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Mr. Perry's Coffee Shop, is a Sacramento icon of many years, and is a favorite stop for travellers, as its located just off of busy California State Route 99, on the side of Sacramento.  Mr. Perry's prides themselves on serving "comfort food," and they have been voted "Best comfort food served in Sacramento, by Sacramento Magazine.  Whatever the case, they've been business for many years, and have attracted a dedicated following of locals, and travellers from the highway.


Left:  When you take the Mack Road West exit from State Route 99, you can't miss Mr. Perry's.  Right:  The breakfast counter, and the kitchen in the background, during our visit on a busy, Saturday morning.

The Sacramento Breakfast had previously visited Original Perry's Restaurant, owned by the same owners, and located on the east side of the highway, but had not had the opportunity to visit Mr. Perry's, so Saturday, July 21, 2007, we paid a visit to Mr. Perry's Coffee Shop.

Mr. Perry's features a large, pleasantly-decorated dining room, with a breakfast counter and kitchen located to your right.  Also, in the rear of the restaurant, there are a couple of semi-private dining rooms, that each contain several tables where you could comfortably seat a couple of dozen people.  Since we were a party of six, we were seated at a large table in the "Valley Hi Room," in the rear of the restaurant, along with a couple of other dining parties.

Left:  Mr. Perry's main dining room, with the busy breakfast counter to the left of the photo.  Right:  Our friendly waitress Renée serves our breakfasts.  Sharlene moves my cranberry juice aside as Renée is about to place the Iowa-style breakfast on the table, that I had ordered.

Immediately after being seated, we were presented menus and our beverage order was taken by our pleasant and efficient waitress, Renée, who was wearing a name badge that read that she has accumulated 12 years of service with Mr. Perry's.  If nothing else, you know that Mr. Perry's is doing something right to retain experienced, long-term employees, such as Renée.  Mr. Perry's is 24/7, offers a huge breakfast menu, and you can order anything from the menu at any hour of the day or night.  

Dan, David and I had held discussions for quite some time at work, wondering about the similarity of menu's between Original Perry's Coffee Shop and Mr. Perry's Coffee Shop.  We were mildly to surprised to note that they were very similar, and yes, Mr. Perry's included the Iowa Style Pork Loin Breakfast, with a side of biscuits and gravy, which for Dan, David and myself, that was a slam-dunk choice.  Unlike Original Perry's, Mr. Perry's offers the Iowa Breakfast in a senior size, which still includes three eggs, but has only about 2/3 the amount of meat and hash brown potatoes, that its larger sibling contains, and it's priced at only $6.95.  Instead of a helping of applesauce on the side, you get a glass of the fruit juice of your choice.  So for the first time in our lives, Sharlene and I ordered a senior breakfast, as did Dan and Bev, but they've done the deed on previous occasions. Jeff and David ordered from the regular menu.

Photo:  Sharlene's Doc's Omelet, served with hash browns, not only looks delicious, but it tastes delicious, and, surprise, it's healthy!

Our meal arrived in a very timely manner, fresh, hot, and presented very attractively.  One great touch is that you're given a large, sharp knife to cut your pork loin, which makes easy work of cutting your meat, despite the fact that your pork is very tender to begin with.  If you're not familiar with an Iowa-style breakfast, you get two pork loins, lightly breaded, and fried, like a chicken fried steak.  Pork and the State of Iowa go hand-in-hand, since Iowa is famous for two things:  Corn and hogs.  So a pork loin breakfast makes perfect sense to the owner of Mr. Perry's, since he grew up in Iowa.  Add a glass of juice and biscuits and gravy on the side, and you've got one of the most delicious breakfasts that you can imagine.

Photo:  The Sacramento Breakfast Club core members, left to right:  Eric Rench, your webmaster and author, Dan MacLeod, Jeff Brown, David DeMario, Bev MacLeod, and Sharlene Rench.  We've been served our breakfast, and somehow I sweet-talked a friendly employee to get behind my camera and snap this photo.

Sharlene and Bev enjoyed senior omelets; Sharlene enjoyed an omelet that goes by the name of Doc's Omelet, which featured sliced zucchini, diced tomatoes, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, which should please any vegetarian.   I managed to steal a bite of her omelet, and I can tell you that it was delicious!

Photo:  If you've ever wondered what an Iowa-style Pork Loin Breakfast is, well, wonder no more.  This is a senior size, but it still contains enough food to keep me satisfied all day, despite the fact that I hiked almost 8 miles prior to breakfast.  Not the American Flag on the breaded pork loin, which provides a nice touch.

Add together all of the "raves" about Mr. Perry's Coffee Shop, such as convenient location, great service, reasonable prices, "comfort food," a clean and diner-friendly decour, experience and more experience, delicious food, large portions, and I can't think of any reason not to pay a visit to Mr. Perry's, as they all add up to the perfect restaurant.  Check out the place, and you'll love it!  Highly recommended by the Sacramento Breakfast Club.

Mr. Perry's Coffee Shop
7820 Alta Valley Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95823
916 423-2140

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