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Links to many restaurants we've enjoyed during our visits to the beautiful Mexican state of Tamaulipas.  

Langostino's Restaurant:  If you're in the mood for the best seafood in Cd. Rio Bravo, you owe it to yourself to visit Langostino's.  Amazing seafood, friendly staff, low prices, and an amazing dining experience.

Hot Dogs El Original:  Hot dog trailer, located in Ejido Lucio Blanco, that serves delicious, bacon-wrapped hot dogs every evening, by a friendly husband and wife duo.

Perla del Mar:  Small seafood restaurant in Bagdad Beach, near Matamoros.  Serves freshly-caught seafood, in-house made tortillas, fresh salsa, and much more...

Sandry's Restaurant:  Specializes in seafood and steak, and provides friendly service, hosted by the Rincon family, in Lucio Blanco.

Gorditas Aracely:  Family owned and operated, this lively restaurant serves delicious deep fried gorditas, on the downtown streets of Cd. Alemn.  So delicious that you can't just eat two of them...

El Cabao:  Family owned and operated, El Cabao serves the best deep-fried tacos to be found in Lucio Blanco, or anywhere else in the state.  Caters barbecue too...

Tacos Chapa:  Operates out of a Chevy van, parked by the municipal park in downtown Cd. Miguel Alemn. Tacos de barbacoa... oh my!

Taqueria Victor:  Victor makes some of the best tacos and "lonches," a.k.a., tortas, in Nuevo Progreso, or maybe even in the State of Tamulipas.

Restaurant El Mesquite:  Located under a huge mesquite tree, on the outskirts of Llera de Canales, this fine restaurant takes its name from the tree, and serves delicious menudo, and other breakfast delights.  

La Michoacana:  Smoothies anybody, Mexican style?  This small restaurant features delicious jugos and "smoothies," in Llera de Canales.

Tortillera La Unica:  We might be stretching the imagination by including this tortilla factory under the "food" section, but they make delicious tortillas, and they actually have bagged "junk food" for sale.

Comedor Juanita:  A very large operation located under the roof of the central market, this restaurant offers a huge selection of popular cuisine, and serves delicious menudo.

Comedor La Bajadita:  Located in Cd. Mante, this small stand serves delicious baracoa de res and menudo, with a friendly smile.

Comedor Chely:  Large, busy restaurant, that offers a large number of popular favorites.  Has unique, outdoor plumbing, and an island in the aisle of the market, where banana leaf-wrapped barbacoa is displayed.

No-Name Hot Dog Stand:  Located near a busy bus stop on the fringes of downtown Cd. Victoria, this hot dog stand without a name serves delicious bacon-wrapped hot dogs, at a bargain price.

Restaurant El Cazador:  If you're a fan of cabrito, grilled over mesquite coals, this is your restaurant.  Located just outside of the town of Nuevo Progreso.

Restaurante La Bocatoma II:  Fresh fish, caught from a pond in back of the kitchen!  Amazing food, friendly service, and ambience like you've never seen before.  Located just outside Gomez Farias.

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