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The front cover of the menu at Original Perry's Coffee Shop sports the following slogan:  "Old fashioned restaurant since 1968.  Imitated, never duplicated.  Local, and proud of it."  That statement pretty well sums up the mission of Original Perry's, as Original Perry's Coffee Shop is a landmark restaurant, located on the south side of Sacramento, CA.

Photo:  That's my 1996 Toyota Camry in the foreground, the best car that I've ever owned, but the star of the show is Original Perry's Coffee Shop, which is packed with customers on this late Friday morning in July, 2009.

Original Perry's Coffee Shop is a family-style restaurant that caters to the taste of locals, truck drivers, and anybody who appreciates an outstanding breakfast (not to mention lunch, or dinner...) and has been a Sacramento icon for over forty years.  It's family-oriented restaurant, which features a wide menu selection, a folksy dining area, comfortable atmosphere, great food at reasonable prices, served by some of the most efficient and friendly staff that we've ever had the pleasure to encounter during our quest to enjoy the best breakfast cuisine that Sacramento has to offer.

Friday, July 24, 2009, it was Brad's turn to choose the club meeting, and he chose Original Perry's Coffee Shop, which is a superior choice, if you're a lover of an outstanding breakfast, or for that matter, any other meal.

Photo:  Original Perry's features a large breakfast counter, facing the kitchen, that caters to hungry truckers, who migrate to the restaurant from the truck stop located next door.  Photo was taken with existing light.

The owner of Original Perry's, Mr. Perry, grew up in Mason, Iowa, and moved out to California, and started Original Perry's in Sacramento, and has been going strong ever since.  Since he came from the Midwest, Original Perry's menu has a strong Midwestern influence, particularly in the Iowa Style Pork Loin breakfast that we'd driven all the way to the south area to enjoy.  Original Perry's Coffee Shop has received rave reviews from truckers and local diners, and has been featured in Sacramento Magazine a few times.  It's a favorite of the locals, and is usually jam-packed, especially on weekends.

When you walk in the front door, you're greeted by a friendly gentleman, who welcomes you with a smile, and who will seat you.  As we were walking towards our table, I noted the counter, complete with stools, the large window to the kitchen behind it, the plates of food ready to be delivered to hungry diners, the gleaming, stainless kitchen appliances and utensils, and the busy kitchen and serving staff.  Above this beehive of activity, I couldn't help but to notice the four clocks, with one clock for each U.S. time zone and labeled as such, except the clock representing Pacific Time Zone was labeled "Original Perry's."  The decor isn't elegant, but its clean, comfortable, and very family-friendly, and it really makes you feel at home.

Photo:  The kitchen, and the counter where the wait staff picks up food, in our case... breakfast.  Notice the icon Original Perry's clocks on the wall above the kitchen.

Ordering from Original Perry's extensive menu could be somewhat challenging, as the menu features a wide selection.  In keeping with the restaurant's format, the menu seems to cater to locals, families and truckers, and includes an outstanding array of good ol' American classics, also known as "comfort food."  However, since we'd been talking about the Iowa breakfast for so long, Dan, David, Matt, Brad and Eric, your author and web master, each ordered Iowa Style Pork Loin breakfasts.  Always a maverick, Mark chose to order a chicken fried steak, which is an outstanding choice for breakfast at Perry's.

Our meals arrived in a very timely manner, and during the time before our meals arrived, our coffee cups never got below half-empty, due to the attentive, but not intrusive service of our friendly waitress, Hazel. Naturally its fun being in a place like Perry's when you're surrounded by good friends and fine conversation.

Photo:  Hazel delivers an Iowa-style breakfast to David, and has Dan's Iowa breakfast, and Mark's chicken fried steak breakfast on-tap.

So just what is an Iowa-style Pork Loin breakfast?  You receive two pieces of pork loin, with a total weight of around 8 or 10 ounces battered, and fried like a chicken-fried steak.  The two pork loins are placed on top of the gravy!  The meat is so tender that you really don't need a knife to cut it.  Included on the plate are three eggs, cooked to order, (in my case, over easy,) a slab of hash brown potatoes, crispy and chewy, but not greasy, and a cup of applesauce.  Next to the plate is a smaller plate, with my order of sourdough toast, as today, I chose not to indulge in my usual side of biscuits and gravy.  I did order extra gravy to top my hash browns, as I love breakfast gravy, and Original Perry's knows how to make delicious gravy.  This meal is just plain good, and if this is customary breakfast fare of Iowa, I should consider moving to Iowa. You simply must eat an Iowa Style Pork Loin breakfast at Original Perry's!

Photo:  My Iowa-style Breaded Pork Loin breakfast, complete with applesauce on the side.  My order of sourdough toast hadn't arrived, as it took Hazel three trips to bring all of our food to our table.

During our usual after-breakfast autopsy of the meal, outside in the parking lot, all of us agreed that the Iowa-style Breakfast served at Original Perry's Coffee Shop is as good as it was the last time we dined at Perry's, and it's definitely worth the drive.  The breakfast is delicious, the service at the restaurant is great, the atmosphere is friendly, the potions are gigantic, and the price is reasonable.  Oh yes, then there's the coffee...  Do yourself a favor and enjoy an Iowa-style breakfast at Original Perry's!

Photo:  July 24, 2009 features the core members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right:  Eric Rench, photographer, web master and author, Matt Donnelly, David DeMario, Mark McIntire, Dan MacLeod, and Brad Holther.  Photo taken by Hazel, our efficient and friendly waitress.

Since the primary mission of Original Perry's is a truck stop coffee shop, the restaurant is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and breakfast is served anytime.  That's a huge plus, for members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.

We can't give a breakfast a higher rating than the Iowa-style breakfast we enjoyed at Original Perry's.  We'll be back.  Highly recommended by the Sacramento Breakfast Club.

Original Perry's Coffee Shop
7895 Stockton Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95823
916 423-1103

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