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Can you say the phrase "Com Cha Suon Nuong" in 20 seconds or less?  Don't feel bad, as I couldn't pronounce it, or say it, if I had all day.  But, no matter how it's said, "Com Cha Suon Nuong" was my lunch on Sunday, March 9, 2014 at Pho Vietnam Noodle Restaurant, located on Foothills Blvd., in Roseville.

Photo:  Today, Sunday, March 9, 2014, was my visit visit to Pho Vietnam Noodle Restaurant, live, and in person, although my wife has brought home take-out food from this fine restaurant.  I really do not know a lot about Vietnamese cuisine, so today, I was looking for a completely new experience!

Photo:  Pho has a very large and comfortable dining room, and even has a couple of large-screen televisions.  On this early Sunday afternoon, outside of a couple, I had the restaurant to myself.  Daniel, who I "assume" is the son of the owner, took my order, kept me supplied with Tsngtao beer, and in this photo, tidy's up the restaurant.

Photo:  Pho Vietnam Noodle Restaurant's menu is both large and extensive, and if you're not familiar with Vietnamese cuisine, like I am, it's mind-boggling.  My friendly server, Daniel, offered to explain the menu choices to me, but with me being the stubborn dude that I am, I just figured that I'd plough through the menu on my own, and work something out.  I ended up choosing a Number 40, which is "Com Cha Suon Nuong..."  what???  The menu describes it as "steamed egg patty and grilled pork cop over rice."  The menu has a photo of #40, so, what the heck?  It looked good, so I went for it.  I am not picky, as I love everything, as I was not disappointed in my choice of lunch on this early Sunday afternoon.  By the way, I couldn't pronounce "Com Cha Suon Nuong" if my life depended upon it, so I just crossed my fingers and ordered a "Number Forty."  It worked out...

Photo:  Daniel, who seated me and took my order - I "assume" he's the son of the owner - seats, greats and gives menus to a couple seated a couple of tables over from me.

Photo:  After placing my order of a #40,  I worked on a couple of Tsingtao beers while my order was being prepared.  When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, I am a complete novice, so I didn't even know what beer to order, and when my server mentioned Tsingtao, it sounded good to me, as I'm familiar with Tsingtao beer, so I just went for it...

Photo:  Don, who I "assume" is the owner of the restaurant, brought my order of "Com Cha Suon Nuong" to my table, and agreed to pose for my photo.  Nice guy!  I love a friendly guy like Don...

Photo:  My "Number 41" order of Com Cha Suon Nuong, along with a couple of Tsingtao beers, and a bowl of delicious dipping sauce, of unknown origin.  In retrospect, if it wasn't for the couple of Tsingtao beers that I enjoyed, I would have asked Don about the dipping sauce, but I suppose that will have to wait for another visit.

Photo:  Don snapped my photo, as I emerge into the entirely new world, for me, of Vietnamese cuisine.  I'm surrounded by great beer, seated in a comfortable dining room, and about ready to embark on a new culinary adventure... Life just doesn't get any better!

Photo:  Close-up photo of "Com Cha Suon Nuong."  You know... I didn't even know it was pork, as I thought it was steak, as I really didn't pay much attention to the menu.  But, I'm fearless when it comes to food, and this lunch, however you pronounce it, was divine!  Check out the photo and you can see the pork is just oozing with flavor, and the fresh, chopped green onions are an added treat.  To be honest, I really didn't know what to do with the dipping sauce, so I just dipped rice into it, sat back and enjoyed, and wound up with a smile on my face.  Wow! All I can say is this lunch was delicious, and I plan to return soon!  Gee, Vietnamese cuisine just might become one of my favorite types of food...

Our family has ordered take-out food from this restaurant, but today was my first visit, inside, and up-close-and-personal.  I was truly impressed, by the food, the service, and the friendly people.  I'll be back for more!

Pho Vietnam Noodle Restaurant
7452 Foothills Blvd., #100
Roseville, CA 95747
916 791-1138

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