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For a couple of months, I've been walking past Kazoku Teriyaki & More, and I've been wanting to pay them a visit. What finally prompted me was I noticed a sign in their window announcing they were going to be moving to a new location, just around the corner, in a few months.  So, it made sense to pay them a visit, so I could write a "before" and "after" article about this fine Japanese restaurant.

Photo:  Saturday, October 11, 2014, I finally was able to pay a visit to Kazoku Teriyaki & More, at their current location, at the south end of the shopping center. They're located next to Original Pete's, visible at the extreme right of the photo, which is a fine pizza restaurant that I visited a few months ago.

Photo:  The restaurant is long and narrow inside, and features tables for four against the wall, and a couple of tables facing the partition that separates the kitchen from the restaurant.  Photo is taken from the front door, looking in.  The order counter is in the left, center of the photo, just behind the blue cabinet that has silverware, chopsticks and napkins.  I haven't mastered chopsticks, so I always grab a fork!  When I walked in the door shortly after the restaurant opened, I was the only customer, and I like it that way when I plan to photograph and publish an article.  By the time I left, the place was packed with happy diners, enjoying delicious food.

Early next year, Kazoku will be moving to a new location, just around the corner.  I'm in the process of documenting the move, so follow the progress of the move by clicking on this link.

Photo:  The format of the restaurant is that you check out the menu, posted on the wall, place your order at the counter, pay for it, and when your order is ready, it will be brought to your table.  Before arriving at the restaurant, I surfed their web site, so I knew what I was planning to order.  If you didn't the menu could be a tad confusing to people who aren't familiar with Japanese cuisine, as it's quite extensive, and there are an endless amount of variations and options.  On this early Saturday afternoon, there are two staff members working, a cook, and John, the son of the owner, who is "ringing" up my order, using the restaurant's computer system.  Or, should I say, "computing" my order?

Photo:  Friendly John brings my order of Tempura to my place, next to the front window.  I'll describe my lunch in the last photo.  Kazoku has a counter of sorts, near the front door, looking out into the sidewalk, and the parking lot.  I chose this spot as it offered good light for photos, and made for a good location when John brought my lunch to me.

Photo:  Thanks, John, for snapping my photo, as I'm ready to enjoy my delicious lunch.

Photo:  My lunch started out with a tall Sapporo beer - my favorite Japanese beer - in a frosted mug, and it just went uphill from there!  From the "Entrees" menu, I ordered "Tempura," which included both shrimp and vegetable tempura, along with a large bowl of rice, and a teriyaki-flavored dipping sauce.  The tempura was delicious, as it was cooked with light, flaky, golden-brown batter, and cooked perfectly, so the batter was crispy, yet the shrimp and vegetables were tender, buy not over cooked.  The rice had just enough "stick" to it to keep it on the fork, and it held together when I dipped it into the bowl of sauce.  Overall, this was a delicious lunch!

The food is absolutely delicious, it's reasonably priced, and the staff, especially John, are super friendly.  Kazoku means "friend" in Japanese, so I'm happy that I'm "friends" with them, both in real life, and on Facebook.  I'll be looking forward to visiting them when they move to their new location.

Kazoku Teriyaki & More
5005 Foothills Blvd. Ste. 3A
Roseville, CA 95747
916 786-8646

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