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DT Noodle is now open in West Roseville, having closed their former location in Lincoln, and moved to Roseville. They're a welcome addition to West Roseville, as the only other Vietnamese restaurant in the area, Pho Vietnam, shut their doors a couple of years ago, and later morphed into an excellent Japanese Bistro restaurant.   The neighborhood now has a new, welcome addition, as DT Noodle filled the void in West Roseville for those who enjoy delicious Vietnamese cuisine.

Photo:  DT Noodle is celebrating their grand opening, in the space where the defunct Cafe Americano used to reside.  On this late Monday morning, December 14, 2015, there are no cars parked in front of the restaurant, which made photography quite easy.  Actually, DT Noodle has been open for about three weeks, and it took me this long to get around to pay them a visit.  They were formerly in Lincoln, but due to lease issues, they closed the store and moved to Roseville.  So much the better, as now we have an excellent Vietnamese restaurant in West Roseville.

Photo:  The dining room has been completely remodeled - click on the link in the previous photo - and is super clean, modern and spacious.  Due to lens restictions, the whole dining room isn't shown, as there is a row of tables against the wall, to the right, out of the photo.  Each table is numbered, and it looks like there are about 20 tables. I noted a sign on the wall that said the dining room can hold 49 people.  On this late Tuesday morning, there was one gal dining, and when she finished, I had the whole dining room to myself. Except for a couple of televisions reporting the local news, and the restaurant's phone ringing, the dining room was very quiet. I realize the restaurant is very new, and word hasn't spread around West Roseville, but it looks like DT Noodle needs to do some serious advertising.

Photo:  The menu is vast and features exactly 69 food selections, including appetizers Vietnamese sandwiches, pho (noodle soup,) Chef specialties, vermicelli and rice plates.  If you add desert items and drinks, the menu comes to a whopping 105 items, and they're all numbered!  Beer and wine is on the way, but since they're so new, DT Noodle doesn't have the license from the city at this writing, so I had to settle for ice water.  If you aren't familiar with Vietnamese cuisine, no worries, as the friendly staff will be glad to assist you, and there are pictures on the wall of numbered items from the menu.  The owner of the restaurant, Danny, brings my appetiser to my table.

Photo:  I was hungry, so I felt an appetiser was in order, so I ordered #7 from the appetizer section of the menu, Shrimp Tempura, a.k.a. "Rocket Shrimp," or in Vietnamese,  Tôm Hoa Tien.  I must admit that when I think of "tempura," I think of the light batter used in Japanese cuisine, but the Vietnamese have a different slant on "tempura," as the shrimp are wrapped in a wonton skin and deep fried.  I have no idea of what the dipping sauce is, but all I can say is I loved it.  The vegetable garnishes made the presentation complete, and I devoured the whoe thing, including the tails and the lettuce leaf.  Delicious!

Photo:  Mrs. "T," co-owner of the restaurant, brings my main order to my table.  When I walked into the restaurant, I explained to Danny, and "T" that I was wanted to take photos for my web site, and my Facebook page.  I'm not really sure if they really realized what I was going to do, as they both seemed a bit mystified.  In fact, in the previous photo, as I snapped his photo, Danny asked, "Why do you want to take my photo?"  

Photo:  I asked Mrs. "T" to take my photo, and she readily agreed.  Thanks!  I pose, with my delicious lunch, ready to enjoy.  Note the number "1" which is the number of my table, the condiments, and the spoons, and for the not-so-feint-of-heart, chop sticks.  The large dark bottle contains fish sauce, which I liberally applied to the vegetables in my main dish, as I love fish sauce on vegetables.

Photo:  My main entry, #50 from the Vermicelli section of the menu, Bún ba màu.  You may ask, what is this?  It's grilled pork strips, grilled shrimp, egg roll and veggies placed on thin vermicelli.  The veggies consisted of shredded lettuce, carrot, bean sprouts, cucumber and green onion, and were crispy fresh.  Note:  Good Vietnamese food always features lots of crisp, fresh vegetables.  As I was about ready to dig in, Danny came over to my table to let me know the sauce was to pour on the vegetables.  I thanked him, but I already knew that, as I'm somewhat experienced when it comes to the cuisine of Viet Nam.  The veggies were super fresh, and the bean sprouts snapped... now that's fresh!  The pork and shrimp were grilled perfectly, and everything about the meal was delicious, and... perfect!  I applied fish sauce to the vegetables, as I love the combination of fish sauce and vegetables.

Photo:  Here's my complete meal, along with a take-home menu.  The food looks wonderful, and it tastes even better.  This is some of the best Vietnamese food that I've enjoyed in a long time!

Photo:  Danny rings up my order. Just to his right, is the open window where you can look into the window and see the chef at work.  The price of my delicious meal, including tax came to $17.09, which wasn't cheap, but it was worth every penny.  I gave Danny and his wife a tip of $5.00, not only to reward good service, and superior food, but in part to thank them for putting up with my many questions, and my picture-taking.

I was amazed at the delicious food served by DT Noodle!  They serve some of the best Vietnamese cuisine that I've enjoyed in a long time!  If you're in the mood for superior Vietnamese food in West Roseville, stop by DT Noodle.

DT Noodle
5015 Foothills Blvd. Ste. 3
Roseville, CA 95747
916 797-8883

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