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As a dedicated "foodie," who loves tacos, craft beer and booze, what could be better in life than attending all-you-can-eat-and-drink event? Adding to the "spice," live, traditional country music and "old school" rock-n-roll... It's the 4th Annual Taco Throwdown, on Saturday, April 22, 2023, hosted by the Rotary Club of Roseville, located in Roseville, CA.  This "Taco Throwdown" was an event that no Placer County "foodie" should ever miss!  

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

The food and the craft beer are mostly sourced from local, Placer County restaurants and breweries, and showcase the amazing brew and fine dining cuisine the area offers.  There is something for every "foodie" to enjoy at this amazing event!

Photo:  It's exactly noon on Saturday, April 22, 2023 and the gates to the 4th Annual Taco Throwdown have opened to VIP ticket holders!  That's me... and I'm ready to enjoy all of the delicious "street" tacos I can eat and all of the craft beer I can drink!

You pay one price, receive a wristband, and for the next four or five hours, you're treated to all the craft beer, local wine you can drink, and all of the tacos you can eat.  If you pay extra bucks and upgrade to VIP - like I did - you get to enter the event at noon, which is one hour ahead of the general admission folks, and for the first hour, you won't have to deal with food or drink lines.  There is also a special "VIP Area" which includes special seating, chips and a tomato/avocado salsa AND all-you-can-drink booze, thanks to the great folks at J.J. Pfister Distiling Co.  I went VIP, as I LOVE getting in an hour early, and the all-you-can-drink booze is a great thing.

Photo:  This ad appeared on social media at the beginning of January this year, promoting the event.  I gobbled up a VIP ticket immediately, as this event is one MASSIVE party!  

It's "old news" by the time this article was published, but you can check out the event's website at www.tacothrowdown.com.  I suspect the URL will be the same for next year's event.  I'm already looking forward to next year!

Click on the image or THIS LINK to see some of the promos Rotary Club of Roseville posted on social media.

Photo:  The first priority was to enjoy a beer, as I was thirsty!  The first stop was Full Circle Brewing Company, out of Fresno, CA, which made them the only "not-so-local" vendor during today's event.

Photo:  Full Circle was offering two of their craft beers on tap today:  "Peachy Vibes" and "Juicy Vibes."  As the name implies, "Peachy" is a "fruity" beer, while "Juicy" is a smooth lager.

Photo:  One of the friendly staff presents me with a glass of "Juicy Vibes" craft beer, which is a delicious, smooth lager beer.

Photo:  I enjoy my "Juicy Vibes," besides the mascot of the brewery.  I love the motto of the brewery, which is "Too busy living to pay attention to haters."  

Photo:  After enjoying a couple beers, it was taco time, and Bennett's Kitchen Bar and Market was next door. Mr. Brian Bennett, the owner of the restaurant stands outside his booth, welcome all taco lovers!  

Photo:  Bennett's is noted for presentation and attention to detail, and they had several "plates" of street tacos, complete with hot sauce and a few chips on the counter, so you could see the goodness that you were to enjoy.

Photo:  My friendly hostess presents my taco and chips to me with a smile.

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as Bennett's will be the first taco of the many tacos that I'll be enjoying today.

Photo:  My "street" taco, along with a small cup of smoky, chipotle hot sauce, which made for a perfect dip for the fresh corn tortilla chips.

The taco was based on a small DVD-size corn tortilla, lightly grilled so it was fairly soft.  Filling was marinated carne asada meat, garnished with diced white onion, cilantro and drizzled with a small amount of "house sauce" which resembled Thousand Island dressing.  The corn tortilla held together well, and the taco was simply delicious! Bennett's never disappoints, as the restaurant serves quality cuisine!

Bennett's also offered little baskets of just chips and salsa, which came in handy when I went next to Randy Peters, and was treated to cups of their salsa.

Photo:  Randy Peters Catering was located next to Bennett's, and the staff was busy preparing tacos and setting up the most attractive presentation of the event.  The display was so beautiful and well presented it almost made me forget that I was outside, enjoying the perfect 75-degree sunny afternoon!

Randy Peters Catering Event Center is a Roseville local company that offers catering services to Placer County and the greater Sacramento area.  Until it closed earlier this year, the fine restaurant 105 Noshery was owned and operated by Randy Peters, and it offered fine dining, with an amazing menu and patio.  Downtown Roseville will never be the same without it!

