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Downtown Roseville has many excellent restaurants, bars and pubs, but in all of my pub crawling, and eating adventures, I haven't seen anything in town like Monk's Cellar, as it's a unique restaurant... or is it a pub or is it a sports bar?  Monk's Cellar mixes the lines between a restaurant, a pub, and a sports bar, but it does it with class, and features some of the best upscale pub fare to be found in Roseville.

Photo:  It's early Saturday afternoon, April 16, 2016, and I hiked to downtown Roseville to enjoy a burger and a beer or two at Monk's Cellar, as of this writing, one of the newest "pubs" in Roseville.  It's a balmy early afternoon in mid-April, and the patio is full, as it's a wonderful afternoon to enjoy patio dining at Monk's Cellar.

Photo:  With the temperature in the mid-70's, it's a beautiful afternoon to enjoy lunch on the patio.  Monk's Cellar offers several tables outside, where patrons can enjoy patio dining, and enjoy "people watching" on Vernon Street, which is the "main drag" in Roseville.  Monk's Cellar is located on the west side of the street, so by early afternoon, the patio is completely shaded, which makes dining comfortable, especially during Roseville's hot summer months.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, through the rounded, wooden door - a trademark of the restaurant - you're greeted to the full-service bar, and many high, barista-style tables.  The micro brewery is out of sight, at the left of the photo.  The front third of the restaurant could be descried as, "pub," "sports bar," or "brewery..."  but the adjoining two-thirds is restaurant.  As can be seen in the photo, the restaurant is very long, and quite narrow.

Photo:  I'm at the rear of the restaurant, looking towards the bar, and the entrance.  As I mentioned in the previous photo, the back "two-thirds" of Monk's Cellar is all restaurant, and the front "third" is all bar and pub.  Such a great mixture!

Photo:  When you look at the beer side of the menu, you'll see two categories of beer:  House Biere and Guest Biere. The "house" varieties are all made at Monk Cellar's micro brewery, which is visible through a glass window, from the front of the restaurant.

Photo:  I HAD to sample a "House" and a "Guest" biere... is "biere" Belgium for beer?  Monk's Cellar's web site promotes the fact that they serve beer and cuisine in the style of Belgium monks, but I really didn't get around to asking the friendly staff.  Andrea, who was my super-friendly bartendress, and hostess, smiles as she brings a glass of "guest-brewed"  beer... "Kwak" to me.  

Photo:  From the "Guest Biere" beer side of the menu, I ordered a "Kwak," and I was dazzled, amazed and surprised at the presentation.  In over 50 years of drinking beer, I've never had a beer arrive like this, complete with a you-can't-believe-the-glass to a custom-made stand to hole it.  My friendly bartendress, Andrea, told me all of the "guest" beers, including the "Kwak," are imported from Europe.

The menu describes the beer as, "Full bodied, Belgium specialty ale, amber in color, with tempting foam and slightly sweet, seductive malt character.  Rich and satisfying."  At 8.4% alcohol, it definitely had character, and it was delicious!  I've never had a beer like this one...

Photo:  The kitchen isn't exactly "open," but there is a window where you can look into the kitchen, and watch the kitchen staff hard at work, on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Photo:  Meet Mr. Josh Flores, who was so impressed by my "Kwak," that he ordered one for himself, and toasted me as I took his photo.  Josh is a great guy, an die-hard Oakland Raider football fan, and a connoisseur of Reuben sandwiches, which he's enjoying today.  Josh and I enjoyed a fine conversation about Oakland Raider football, food, beer, and Reuben sandwiches.  His favorite sandwich is a Reuben, and he told me that he's even stopped dating women that didn't share his passion for Reuben sandwiches.  This gentleman knows his sandwiches!

Photo:  I "crawled" all over the food section of the menu, but in the end, I settled on "The Monk's Burger," which is the signature item on the "Entrees" section of the menu.  Friendly Meagan, delivers my burger, with a smile.

Photo:  Thanks Meagan, for snapping my photo, as I sit at the bar, with my burger, and a glass of "Kwak" ale.

Photo:  "The Monk's Burger" is the signature burger on the menu, and can be ordered with either duck fries, or salad.  Yes, the "duck" fries are cooked in duck lard, so how could I resist?  The menu describes "The Monk's Burger," as "House-beef patty, arugula, pickled onion, gruyere, garlic and aioli and Russian dressing served on a house-made, organic brioche bun.  Duck fries or salad."   You can add an extra meat patty, or bacon, if you choose. I didn't choose, as I just wanted to enjoy the burger, stock, as the menu offered.

At $12.00, the burger and fries weren't cheap, but they were worth the price, as the food was delicious.  The meat was cooked perfectly, and this burger was amazing, and it tasted like no other burger that I've had.  Was it the arugula, gruyere or the aioli?  I'm not sure, but it was amazing!  Ditto for the "duck" fries...  I didn't ask what the dipping sauce was all about - Russian dressing? - but I dipped my fries into it and enjoyed.

I really wanted to try a beer from the in-house brewed beers, so I ordered a "Single Malt Scotch Ale."  The menu describes it as, "Strong Scotch ale, with notes of honey.  Light caramel and peat smokiness."  At 9.5% alcohol, it packed a punch, but I didn't notice the booze until I walked out of the restaurant.  Good thing that I never drive after drinking a beer or two, especially a beer as strong as this one.  Definitely, and excellent beer, made in-house, at Monk's Cellar's micro brewery, in downtown Roseville.

The cuisine at Monk's Cellar can be best described as "upscale pub cuisine," or maybe just "delicious?"  The food is delicious, the staff is super-friendly, and the atmosphere is very friendly, and it's the sort of place where you could spend the whole afternoon, or evening.  If you're looking for great micro beer, and a great burger in historic, old-town Roseville, spend some time at Monk's Cellar.  You'll love it!

Monk's Cellar
240 Vernon St.
Roseville, CA 95678
916 786-6665

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