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Japanese fusion is an interesting term, as the name would imply the cuisine is mostly Japanese, but is influenced by other cultures and cooking, hence the term, "fusion."  Until my visit today, I could count on the fingers of one hand how many times I'd enjoyed the food of Japan, and I'd NEVER had the chance to enjoy Japanese fusion.  All of that history was rewritten, when I visited Matsuyama Japanese Fusion, in west Roseville.

Photo:  Matsuyama Japanese Fusion is located is an upscale strip mall, in West Roseville.  Photo was taken, early in the morning, before the restaurant opened, as they don't open until noon.  Does this building look familiar?  It is the former home of Pho Vientam Noodle Restaurant, which went under in May, to be replaced by Matsuyama.

Photo:  Matsuyama Japanese Fusion opened up in May, after the departure of the Vietnamese restaurant, and there have been many changes to the comfortable dining room.  The floor is the same, and the furniture is the same, with the exception of the black tablecloths.  The walls have been painted a very bold rose color, and subtle pictures, statues from Japan have been added.  The most notable change is the large sushi bar, which is seen at the right of the photo.  The dining room is spacious, comfortable, and very family-friendly.  The date is early Saturday afternoon July 19, 2014.

Photo:  I sat myself at the sushi bar, was given a menu, and immediately ordered a Sapporo beer, which is my favorite Japanese beer.  By the way, the Japanese really know how to make great beer!  Immediately, I asked to look at the menu for a couple of minutes before placing my order, but prior to my visit, I had surfed the restaurant's web site, so I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to order.  Before placing my order, I was brought an appetizer of a small bowl of green beans, and an empty bowl to place the pods in.  Quite a different appetizer to chew on!  After placing my order, I was brought a bowl of miso soup, which is always a fine way to begin a meal.

Photo:  I sat at the extreme end of the sushi bar, as to be able to observe the friendly staff in action, and was able to photograph a sushi roll that the staff set on the counter, before delivering it to another customer.

Photo:  Left, Chef Song Kin, and to the right, Chef Tang Le, behind the sushi counter, at work making some of the best food in Roseville.  Before visiting Matsuyama, I had "friended" the restaurant on Facebook, and told them of my visit and what I'd be doing - the "camera guy" - and the gentlemen welcomed me with open arms.  I absolutely love a restaurant where the staff is super-friendly!  

Photo:  My lunch arrives, delivered by a very friendly hostess.

Photo:  My complete lunch, which takes a little explaining.  OK, the "official" name of my lunch, is a "Lunch Combo Specials," from the menu section of the same name.  The menu describes my lunch as, "Miso soup, small house green salad, white or brown rice.  Four piece California roll or spicy tuna roll with your choice of the following: Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Teriyaki, Salmon Teriyaki, Mixed Tempura or Korean BBQ Ribs."  Quite a modest description for such a wonderful meal.  I chose the "mixed tempura" option, as I love deep fried veggies. Photo is of my lunch, the miso soup, the appetizer of green beans, along with a small plate of noodles, and super-hot wasabi sauce.  If you're heat-challenged, watch out for the wasabi sauce, as it looks like guacamole, but it's really Japanese horseradish, and, unlike chili peppers, this stuff stimulates the nasal passage, rather than the mouth, and it's HOT!  However, in small doses, it's delicious!

Photo:  My delicious lunch; all of this for only $7.50!  Quite a bargain!  On my "Lunch Combo Special," I opted for mixed tempura, as I go crazy over deep fried fish and veggies, white rice, and spicy tuna sushi roll, rather than the bland California option.  I love to go with the spice!

Photo:  Close-up photo of the "house salad."  I'm not sure what kind of sauce or dressing it has, but whatever it is, it's delicious, and I demolished it in short order.

Photo:  The "mixed tempura" portion of my order.  It was mostly deep fried vegetables, but there were a couple pieces of deep fried fish included.  The lunch was fantastic!   I just can't think of words to describe how great the food is at Matsuyama Japanese Fusion.

Photo:  I'm seated at the sushi counter, and am getting ready to enjoy a delicious lunch.  The counter is odd, as when you sit down, it's chest high... I'm not sure about that, but the staff is friendly, and the food is FANTASTIC!

To be quite honest, I was simply "blown away" from the dining experience I enjoyed at Matsuyama Japanese Fusion.  The food was simply FANTASTIC, the dining room was comfortable, and the staff, in particular, Chef Tang Le, were beyond helpful and friendly, and they elevated the wonderful dining experience to FANTASTIC!  When you're in the mood for some of the best food in town, at a very reasonable price, head over to Matsuyama Japanese Fusion.  Be sure to "like" them on Facebook!

Matsuyama Japanese Fusion
7452 Foothills Blvd. Ste. #100
Roseville, CA 95747
916 787-9898

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