Photo:  Today, "Pork Belly Burnt Ends" tacos were on the menu, along with three varieties of salsa the catering firm is noted for.  A few samples are displayed, so you can get a great idea of the goodness you'll be enjoying.  The yellow habanero peppers certainly add to the attractive display.

Photo:  Fresh from the kitchen, I'm presented with my delicious taco, along with salsa and a fried jalapeņo pepper.

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as I'm ready enjoy an amazing taco, along with Randy's delicious salsa.  It's about 12:20 in the afternoon and the grounds are still nearly empty, as it's VIP time, with just a handful of taco lovers and beer drinkers.  No worries, as the crowds will arrive in earnest in less than an hour...

Photo:  My "Pork Belly Burnt Ends" taco, along with three samples of Randy's amazing salsa.

The taco was built on two small, DVD-size corn tortillas, toasted to a light golden brown, and were mildly soft to the touch.  Perfect!  The amazing pork was seasoned, marinated and grilled to perfection, and made for an amazing meat for the taco.  Grilled, sliced and candied poblano pepper and pickled onion strips made up the garnishes for the taco. This taco was juicy, tender and simply BURST with flavor!  The two corn tortillas held together well, and made the who taco complete.  

This taco, along with all of the others at the event are small, "street" tacos - named "street tacos" as these are the tacos sold on the streets of every Mexican city, town and village - and are meant as a snack, as each taco can enjoyed in about three bites.

The three types of salsa were "Salsa Verde..." of course, "Mango Habenero," and Randy's "House" salsa.  Each salsa was expertly prepared and delicious, but I must confess the "Mango Habenero" turned out to be my favorite, as it had a very definite sweet/fruity taste, with just a touch of heat.  I went next door to Bennett's and borrowed a small basket of chips, and dipped them into the salsa.  Muy sabroso!

Photo:  It was time to rebel against thirst, so I headed over to Rebellion Brewing Company, which is a local craft brewery, located in nearby Auburn.

Photo:  Today, Rebellion was offering four of their beers from the tap, so I started out with "Into The Stone," which is an American Amber Ale, with a just the right touch of citrus.  Delicious and refreshing!

Photo:  A short while later, it was time to enjoy a "Sink or Swim," which is a West Coast Double IPA... does it get any better?  If you love hops as much as I do, this is your beer...

Photo:  Cheers!  I enjoy my double IPA on this early Saturday afternoon at 4th Annual Taco Throwdown.

Photo:  Oh yes... a glass of "Sink or Swim" IPA that not only tastes great, but is a work of art and beautiful to look at.

Photo:  "Hand Crafted Gourmet Street Tacos" is the motto of West Coast Taco Bar, based in Elk Grove.  The restaurant is very popular, as they are known to serve quality cuisine, and offer many vegetarian options, including the vegan tacos that were featured on today's menu.

Photo:  The amazingly friendly crew smile for my camera, as they take a moment out of their busy Saturday afternoon, while they craft delicious vegan tacos.

Photo:  My "Bella Truffle" taco is served to me with a smile, thanks to my friendly host.  Honestly, I didn't know what to expect, as I'd never enjoyed a "vegan" taco until today.  Boy... was I in for a treat!

Photo:  I'm a happy "foodie" and I'm ready to enjoy my "Bella Truffle" vegan taco, thanks to the friendly staff at West Coast Taco Bar, of Elk Grove.

Photo:  My "Bella Truffle" taco, ready to enjoy.  Like all tacos served at the throwdown, this taco was based on a small tortilla, but rather than corn, the tortilla was a lightly-toasted flour tortilla.

The menu describes the "Bella Truffle" taco as, "Baby bella mushrooms sauteed with garlic and onion, with garlic chili crunch.  Served in a flour tortilla topped with fresh Arugula, white truffle cream and Parmesan cheese."  This is truly not the kind of "street" taco you'll find on the streets or Mexicali or Tijuana!

This taco was definitely delicious and was unlike any taco that I've ever enjoyed during my many years of taco eating.  The mushrooms were sauteed to perfection, and were surprisingly firm, yet tender and delicious.  The garlic chili added a touch of "crunch" and could have almost been passed as nuts... but nuts don't go well with tacos!  The Arugula added a touch of "tang," and the white truffle cream gave the taco a smooth texture.  I was surprised the Parmesan cheese was in flakes; that was a new experience for me.  The lightly-toasted flour tortilla held the taco together well, and added to the all-around delicious flavor.  Friends... this was a great taco!

