watching the staff build your hot dog.

Photo:  It takes three staff members to make the famous, outstanding hot dogs that Jacquie and I enjoyed on this rainy March, Sunday afternoon.

Photo:  Jacquie remarked that maybe it was a good thing that it was pouring rain, as Pink's wasn't crowded, and I think she was right.  I'm standing at the pick-up/pay station, and watching the staff member making our order. Check out all the dogs, waiting for buns...

Photo:  Pink's staff member lovingly spoons New York-style gravy on our New York-style hot dogs.  The chili cheese dogs haven't received the chili yet, so at this stage, they're just cheese dogs.

Photo:  Staff member takes one last look at our order of two chili cheese dogs, two New York dogs, two orders of fries, and two Orange Crush drinks to help wash it down.

Photo:  This is the first of two tiny dining rooms that Pink's Hot Dogs has to offer, and it's decorated with autographed photos of Hollywood stars that have dined at the restaurant.  I understand that "star gazing" is a huge draw, and the reason why many people come to Pinks, but we weren't here for the stars, as we were interested in sampling a couple of Pink's legendary hot dogs.  The dining rooms are very small, and each one measures about 15' by 15' and each has only four tables and each table has only four chairs.  On a "normal" Sunday afternoon, it would be standing room only, but today it was pouring rain, and the streets were flooded, and it kept the crowds away.  Yet, at 1300 in the afternoon, both inside dining rooms were full, so we had to sit outside, under a semi-leaky tent, while the rain and wind battered the tent, and threatened to blow the whole thing away.  Ahhh... I love Los Angeles!

Photo:  Our order of two fries, two chili-cheese dogs, and two New York-style hot dogs.  First and foremost:  The wieners "snap" when you bite into them, so they're the real deal, with natural casings.  The buns were large and fresh... the chili was legendary... we now know why Pink's is one of the most famous hot dog restaurants in the world.  The New York dogs featured the runny tomato-based gravy - think Manhattan clam chowder - and was just like the hot dogs that I'd enjoyed during visits to New York.  We loved the New York dogs, but in our opinion, the chili cheese dog rules and Pink's Hot Dogs rocks the hot dog world!

Photo:  My daughter Jacquie and I pose with our orders, as the friendly guy at the table next to us snaps the photo. No doubt about it that we're at Pink's... note the pouring rain that is beating down on the clear plastic wall of the tent.  I seem to be hanging on to our order for dear life... I'd better be, as Pink's Hot Dogs are... well... legendary and I can truly understand why they have been in business since 1939.  Happy Birthday to me!  My daughter and I celebrated my 59th birthday at Pink's... actually it was lunch, as we enjoyed my birthday dinner later that evening at her place.

The bottom line is that I was visiting my daughter Jacquie, who lives in Canyon Lake, south of Riverside, which is a hundred mile drive to Pink's Hot Dogs.  Drive 100 miles, on a super-rainy Sunday to enjoy hot dogs?  Folks, I've been wanting to "dine where the stars dine," and I'd heard about Pink's for years, and we had some time on our hands, so we just had to visit Pink's.  Was it worth it?  A resounding:  YES!  No, we didn't get to see any movie stars, but we enjoyed a couple of legendary hot dogs, and some of the best fries that you could ever imagine.  Pink's Hot Dogs rocks the world; no wonder they're still in business after all these years...  If you love hot dogs, you'll love Pink's Hot Dogs!

Pink's Hot Dogs
709 North La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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