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The cover of Mr. Perry's menu pretty much says it all:  "Mr. Perry's.  Great American Restaurant Since 1973.  Local and Proud of it."  The cover also goes on to state, "We proudly purchase quality, fresh ingredients served in a variety of your favorite, home-style dishes... From our kitchen to your table."  How you can not love a restaurant that proudly announces such a worthwhile mission, up-front and personal on its menu?


Photo:  Mr. Perry's is located just west of CA Route 99, off Mack Road, in an attractive location that offers plenty of parking.

Mr. Perry's Coffee Shop, is a Sacramento restaurant icon of many years, and is a favorite stop for travelers, as its located just off of busy California State Route 99, on the side of Sacramento.  Mr. Perry's prides themselves on serving "comfort food," and they have been voted "Best comfort food served in Sacramento, by Sacramento Magazine.  Whatever the case, they've been business for many years, and have attracted a dedicated following of locals, and travelers from the highway and the endorsement of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.  You may recall that we held a club meeting at Mr. Perry's, back in July, 2007, and we've also been across the highway to Original Perry's Coffee Shop a couple of times as well.  However, one of our newer members, Mr. Sergio Gaona never had the opportunity to enjoy a meeting at Mr. Perry's, so on Friday, February 5, 2010, when it was his turn to choose the meeting location, he chose Mr. Perry's Coffee Shop for today's breakfast meeting.

Mr. Perry's features a large, pleasantly-decorated dining room, with a breakfast counter and kitchen located to the right, as you enter the restaurant.  Also, in the rear of the restaurant, there are a couple of semi-private dining rooms, that each contain several tables where you could comfortably seat a couple of dozen people.  Today we were happy to have nine members at our meeting, so we were seated at a large table in the "Valley Hi Room," in the rear of the restaurant.  On this rainy Friday morning, the restaurant wasn't very crowded, so we had the room all to ourselves.  Not a bad idea, as the Sacramento Breakfast Club meetings can sometimes get rowdy!

Photo:  Looking toward the front of the restaurant, in the main dining room, with the breakfast counter and the kitchen to the left.  Note the high-definition flat screen television monitors, which have been installed since our last visit.  Alice said they have cartoons on Saturday mornings, for the pleasure of the kiddies; this Sunday, they'll watch Super Bowl XLIV  Photo was taken using existing light.

Immediately after being seated, we were presented menus and our beverage order was taken by our pleasant and efficient waitress, Alice, who was wearing a name badge that read that she has accumulated 35 years of service with Mr. Perry's.  Chatting with Alice, I commented on her years of service, and she said that she actually had 38 years.  Gee, that's since Mr. Perry's has been in business... that's quite an accomplishment.  

Mr. Perry's Coffee Shop is owned by the same folks who own Original Perry's Coffee shop, located on the east side of the highway, and both restaurants feature remarkably similar menus, yet with subtitle differences. Naturally Mr. Perry's menu includes their signature dish, the Iowa Style Pork Loin Breakfast, which includes various sides; one of the offerings is biscuits and gravy, which for Dan, David and myself, that was a slam-dunk choice.  Unlike Original Perry's, Mr. Perry's offers the Iowa Breakfast in a senior size, which still includes three eggs, but has only about 2/3 the amount of meat and hash brown potatoes, that its larger cousin contains, and it's priced quite a bit less than the full order.  Instead of a helping of applesauce on the side, you get a glass of the fruit juice of your choice.

Photo:  Our friendly waitress, Alice, poses, with my Iowa Style breakfast, as she brings it to the table.

Photo:  It doesn't get any better than an Iowa Style Breakfast!  Oh I forgot to mention that your coffee mug is always full, and each diner receives a glass of ice water, without asking for it.  Now that's class!

Now just what is an Iowa Style Breakfast?  The menu describes it as follows:  "Two generous slices of pork loin, lightly breaded and golden fried.  Served with country gravy and three eggs to your liking.  Apple Sauce on the side.  You also get the usual choices of English muffin, toast, or biscuits and gravy, and your choice of hash browns or country fried potatoes.  

Our orders arrived in a very timely manner, fresh and hot from the kitchen.  Alice did it all by herself, and she only required four trips to bring everything for all nine of us.  This gal knows what she's doing... as she's friendly, fast and very efficient.  You also are treated to service with a smile when you have Alice as your server.  

After we were served, as per meeting protocol, I asked Alice to take a group photo.  This girl is a trooper, as after I showed her the workings of my camera, she was happy to take the photo, and even climbed on a chair to get a better angle!  Wow... service above and beyond the call of duty.  Thanks Alice!

Oh yes, the food... we love it!  Good food!  Where else in California can you find an Iowa Style Breakfast?

Photo:  Today's club members, from left to right:  Eric Rench, your webmaster, photographer and reporter, Sergio Gaona, Brad Holther, Latasha Banks, David DeMario, Matt Donnelly, Mark McIntire, Dan and Bev MacLeod.  

Add together all of the kudos related to Mr. Perry's Coffee Shop, such as convenient location, great service, very reasonable prices, "comfort food," a family friendly experience, delicious food, large portions, and I can't think of any reason not to pay a visit as they all add up to the perfect restaurant.  Check out the place, and you'll love it! Highly recommended by members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.

Mr. Perry's Coffee Shop
7820 Alta Valley Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95823
916 423-2140

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