Photo:  It was time for another beer - or two - and BrewBilt Brewing Company, located in nearby Grass Valley, was located next to West Coast Taco Bar.  It was easy to enjoy another beer, as all beer was "on the house!"

Photo:  The friendly staff had four varieties of their craft beer on tap, and I decided to start from the beginning, so I asked for a lager.  You can never go wrong by starting off with a lager!

Photo:  My friendly host poured a "Brian Bypass Hella" lager beer, which as the name implies, is a super smooth, American lager beer, that was both refreshing and delicious.

Photo: Three minutes later, it was time for a pour of "Jester's Privilege IPA" a smooth IPA with just a touch of hops and a healthy 6.7% alcohol content.  It worked out great for me.

Photo:  I toast my "Jester's Privilege IPA" to the friendly staff at BrewBilt Brewing Company.  These folks brew quality beer!

Photo:  These two friendly ladies were enjoying the beautiful 75-degree weather, with tacos and craft beer.

Photo:  Have you ever heard of a Filipino taco?  Me neither, but Adoboink Filipino Food, located in Roseville, was set up and offering what the chef refereed to as a "Filipino Fusion Taco."  I good with it!

Currently the restaurant is catering only, but they have plans to set up a brick and mortar restaurant in Roseville in the near future.  I heard rumors that the chef was tasked to craft a "fusion" taco for the occasion...

Photo:  The staff was busy on this early Saturday afternoon deep frying crispy taco shells and preparing the filling.

Photo:  Crispy, deep fried taco shells, waiting for a filling.  You have your choice between three varieties of filling: Avocado, adobo or pork.  I'm not sure about labeling these as "tacos," as they're a deep fried taco "bowl" that holds in the filling.  Nomenclature aside, this was simply delicious Filipino-fusion cuisine anyway you look at it.

Photo:  I first went with an "Avocado Taco," with avocado as the main filling, and garnished with sprigs of cilantro and a slice of jalapeņo pepper. I've never had the pleasure to enjoy a taco like this before, and it was a delightful new dining experience.

My taco began with a small, deep fried taco shell that held together and offered a rewarding "crunch" when I bit into it.  Inside the shell there was a dollop of creamy avocado, and the "taco" was garnished with chopped cilantro and a couple slices of pickled jalapeņo pepper.  It was "two-bite" snack, after enjoying this one, I was eager to enjoy the other choices the restaurant had to offer.

Compared to the size of my hand, you can see these tacos are actually tiny, and are easy to eat in two quick bites.

Photo:  The small "Avocado Filipino" taco simply wasn't even an appetizer, so I went back for seconds, and the amazingly friendly staff brought me a "Adobo" along with a "Pork" taco.  Such a treat, as I was able to sample each taco on the menu!

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as I'm ready enjoy two more delicious "fusion" tacos from Adoboink, located in Roseville, CA.

Photo:  My "Adobo" and my "Pork" tacos.  What do you get when you mix Filipino lumpia with Mexican tacos? "Filipino Fusion" tacos!

Each taco began with a small, crispy, deep fried flour taco shell, that was simply delicious, and held together well and gave a satisfying "crunch" when I bit into it.  Both the pork and adobo were seasoned, marinated and cooked to perfection, with lots of juicy tenderness, with just a little bit of "kick."  I can't say I'm very familiar with Filipino cuisine, but the spice and marinade was simply delicious!

Each taco was garnished with a sauce, shredded cheese, a few bean sprouts and greens.  Simply delicious!  This isn't the kind of taco you'll find on the streets of Mexico... I suppose you have to take a trip to Manila to enjoy this delicious slant on tacos...  These tacos were a delicious addition to today's "foodie scene" and a very different way to enjoy a "fusion" taco.

Photo:  Hill Country Truckers, a local band from nearby Auburn, opened up the event at noon, and played traditional country music for the first two hours.  You know they play traditional country music, as the band features a steel guitar.

Photo:  When 13:00 in the afternoon arrived, the gates were open for General Admission and the event's population quadrupled in size in a matter of a few minutes, and lines formed around the taco and beer stands.  These ladies were fortunate to grab a table, as for the next couple of hours, it was "standing room only."

Photo: Wise Villa Winery is a local winery, located outside Lincoln, that offers amazing wine, along with fine Italian cuisine at their restaurant.

