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Now that Tail o' the Pup is history, perhaps the most famous hot dog in Los Angeles, and maybe the world, is the reknowned Dodger Dog, which is the hot dog served at Dodger Stadium during Los Angeles Dodger baseball games. For years, I've heard people rave about Dodger Dogs, and being a lover of hot dogs, I just had to sample one, but that achievement could be difficult, as I don't live in Los Angeles and I'm not a baseball fan.  However, my dreams came to fruition on Sunday, May 01, 2011 during a visit to Universal Studios Theme Park, as I spied a small hot dog stand near the bandstand which proudly proclaimed Dodger Dogs!  Sign me up...


Photo:  Dodger Dogs is a small hot dog stand, located inside Universal Studios, right in front of the bandstand.  You have to pay the price of admission to the park in order to enjoy a Dodger Dog, as the hot dog stand is located inside the "paid" are of the park.  All I can say is bring your wallet, and make sure it's stocked with lots of greenbacks!


Photo:  Claudio, the hot dog guy, dishes up the dogs.  Unlike Dodger Stadium, which offers your choice of steamed or grilled dogs, this small hot dog stand only offers steamed hot dogs.


Photo:  A Dodger Dog is a 10 inch hot dog, with natural casing, steamed, and placed on a fresh bun.  Condiments come in small plastic packages that you have to tear open with your teeth.  Here's a breakdown of the price of lunch at this little hot dog stand:  Jumbo Hot Dog, a la cart: $5.99, Budweiser beer: $6.99, CA bottle tax: $.60, CA state sales tax: $1.21... for a grand total of $13.59!!!!  Yikes!!!


Photo:  I pose at the hot dog stand with my lunch of a Dodger Dog and a beer.  I have to look on the bright side, as I can now boast that I've eaten a Dodger Dog, and that I actually got some change back from my $20.00 bill!

I have no idea of what all the hype is about a Dodger Dog.  Sure, it's a quality dog that "snaps" when you bite it, and it's served on a fresh bun, but the dog is nothing special and it's steamed, for cryin' out loud!  Condiments? Mustard and relish, that come in little packages that you have to tear apart with your teeth and squeeze on the bun.  At $5.99 a copy, a Dodger Dog is one expensive dog!  A Dodger Dog pales in comparison to a Pink's chili cheese dog, and the Pink's Hot Dog retails for $2.00 less than the Dodger Dog.  Los Angeles, you can keep your Dodgers baseball team, and you can keep your Dodger Dogs...

Dodger Dogs
Next to the bandstand
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

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