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For the last three months, I've been watching the new Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop take place, and I've been eagarly watching for their opening.  Without fuss or fanfare, the restaurant "softly" opened on Sunday, May 01, 2016, but I didn't find out until the following Sunday, when I was on my way to a home improvement store to purchase some lumber.  Since it was still too wet to work in the yard, thanks to the recent rains, I decided to pay Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop a visit, and try out their signature sandwich.

Photo:  Early Sunday afternoon, May 08, 2016, I got the chance to enjoy Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop, after watching it take shape for the last three months.  This building used to house It's A Grind coffee shop, but there is another coffee shop in the same shopping center, and the large, national chain moved in with a drive-through store, so Grind went out of business. There is also another sandwich shop, nearby in this same shopping center, Guys For Lunch, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the future.  

Mr Pickle's is a small chain of restaurants, all located in California.  Although it is a chain, each store is a franchise, and each one is different.  You may recall there used to be a Mr. Pickle's down the street that closed a couple of years ago, and after a new owner, and an extensive remodel, opened as Pickles 'n Brew.  The "sandwich scene" seems to be quite dynamic in Roseville.

Photo:  Like most sandwich shops, the menu is placed above your counter, and the staff assembles your sandwich from ingredients, placed in stainless steel containers in front of them.  Mr. Pickle's prides themselves on using fresh, California-grown produce, along with high-quality deli meat and cheese.  When you order a sandwich, you pretty have to stick to the menu, but your available options are what variety of roll you want, and whether you want what the menu describes as "EVERYTHING" on your sandwich.  "EVERYTHING" is mayonnaise, mustard, garlic sauce, tomato, red onion, pickles, pepperoncinis and lettuce.  If you order "EVERYTHING" but you don't like, say... red onion, just say so, and they'll leave it out.  You can also order a half sandwich, for about two-thirds the price of a whole sandwich.  The staff at Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop are friendly, and they want to please.

Since today was Mother's Day, as can be expected, the restaurant was busy.  There were four girls making sandwiches, one gal running the cash register, and one guy outside, dressed in a pickle costume, to let passing traffic whizzing by on busy Pleasant Grove Blvd., that the restaurant is now open.

After you make your selection, you pay for it, take a seat, and your order will be brought to you, with a smile.

Photo:  My friendly sandwich maker, Ashley, makes my sandwich with a smile.  She didn't quite know what to think when I asked her if I could take her photo, as I suppose I'm the first writer with a camera that's been in the new restaurant.  Notice how shiny clean the appliances and counter are, after the restaurant being open only for a week.

Photo:  Ashley places my sandwich on the table with a smile.  The lady and the children sitting at the table next to me were quite amused when I snapped the photo.  Doesn't everybody take photos in restaurants?  Service was fast and efficient, as my sandwich arrived less than 5 minutes after I paid for it.

Photo:  Thanks, Ashley, for snapping my photo, as I'm ready to enjoy my delicious sandwich.

Photo:  Since today was my first visit to Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop, I decided to go "all out" and order, from their "Hot Specialty Sandwiches" page of their menu, their signature sandwich, "The Mr. Pickle."  What better way to judge a restaurant?  This wonderful sandwich features chicken breast, hickory smoked bacon, fresh avocado, melted Monterey Jack cheese, and naturally, I ordered "EVERYTHING" to make this a complete sandwich.  My choice of bread was sourdough, but Dutch crunch, wheat, sweet, sliced wheat, marble rye, wraps and a gluten free options are available.

Photo:  Here's a close-up photo of my delicious "The Mr. Pickle," which is their signature sandwich.  They didn't skimp on the chicken, bacon, cheese or avocado, as there was lots of it on the sandwich, and the mayonnaise, mustard, garlic sauce, tomato, red onion, pickles, pepperonicinis and lettuce really helped make the sandwich delicious.  The quality ingredients were place on the sandwich correctly, with a good ratio of bun-meat-condiments, and the sandwich held together pretty good, although a few pieces of avocado managed to pop out.  No worries, as I simply scooped them up from the basket, placed them in the sandwich, and went on enjoying the wonderful meal.

Mr. Pickle's makes a delicious sandwich.  The staff is friendly, the location is great, and the price is about what you'd expect to pay for a premium sandwich, made before your eyes using fresh ingredients.  Welcome to our neighborhood, Mr. Pickle's!

Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop
7451 Foothills Blvd. Suite 190
Roseville, CA 95747
916 771-3800

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