Photo:  The winery offered several varieties of their fine wine for tasting, and I chose to sample their "2022 Muscat," which is crisp, bright white wine, that pairs especially well with fruit.  It's great with all types of "street" tacos and everything else!

Photo:  I raise my glass to the fine staff at Wise Villa Winery, located in Lincoln, CA.

Photo:  Vegan Plate, local to Roseville, offered delicious, completely vegan tacos.  I notice that vegan "street" tacos are becoming increasing common, although it's highly doubtful you'll find them on the streets of Mexican cities and towns.

Photo:  The staff had several completed "Vegan Street Tacos" set out, along with a box of lime wedges and your choice of red or green salsa.  There were a couple of tacos without any topping, for those who prefer "plain" tacos.

Note the poster which tells you what the tacos are all about...

Photo:  The friendly staff hands me my "Vegan Street Taco," complete with green salsa, a lime wedge and a smile.

Photo:  I'm a happy "taco foodie" as I'm going completely vegan for the moment, thanks to the friendly staff at Vegan Place, located in Roseville.

Photo:  My delicious "Vegan Street Taco," complete with a slice of lime, and a small cup of salsa verde.

Each taco was built on two small, DVD-size corn tortillas - the common size for street tacos - and toasted to a very light golden brown, but the tortillas were still soft.  The taco "meat" was actually cauliflower, walnuts and mushrooms, and tasted very similar to chorizo.  Each taco was topped with diced white onion and shredded cilantro.  The two corn tortillas added to the delicious taste and made sure each taco held together well.

Simply delicious!  If I didn't know these tacos were vegan, I would have guessed I was enjoying a chorizo taco, as the flavor was very close to Mexican chorizo sausage.  The chef at Vegan Plate has talent, as she knows how to make delicious tacos, with a slant on the health side of the aisle.

Photo:  I was getting thirsty, so it was time to pay a visit to Monk's Cellar, which was located next to the vegan taco restaurant.  Monk's Cellar operates an amazing microbrewery and restaurant in downtown Roseville, CA, and serves not only my favorite Roseville lager, but also amazing pub cuisine, including great burgers and "Duck Fat Fries!"  Click on THIS LINK to enjoy my visits to Monk's Cellar, located on Vernon Street in downtown Roseville.

Photo:  Today, Monk's Cellar was pouring two of the delicious micro beers, "West Coastin' IPA" which is a delicious west coast IPA and "Vernon Street Lager," a Czech pilsner beer.  Both beers are brewed at their brewery in downtown Roseville, and the brewing operation is in plain view as you dine.  What could be better than great food, friendly service and in-house-brewed beer?  Both beers are delicious, but "Vernon Street Lager" was my favorite.

Photo:  I'm starting out with a "West Coastin' IPA," but there will be many "Vernon Street Lagers" coming down the turnpike.

Photo:  Cheers!  ...to Monk's Cellar, and to "Vernon Street Lager," which is one of the best beers brewed in Roseville.

Photo:  The party is in full swing, as guests are enjoying all-you-can-eat tacos, along with all-you-can-drink craft beer and wine, from local wineries.

Photo:  Next on the list was Tacoholics, which is a local catering outlet that caters to area events.  They have future plans to open a restaurant in the Village Westpark area of Roseville this fall, which is an easy hike from my place. I'll be looking forward to the opening!

Photo:  Today, Tacoholics was serving "Birria Tacos," and I couldn't wait to enjoy one!  The line to this small pop-up restaurant was quite long, but it moved fast, and the taco was totally worth the brief wait.

Photo:  The friendly hostess was handing out tacos and a small cup of soup.  Like many of the restaurants at today's event, you received one taco per visit, but you could return as many times as you wanted to and enjoy all the tacos you could eat.

Photo:  Out behind the shelter, the chefs were busy grilling tortillas and loading tacos with birria.  In Mexico, birria us usually a spicy goat stew and it is found on tacos, mainly morning tacos.  North of the border, birria is usually made from pork or beef and not nearly as spicy.  I can honestly say that I've never met a birria that I didn't love!

Photo:  The friendly host hands me a small "Birria Street Taco," along with a small cup of birria soup, which was a welcome addition to this fine snack.

Photo:  It's "Birria Street Taco" time for me, as I hold a glass of "Vernon Street Lager" from nearby Monk's Cellar and toast the amazing food, and friendly staff at Tacoholics.

