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For those who love beer as much as I do, here's a quote from Benjamin Franklin, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."  Well said, Benjamin!  Porters House of Draft, which at this writing is the newest restaurant/taproom in Roseville, combines 28 taps of beer, a vast array of bottled beer, and some delicious eating under one roof.

Photo:  Porters House of Draft is located in a small-upscale shopping center, in West Roseville.  This shopping center should be called "Foodie Corner," as there are several other outstanding restaurants co-located near Porters.  If you love beer and delicious pub food, stop by Porters, but if you're in the mood for pizza, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Sandwiches or sushi, you're sure to find a restaurant in this shopping center that will cater to your taste.  On this late Saturday morning, August 15, 2015, I "opened up" Porters, as I was today's first customer.  Lucky me, as I was able to photograph the exterior of the restaurant before the parking lot was jammed with card.

Photo:  My reflection in the entry door to the restaurant, as I ponder the saying posted on the door:  "Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer."

Photo:  Porters dining room is cozy, comfortable, and tastefully decorated.  Note the distressed wood panels on the wall to the right, and the blackboard that advertises beer that you won't find anyplace else in Roseville.  The door to the kitchen is to the left of the photo.

Photo:  Here's a photo of the sandwich/dessert menu.  There are other menu pages listing appetisers, and the vast array of beer on tap.  Check out the link to their web site at the end of this article, which will include their full menu.

Photo:  Barclay explains the beer postings to a customer, as Robert Porter, today's chef, and owner of the restaurant, prepares my order.

Photo:  Meet Barclay Clark, the bar manager, who brings my order to me with a smile.  Barclay is a very friendly guy, and during the hour or so I spent today at Porters, he and I had quite a conversation about everything concerning food and drink.  In addition to being a nice guy and a "foodie," Barclay is an accomplished chef, having achieved a degree in Culinary Arts, and having studied, and cooked in exotic places such as Scotland and Australia.  Barclay told me that he's been in the culinary industry, one way or the other, since he was a child. Barclay knows the beer selection, and will gladly answer any question you have about any beer Porters has on tap. If you're not sure of what you like, or if you're "sitting on the fence," you can request a complimentary sample of any beer on tap.  Cheers!

Photo:  As per my request, Barclay snapped my photo, as I'm about ready enjoy a delicious burger.  Barclay and Robert were very gracious to cater to my photo-addiction, and I promised them a great review, even before I sampled the delicious burger.  Since I was driving, I didn't want to indulge in excess beer, as a D.U.I. has no part of my future.  Porters House of Draft offers a "half pint option for light drinking," which worked for me, as I'd be hard-pressed to be illegal after drinking 8-oz of .04% Victoria beer, from the tap.  However, I plan to return when I get a ride, or I'm walking, so I can enjoy more of their beer, and shed my inhibitions.

Photo:  My lunch choice today was the "All American Burger," which is truly an old-school burger.  The menu describes the burger as, "Just what it says!  With cheddar, tomatoes, lettuce and thousand island spread, on a toasted pretzel bun.  For sides, you get the choice of fries, kettle chips or potato salad, with onion rings or sweet potato fries available at a small additional charge.  As per protocol, I chose fries, which I can seldom resist.

I ordered my burger cooked medium, and Robert, the owner and chef, cooked it precisely as I requested it.  The patty was super juicy, and just a little pink in the middle, as per my request.  When I bit into it, the juice just oozed out... yum!  This was a four-napkin burger!  The burger featured an excellent meat-to-bun ratio, which is always something that I take note of.  The lettuce and tomato were fresh, and there was lots of produce - which I love - and the delicious fries rested on a bed of lettuce.  Speaking of the fries, there were golden brown on the outside, and tender and chewy inside, and not greasy or too salty.  The burger and the fries were delicious!  Porters House of Draft should come to mind when you get the craving for a delicious burger and fries lunch in West Roseville.

You can't go wrong with Porters House of Draft, as the food is delicious, and Barclay Clark, the bar manager, is a "foodie," and has a vast knowledge of food and drink.  Robert Porter, the owner and chef, is a great guy, and prepares some of the finest casual cuisine West Roseville has to offer. Porters is a welcome addition to the taproom/restaurant scene in West Roseville.  Cheers!

Porters House of Draft
7456 Foothills Blvd. #8
Roseville, CA 95747
916 749-4791

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