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Kabob & Gyro Grill has been in Elk Grove for a number of years, and just a few months ago, they opened a second location in Roseville, in the old Kaoku Teriyaki & More location, next to Original Pete's.  Editor's note: Kazoku has moved to a new location, just around the corner. Kabob & Gyro Grill seems to have found a much-needed niche in Roseville, as they have joined just a handful of restaurants in town that offer a full menu of Mediterranean favorites.  However, Kabob & Gyro Grill is very different than any other Mediterranean restaurant in Roseville...

Photo:  Kabob & Gyro Grill is located next to Original Pete's in a small shopping center in west Roseville.  Note the single table that allows outdoor dining, if you're in the mood.  If this location looks familiar, it was home to Kazoku Teriyaki & More, before the moved around the corner, late last year.

Photo:  The view of the restaurant, as you walk in the front door.  There are new tables, new carpet, and new paint on the walls, but the restaurant is still long and narrow, and the layout is the same as the Japanese restaurant that was in this location, until they moved around the corner late last year.

Photo:  The menu is placed behind the counter.  In typical taquieria style, you make your selection from the menu board, pay for it, and your food is delivered to your table.  No tips are expected, although they do have a tip jar on the counter.  I was so impressed at the fast and friendly service, along with the outstanding lunch I enjoyed, that I stuffed a couple of bucks into the tip jar, as these guys do an outstanding job.

Photo:  I absolutely LOVE the open kitchen that's easily viewable from the dining room.  These guys are fast, as my order was ready in less than five minutes after I placed it.

Photo:  On this mid-Saturday afternoon, August 22, 2015, I had the whole restaurant to myself, as the only other people were the two guys running the restaurant.  I timed my visit so I'd be in after the lunch rush, and before the dinner rush begins, as I prefer an empty restaurant when I take photos, as not to annoy other diners, and it gives me a better opportunity to chit-chat with the staff.

Photo:  From my table, I peeked through the open door and watched the chef putting the final touches on my Mediterranean Platter.

Photo:  My lunch is delivered to my table, with a smile.  The chef did double duty in delivering my meal to me, as the order-taking guy seemed busy bussing tables, and doing kitchen clean-up.  I suppose they were taking advantage of the  lull between the lunch and dinner rushes, to get everything ready for this Saturday evening.

Photo:  My friendly host took my photo, upon my request.  Thanks!

Photo:  There are so many delicious choices on the menu, that it's almost mind-boggling, but I chose the Mediterranean Platter, as I was hungry, and it sounded delicious.  The menu says the following about the Mediterranean Platter, "All platters come with basmati rice served with a side of salad, side of hummas, side of tzatziki sauce (Cucumber sauce) and a hot piece of pita bread.  Mediterranean Platter features slices of grilled chicken."  Quite a modest description for such a delicious meal!  Where shall I begin...  Note the beautiful presentation of the meal, including the onion slices, and the garnish on the hummas and the tzatziki.  When you order, you have your choice of three levels of spiciness:  Mild, medium, or spicy.  Mild is the "default," unless you ask your server otherwise.  I chose medium, with was just right for me, as it offered just a little "kick," but didn't leave me craving for water to put out the heat.

The marinated chicken was placed on the rice, which made for a delicious main entree.  The salad was chilled and fresh, the pita bread was hot and fresh, and the hummas and tzatziki sauce was fantastic.  I dipped my pita bread in the hummas, and used the tzatziki sauce as dressing for my salad.  Such a delicious lunch!

My only criticism, and it's very minor, is they don't serve beer, as it would be enjoyable to enjoy an exotic Mediterranean brew with this delicious meal, but that's not a deal breaker, and the next time I visit this fine restaurant, I pan to enjoy a mango lassi.

Perhaps I've found a new favorite restaurant in town?  The Mediterranean Platter I enjoyed simply knocked my socks off, it was THAT delicious, and now makes me want to return, to sample their gyros, shawarmas, and their signature kabobs.  I'm glad Kabob & Gyro Grill has come to town, as they're a worth addition to the Roseville dining scene.

Kabob & Gyro Grill
5005 Foothills Blvd. #3A
Roseville, CA 95747
916 788-1888

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