Photo:  My "Birria Street Taco," along with the small cup of birria soup, from Tacolholics.  

Each taco began with a small "street taco" corn tortilla, and was grilled and was on the soft side, which was perfect. Each taco was stuffed with  juicy birria, sauteed red onion, drizzled with cilantro lime crema, and garnished with a small slice of purple lettuce.  

The cup of soup was birria, made into a soup, with noodles - surprise! - and garnished with chopped cilantro.  A fork was included which worked for the noodles and the meat, and made it easy to simply drink the broth.  I was surprised to see noodles in the soup, as it isn't common - but it happens - in Mexico, but I had to remind myself that I was enjoying the 4th Annual Taco Throwdown, In Roseville, CA.  Whatever the case... the soup was delicious!

The small corn tortilla was made by the restaurant - off site - and held together well, and kept the amazingly tasty and juicy birria and onion inside the tortilla, for the three-bites-worth.  The cilantro lime crema added just a little "tang" to the taco, and made for a delicious addition.  Great taco!  I look forward to visiting their restaurant when it opens this fall in Roseville.

Photo:  As I was enjoying my "Birria Street Taco," this gentleman walked by, and I did a double-take at his shirt, and asked him if I could take his photo.  He's a friendly guy, and readily agreed to my photo.  I guess this shirt plainly outlines his interests!

Photo:  It's still early afternoon, and taco enthusiasts were lining up to enjoy "Mayan Street Tacos," served by Porters House of Draft, a local Roseville restaurant.  I've visited Porter's fine restaurant, enjoyed their delicious "comfort food" cuisine, beer and hospitality.  Click on THIS LINK to enjoy one of my visits...

Photo:  "Authentic Mayan Tacos" are on the menu today, which will prove to be a new dining experience for me.

Photo:  The chef was working the grill behind the restaurant, and was happy that I stopped by to admire his craft and take his photo.

Photo:  The chef was proud to show the large pork butt roast, which he cut into smaller pieces and "pulled" it, and placed the chopped "pulled" pork in another tray, next to the roast.

Photo:  Mr. Chef works the griddle behind the restaurant and is toasting corn tortillas.  The menu advertised "Blue Corn Tortillas" and these tortillas seem to be more pink than blue.  No worries as was all good!

Notice these tortillas are slightly larger than the "street" tortillas offered at most other restaurants during the event.

Photo:  After taking a few photos, I mentioned that I'd be getting in line to enjoy some his fine cuisine, when Mr. Chef handed me a taco, and said, "Thanks for the photos.  You don't need to wait in line."  Nice guy!

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as I display my "Mayan Taco" ready to enjoy.  Today was my first day EVER to enjoy a "Mayan Taco."  If I remember my history correctly, it was the Aztecs were the architechs of corn tortillas, but the Mayans quickly joined the game.

Photo:  My delicious "Mayan Taco," ready enjoy on this Saturday afternoon at the Taco Throwdown.

Each taco began with two "blue" - as stated on the menu - corn tortillas... pink? ...perfectly toasted on the griddle until they were soft, held together well.  A generous helping of the seasoned, marinated "pulled" pork was placed in each taco, along with diced and pickled habanero pepper, and pickled red onion.  The taco was sprinkled with Mexican cotija cheese, which added a creamy, slightly salty flavor to the amazing taco.

One bite into the taco and I was rewarded with a "Mayan" taste sensation, as the pork was tender and flavorful, and the meat-to-tortilla ratio was perfect.  The pepper, onion and cheese added to the amazing flavor.  The menu cautioned the taco was spicy, but I thought the flavor was very mild, delicious and simply flavorful.

Parkers House of Draft served a delicious "Mayan" taco!

Photo:  If you found yourself tired of eating all-you-can-eat tacos, and drinking all-you-can-drink-beer, the Roseville Rotary Club had a "Cornhole" game area, where you could join your friends and toss the bags, and work off some of the tacos and beer you'd just enjoyed.

Photo:  My last food stop on today's taco adventure was Authentic Street Taco, a El Dorado Hills food truck and catering outlet who set up their pop-up restaurant for today's event.  The restaurant has achieved quite a reputation in the greater Sacramento area for their fine service, delicious cuisine and friendly service.

Photo:  The restaurant had samples of the tacos they were serving, along with business cards, promoting their food trucks and the catering services they offer.  Authentic Street Tacos offers food truck and catering service, along with delicious Mexican "street cuisine" and serves the greater Sacramento area.

