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As of this posting, Knucklehead Hot Dog Diner is the "new kid on the block" in the Roseville hot dog scene, but that statement needs qualifications, as it's both true and it's false.  I'm a positive sort of person, so let's start with the "true..." and, yes, Knucklehead Hot Dog Diner is new.  The "false," it's "new" in name only, as it's the former Parker's Hot Dogs on Foothills Blvd., with the same menu, the same owners and the same format, but it has a new name, and it's divorced itself from the other hot dog restaurant in town that bears the same name.  The only thing that's changed about the restaurant is the name and the signs... You'll enjoy the same great dogs, service and friendly people...


Photo:  Yes, the location is the same, and like the banner says, "Everything's the same... we've just changed the name," as the food, the service, the decor, and the friendly people haven't changed.  Knucklehead Hot Dog Diner is located in an upscale strip mall in West Roseville, CA.


Photo:  If you've ever watched the Travel Channel's "Man vs. Food," you've seen what Adam can do, and you've seen his taste in restaurants.  Knucklehead Hot Dog Diner has been featured on Adam's show... I won't go into specifics... just Google for the information on Adam's input into the "Knucklehead Challenge.".  On this late Wednesday morning, September 07, 2011, I wasn't up to the "Knucklehead Challenge," as I was just in the mood to enjoy good company, a comfortable place to enjoy a fine meal, and a hearty lunch.  


Photo:  Co-owner of the business Eric stands at the cash register, after taking my order.  The menu is posted on the board on the wall in the background, and they also feature handy pamphlets that you can bring home with you, as Knucklehead Hot Dogs offers catering service, and will be happy to cater to special occasions.


Photo:  Co-owner of the business, Eric, delivers my order of a Chicago Dog and a Corny Dog to my table with a smile.  The staff at Knucklehead Hot Dog Diner are nice people, super friendly, welcome comments, strive to deliver a "better hot dog," and love photos!


Photo:  I ordered two hot dogs for lunch, which was probably excessive, as one dog = one lunch for most people, as  each dog makes a full meal, for most people, but obviously today, I broke out of the mold..  Well, I was on vacation, what the heck? ... so I pigged out.  So this is a photo of the Corny Dog, which is a corn dog... yes a CORN DOG ... on a bun, with mustard, chili, shredded cheese, and diced onion.  You need a knife and a fork to eat this dog, and plenty of napkins.


Photo:  A "Chicago Style Hot Dog" is a work of art, anywhere... anyplace... anytime.  Very few places on the West Coast have a grasp of what a Chicago-Style hot dog is all about... but Knucklehead Hot Dog Diner has a grasp on the situation, and produces an outstanding Chicago dog.  Yep, you get a premium dog, planted on a soft bun, garnished with mustard - never catsup!!! - relish, tomato, onions, pepperoncini, pickles, cucumbers, sport peppers, and sprinkled with celery salt.  The only authentic "Chicago things" I missed were the neon-green relish, and the poppy seed hot dog buns.  As an aside, the poppy seed buns are impossible to find in California, and the neon relished has to be mailed ordered from Chicago... so I can certainly forgive Knucklehead Hot Dog Diner on these slight omission.  Knucklehead Hot Dog Diner produces one of the best Chicago-style hot dogs that I've ever eaten on the West Coast... and better than many "Chicago Hot Dogs" that I've eaten in Chicago, if you can believe that...


Photo: Chef Eric photographed me, as I was about to enjoy my Corny Dog and my Chicago Dog, along with a large drink... you fill your drink from the dispenser.  Thanks, Eric, for taking my photo, and providing me with a delicious lunch.  Yeah... I ate both of these fine dogs... one would have been a "normal" lunch, but I've never been considered "normal" by anybody...

You don't have to be a fan of "Man vs. Food" to love Knucklehead Hot Dog Diner... all you have to be is a lover of delicious hot dogs, as these folks serve delicious hot dogs!  Keep in mind that the dogs aren't the little, bitty dogs found on most street corners, as these dogs are basically custom-prepared meals, and ONE dog is a lunch for most people - I ordered two dogs, and needless to say, I ate a very small dinner.  The dogs are outstanding, the service is great, the price of admission is reasonable, and the people are super friendly, and will treat you right.  You don't have to be a "Knucklehead" to enjoy the Knucklehead Hot Dog Diner... you just have to be someone who appreciates a fine hot dog.

Knucklehead Hot Dog Diner
7456 Foothills Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95747
916 782-0338

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