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Now that Knucklehead Hot Dogs is gone, Parker's Hot Dogs is one of only two restaurants in Roseville that serves nothing but hot dogs.  If you're a hot dog lover like I am, that's a good thing, as I never get tired of hot dogs.

Photo:  Parker's Hot Dogs is located at the west end of a strip mall, near the busy corner of Douglas and Sunrise Blvds., in Roseville.  Inside and patio dining is offered.  Due to the mild weather outside, and the hostle atmosphere inside, I chose to dine of the patio, in front of the restaurant.

Like most hot dog restaurants, you walk in, make your menu choice, pay for your order, and when your order is ready, it's brought to your table.

Late Monday morning, March 07, 2016, I showed up, as the restaurant opened, intent on enjoying a hot dog, and posting a write-up of this restaurant, that has been a Roseville icon since 1997.  I chose the "Regular Dog," along with an order of steak fries, which seemed like a good place to begin, as I pefer to start "basic," before I work my way down the menu.  I made my selection, and paid the cashier, a guy who strongly resembles Captain Kangaroo. So far, so good.  From here, it went downhill, rapidly.

I gave the guy my business card, explained my restaurant "mission," and that I wanted to take a few photos, and publish a review on this web site, and my Facebook page.  "Captain" got a look of shock on his face, and curtly told me he I could not take photos without the owner's permission, and that the owner would be back in a week!  I politely explained to him that I have enjoyed their dogs before, that they would get a favorable review, along with free advertising.  I mentioned that my web site gets over 1000 hits a day from around the world, and I have reviewed and photographed over 100 restaurants in Roseville alone!  "Captain" stuck to his guns and wouldn't budge, so I just shrugged and said "OK."

I find it inconceivable that the owner could be so paranoid not to allow photos in his restaurant.  What is he trying to hide.  I realize the restaurant is private property - that's why I always ask permission before taking photos - yet it's open to the public, and unless there is a sign posted that SPECIFICALLY bans taking photos, photos are allowed. Parker's doesn't have a sign posted.  I could have ignored the "Captain," but I chose not to take photos, as I wasn't in the mood to pick a fight.  

If I had not already paid for my order, I would have walked out.  In retrospect, I should have asked for my money back and walked out the door.

I have no complaints about the hot dog, nor the steak fries, but I have a problem with bad attitude, bad customer relations, and most likely, a draconian, surly owner.  Parker's Hot Dogs does not warrant my business, and I will NEVER step into this dive again.  When I'm in the mood for a delicious hot dog, I'll return to Umai Savory Hot Dogs, nearby in Roseville, where my business, my photos, and my company is welcome.

My hot dog and fries arrived less than five minutes after I had paid for my order.  Due to the fact that I found the atmosphere inside quite hostile, I ate my dog and fries outside.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, and I leaned two things from this not-so-pleasant dining experience.
1)  Never to visit Parker's again, nor recommend it to anybody, or to say or post anything postive about it...
2)  I discovered nearby Yoko Sushi Japanese Restaurant, and enjoyed a superior sushi roll lunch.

Photo:  My order of option steak fries, and Parker's "Regular Dog," which is a foot-long, steamed hot dog, in a chewy bun.  Garnishes are tomato, onion, mustard and relish.  Including tax, the price of the meal came to just change over $5.00, which represented a good value.  I have no compaints about the quality, price or quantity of the food, but I do have compaints about the bad customer service, and the bad attitude of management.  I will never return to Parker's Hot Dogs.

Due to the silly "NO PHOTOS" policy, I didn't take any photos inside the restaurant.

The hot dogs are good, but not remarkable; however the atmosphere is not condusive to taking photos, even when you explain what you plan to do - give them free advertising - and even when you ask permission.  Umai Hot Dogs in Roseville welcomes photos, and the staff is cheerful and friendly.  When I'm in the mood for a great hot dog, I'll take my business to Umai.  It is unlikely that I'll ever return to Parker's Hot Dogs...

Parker's Hot Dogs
1605A Douglas Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95661
916 786-2202

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