Photo:  The chef is preparing delicious "street" tacos, and handing them to the friendly counter staff.

Photo:  The line was long, but the wait was only about 10 minutes to enjoy a delicious taco from Authentic Street Taco.

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as the counter staff photo me, as I hold my taco, ready to enjoy.

Photo:  My taco began with a lightly toasted, small corn tortilla, which was soft, flexible and held together well.  The filling was grilled chorizo - Mexican sausage - which was seasoned "just right," flavorful and grilled to perfection. The chorizo was topped with diced white onion, chopped cilantro, and a dab or two of salsa verde.  

One bite into this delicious taco reminded me of countless "street" tacos I've enjoyed during my visits to Mexico, as the chorizo flavor was REAL, robust and simply delicious.  This chorizo isn't your "supermarket" variety, as it was the real, Mexican "deal."  Simply delicious!

The fresh toppings of diced white onion, chopped cilantro and salsa verde worked together with the chorizo and corn tortilla to create a delicious "street" taco, any way you look at it.

Photo:  It's a chorizo "street" taco from Authentic Street Taco, and this small taco was simply delicious!  This is what a delicious taco is all about and you can "taste" the delicious flavor by looking at the photo.

Photo:  This friendly lady noticed me taking photos, and having my photo taken, and said, "I'm going to photo-bomb you."  So I turned the tide on her, so we could be photo-bombed together.

Photo:  Around 14:00 in the afternoon, and the local rock band, Stagefrite Rock-n-Roll Then and Now took the stage, and played amazing rock 'n roll music, mostly from the 1970's and 1980's vintage.  If you're a fan of "old school" rock music, you'll love this band.  The band was a hit with everyone, as the band seemed to "wow" the crowd with every song they played.

Photo:  I spent extra money to purchase a VIP ticket, mostly to enjoy "opening" up the event an hour before the General Admission folks arrived, but an additional perk was the "VIP Area," which offered comfortable, shady seating, an amazing all-you-can-eat premium chips and salsa bar, and all-the-booze-you-can drink, thanks to the bar set up by J.J. Pfister Distilling Company, of Sacramento, CA.

Photo:  The "VIP Area" offered plenty of comfortable seating, out of the sunshine, and was a great place to simply relax and enjoy the beautiful afternoon.  The bar is at the far end or the tent, and offerd all-you-can-drink spirits, thanks to J.J. Pfister.  The custom all-you-can-eat chips and salsa bar was located next to Pfister's bar setup.

Photo:  The bar offered seven varieties of distilled spirits, for those - like me - who prefer to drink "straight up," as well as a few more bottles dedicated to mixed drinks.  This was an all-you-can-drink party, but like the sign advises, if you appear to be drunk, you most likely will be refused service.

Thank goodness for rides services, as I live about five miles from "at The Grounds" and it was an easy hike to the event, but after enjoying tacos, beer, wine and spirits all afternoon... it was "rideshare time" to get home after the event.

Photo:  Meet my amazingly friendly bartender and hostess, Michelle, who pours me a shot of "Straight Bourbon Whiskey," distilled at J.J. Pfisters distillery,  in Sacramento, the state capitol city of California.  Michelle was absolutely friendly and amazing, and kept my shot glasses full of some of the best bourbon whiskey distilled in northern California.

Photo:  I toast with a shot of "Straight Bourbon Whiskey" thanks to Michelle, and the J.J. Pfister Distilling Co., in the "VIP Area."  I rarely drink distilled spirits, as I'm more of a "beer guy," but I certainly appreciate a shot of delicious bourbon when I get the opportunity.

Photo:  Besides the comfortable seating - out of the elements - and the all-you-can-drink spirits bar, a VIP upgrade also offers you another perk:  Delicious salsa and chips, crafted by a friendly chef, who proudly displays his amazing creation.  The chef also attended to the all-you-can-eat chips and salsa bar, and made sure everything was fresh, delicious and well stocked.

Photo:  One helping of the salsa and tortilla chips, which is a welcome perk when you purchase a VIP pass.

Salsa was crafted by the local chef, who was attending the salsa bar at the event, and was made from fresh tomatoes, green onions, jalapeņo peppers, cilantro, spices and fresh, diced AVOCADO!  The salsa was cool, smooth and creamy, and worked well with the fresh corn tortilla chips provided at the bar.  Such an amazing and unexpected addition to my VIP ticket!

