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Today, I had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious sandwich at a brand new sandwich restaurant that just had celebrated their "official" Grand Opening yesterday, and their "soft" opening a couple of weeks ago.  Pickles 'n Brew is the newest sandwich shop in Roseville, and it's a winner...

Photo:  Like the sign says, Pickles 'n Brew is NOW OPEN!  Their Grand Opening was yesterday, but they have been open for a couple of weeks, albeit with little fanfare or advertising.  As of this writing, September 10, 2015, Pickles 'n Brew is the newest restaurant in Roseville.  If this location looks familiar, it's because a now-defunct Mr. Pickle's franchise used to occupy this store prior to going out of business a couple of months ago.

Photo:  It's 1:30 in the afternoon of September 10, 2015, and except for the lady at the counter, who is ordering a sandwich "to go," I have the whole restaurant to myself.  The new owner has completely changed the interior from the Mr. Pickle's days,  and everything is new, shiny and squeaky clean.  The paint even smells new and fresh! Photo taken from the front door and shows the tables flanking the walls.  There is a cooler to the left where you can grab a canned or bottled soda, water or juice.  Since the beer license hasn't arrived from the City of Roseville, the name of the restaurant should temporarily be "Pickles 'n Pop."  Just kidding! The beer license is due to arrive in a couple of weeks, and then happy customers will find a selection of micro brews, ready enjoy.  I'm keeping in touch with them via Facebook, and when the beer arrives, I plan to pay a visit to enjoy a sandwich and a couple of brewskies.

The new dining room is spacious, squeaky clean, and even "smells" fresh, clean and new.  Note the waistcoating, the attractive paint, and the wood floor.  If anything, the room and the walls seem a bit "bare," but that's a good thing, as there is plenty of room to move around without getting in anybody's way.  I can well imagine when word gets around about this great sandwich shop there will be a line of customers in the center of the room, waiting for their orders.

Photo:  The colorful menu is posted on the wall, and offers a great selection of delicious food.  My first inclination was to order a "Brooklyn" sandwich, as there is nothing that I love better than pastrami and bacon, but when I spotted the "Eric" sandwich, I just HAD to order a sandwich named after me, especially since this was my first visit to this wonderful restaurant.  OK, the name "Eric" isn't named after me, as Eric and Emma - note the "Emma" selection on the menu - are the names of the owner, Aaron "AJ" Broadway's children.  But I ordered an "Eric" sandwich just the same, as it looked delicious, and I couldn't resist ordering a sandwich, with my name, and custom-made for me.

Photo:  Taylor and co-owner "AJ" make my sandwich with fresh ingredients.

Photo:  Taylor is all smiles as I pick up my sandwich that was custom made by he and "AJ."  Each sandwich at Pickles 'n Brew is custom made, using fresh ingredients.  If none of the menu selections grab your interest, you can always go the "Build your Own" route, and the staff will be happy to make the sandwich of your dreams from any of the ingredients they have on hand.  Today, I requested them to "hold the mayonnaise" as I'm trying to work my way back to 155 pounds, and I'm nearly there.

Photo:  I hold my sandwich as Taylor snaps my photo, as per my request.  Photo shows the seating arrangement in the dining room which looks like it could seat a couple dozen or so.  If you wish, you can dine outdoors on the shaded sidewalk in front of the restaurant, which sounds like a good option for me during my next visit.

Photo:  My "Eric" sandwich, as it arrived after being hand crafted.  You have this choice of several varieties of bread, and I chose sourdough, which is my favorite bread.  Since today was my first visit to the restaurant, I thought ordering a sandwich named after me - just kidding - would be a good way to begin.  The"Eric" sandwich includes ham, pastrami, roast beer, Monterey jack cheese, and Italian dressing, which is everything that I truly love.  The only condiment I ordered was mustard - no calories - but as far as "fixin's," I asked for everything, and that is what I got, EVERYTHING!

Photo:  I moved one side around so the cross section would be able to be seen in the photo.  Note how fresh everything looks, including the sourdough bread.  This sandwich was truly fresh, and just plain DELICIOUS!  If you're in the mood for a fantastic sandwich, I recommend a visit to Pickles 'n Brew.  I can't wait for the "brew" to appear...

The sandwich was delicious, the dining room was sparkling clean, and the staff was very friendly, which adds up to a winner of a sandwich restaurant. Pickles 'n Brew is a welcome addition to the Roseville sandwich scene, and I look forward to enjoying many more visits to this fine sandwich shop.

Pickles 'n Brew
5131 Foothills Blvd. #2
Roseville, CA 95747
916 782-7085

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