The shot of bourbon whiskey on the side made for a nice touch.

Photo:  This gentleman, who was also running the bar, circulated around the "VIP Area" and refilled everybody's shot glass with a smile.  Hint:  When you attend the Taco Throwdown, you might want to consider upgrading to VIP, especially if you enjoy all-you-can-drink spirits.

Photo:  After everyone in the group had been poured a refill, it was time to toast and celebrate!  We raised our glasses to J.J. Pfister Distilling Company and the Roseville Rotary Club.  Cheers!

Photo:  Michelle pours another shot bourbon into my shot glass.  She and I enjoyed quite a chat about whiskey, beer and tacos, as - like me - she's a "foodie."  Michelle kept my shot glass full and treated my like "VIP royalty."

Photo:  I pose with the friendly bar staff at J.J. Pfister Distilling Company, who ran an awesome bar in the "VIP Area" of the event.

Photo:  I truly enjoy a shot of "Straight Bourbon Whiskey" as I relax in the "VIP Area" and slowly sip this amazing taste of locally-distilled bourbon whiskey.

Photo:  This friendly lady not only wore her "core values" on her shirt, but she carried them with her - tacos and beer - as she enjoyed the afternoon.

Photo:  Located in nearby Plymouth, in Amador County, Vino Noceto Winery set up a booth and was offering samples of some of the wine they produce at their winery.  This fine winery also produces locally-crafted olive oil.

Photo:  There were several varieties of wine to sample, along with a display of other products the winery sells.

Photo:  The friendly host filled my glass with a sample of 2019 vintage "Noceto Sangiovese."

Photo:  I'm a happy guy as I lift my glass and toast to Vino Noceto winery, located in Plymouth, CA.

Photo:  My sample glass of 2019 vintage "Noceto Sangiovese."  Simply delicious, smooth with a slight "fruity" taste, and would pair well with any type of food.  One sip of this fine wine and you'd think you were enjoying the sunshine along a Mediterranean beach in Italy.

Photo:  By mid-afternoon, the event was a busy place, with standing room only, except in the "VIP Area."  To me, it makes perfect sense to pay the extra bucks, and upgrade to VIP, as the early entry, the booze and the extra perks are worth it.

Photo:  Hill Top Oaks Winery is a local winery, located a few miles up the "hill" from Roseville.  These friendly gentlemen were offering samples from four of the wines the winery produces.

Photo:  For the event the winery was offering four different wines for tasting.  Since this was an all-you-can-drink party, you could sample all four and come back for more.

Photo:  It wasn't difficult to make a choice, as this was an all-you-can-drink event, but I decided to start with "Butterfly Chardonnay 2021," as I don't believe there is a Chardonnay wine that I don't adore.  If you can't make up your mind, simply start with the first choice, the "Bear's Bubbly" and work your way down the menu.

Photo:  My friendly host has poured me a generous sample of delicious "Butterfly Chardonnay 2021" for me to enjoy.  This is great wine!

Photo:  I toast the great staff and amazing winery at Hill Top Oaks Winery, located in Loomis, CA, with a generous pour of their fine "Butterfly Chardonnay 2021."

This fine wine is a very typical California Hard wine, with a creamy butter infusion and a somewhat "fruity" taste of the many varieties of fruit grown in Placer County.  It was crisp, smooth, and had an amazing aftertaste that would make your day complete.  The wine was served chilled, and was simply delightful on this pleasant Saturday afternoon in late April, 2023.

Photo:  Update... April 28, 2023.  Roseville Rotary Club posted on their website that Tacoholics won both the judges' choice and the choice of the taco lovers at last week's 4th Annual Taco Throwdown.  Contratulations to Tacoholics!

Photo:  First place by both the judges and the taco ehthusiats went to Tacoholics of Roseville.  Congratulations to the friendly staff for taking the award!  It must have been the birria what won everybody over.  Great tacos...

All you can eat amazing "street tacos," prepared by some of Placer County's finest restaurants... all you can drink craft beer, local wine and booze - if you've upgraded to VIP - along with live, traditional country music by a local area band... all for one price?  You can't top the Taco Throwdown for the best party in town, hosted every year in April by the Rotary Club of Roseville, CA!  Good food, great beer and good times! Cheers!

4th Annual Taco Throwdown
Placer County Fairgrounds
700 Event Center Drive
Roseville, CA 95678
Rotary Club of Roseville

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