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With little notice or fanfare, Huckleberry's opened their door to business on Monday morning, August 22, 2022, and began serving Lousiana bayou-inpired cuisine to diners in west Roseville, CA, who have the taste of the bayou on their minds...

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Huckleberry's opens at 07:00 every morning, and is open until 15:00 in the afternoon, and serves breakfast and lunch.  It's about 07:30 in the morning on Friday, August 26, 2022, and I've arrived at Huckleberry's to enjoy breakfast.  As of this writing, the restaurant is the newest breakfast restaurant to open in Roseville, as the restaurant opend it's door to business the previous Monday, August 22nd.

The restaurant is so new that the building simply sports a banner for a temporary sign.

If the location looks familiar... until this May, this building hosted a Denny's Restaurant, which served fine "Americana" cuisine for over ten years until closing, and ultimately becoming Huckleberry's.

Photo:  Huckleberry's is located on Foothills Blvd, in Roseville, in the Sierra Pointe shopping center, which hosts several other restaurants, including Burger King, Boston Market, and many other fine restaurants.    As the banner states, the restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch.

As an aside, I could add countless hyperlinks to restaurants that I've published write-ups on, which are located in this suburban shopping center.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you're greeted by two "meet and greet" staff members, who will seat you at the table of your choice, and welcome you to the restaurant with friendly southern style hospitality.  

Note the faux weeping willow tree, along with the faux fireflies, which is a signature trademark of the 28 or so restaurants in the Huckleberry's chain.  As of this posting, the chain of restaurants is expanding, and is bringing Lousiana cuisine to other California locations and beyond.

Photo:  I'm greeted and "Welcomed to 'da Bayou," thanks to my friendly hostess, who greeted me with a friendly smile, and seemed to enjoy her photo being taken.  Such a warm welcome is amazing!

Photo:  The restaurant seating is clean, very open, and attractively decorated, and offers comfortable seating for casual dining.  The dining room arrangement, along with the furniture has changed radically since the days when this restaurant was a Denny's.

Photo:  The dining room is set up like other Huckleberry's restaurant's that I've enjoyed, including the other Roseville location of Fairway Blvd, and another Huckleberry's franchise, located in Elk Grove, at the extreme south of the greater Sacramento metro area.  

The dining room furniture is a mixture of booths and tables and offers friendly seating for your dining pleaure.

Photo:  OK... it was 07:30 on this Friday morning, but I had a burger on my mind, so I hit up the "Bourbon Street Burgers" section of the menu and went with a "Bubbas..."  How could you go wrong with a "Bubba's" burger at 07:30 on a Friday morning in late August?  Click on THIS LINK to see the complete menu that Huckleberry's offers.

Photo:  The decor is pure Lousiana "cajun funk" as there are faux ducks, fruit, birds, kerosene lanters, and other decor that enhances the "Cajun atmosphere" the restaurant showcases.

Photo:  From the "Sippin' on the Bayou" side of the menu, I went with a "Bayou Bloody Mary" for my appetizer. Really, I had my mind on a beer, but since the restaurant is still experiencing "growning pains," beer wasn't an option on this Friday morning.  

The menu describes the "Bayou Bloody Mary " as, "Crafted with the bold flavors of the Zing Zong Bloody Mary Mix, garnished with a crisp slice of bacon."  Well said for an amazing appetizer.

Like all drinks at Huck's, the "Bayou Bloody Mary" was served in a frosted, ol' fruit Mason jar, which added "bayou class" along with a dose of country charm.  Mary was built using tomato juice and a healthy serving of vodka... thank goodness I wasn't driving.  Besides the slice of bacon, Mary included a stalk of celary, a slice of lemon, along with a stuffed green olive.  The lip of the jar was garnished with seasoned salt... say HELLO to an amazing "Bloody Mary Friday morning!"

Photo:  My table - and all table setings - were set with Cajun hot sauce, ketchup, salt, pepper, am and lots of coffee creamer.  Hot sauce "Cajun Sunshine" sounded amazing, but I didn't get the chance to try it, as my "Bubbas" burger, along with my "Cajun Fries" were so delicious that they didn't need any help from hot sauce.

Photo:  Meet Kayla, my amazingly friendly hostess, who brought my "Bubba's" and "Cajun Fries" to me with a smile.  Kayla and other staff members treated me like a member of their family... such is the service you'll enjoy at Huckleberry's, located on Foothills Blvd., in west Roseville.

Photo:  I'm a happy guy... it's a "bloody mary morning for me" as Kayla took my photo, with my "Bubba's" burger, along with my appetizer of a "Bayou Bloody Mary."  My Friday was off to a perfect start!

Photo:  From the "Bourbon Street Burgers" section of the menu, I went with a "Bubba's," along with an order of "Cajun style" fries to get my Friday morning started.  Alright... a burger for breakfast?  As they say in Louisiana, "Whatever floats your pirogue..."

The menu describes the burger as, "A big, two-fisted burger loaded with all the good stuff... smokey bacon, aged Cheddar cheese, and a sunnyside egg up."  The menu also adds, "Served with Huck's seasoned fries, and topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles and Huck's secret sauce."  

"Bubba's" starts with a large, lightly seasoned, Cajun-style meat patty... most likely about a third of a pound.  It is grilled to perfection, medium by default, but if medium doesn't float your pirogue, all you need to do is let your server know your preference, and your meat will be cooked "your way."  The meat was placed on a lightly toasted, butterd bun, and the talented kitchen staff "nailed it," as my "Bubba" had the perfect bun-to-meat ratio which is cruucial to make a amazing hamburger.  Speaking of meat... there was a slice of melted-just-right Cheddar cheese, two slices of bacon... AND a fried egg, cooked sunnyside up... on the burger to wish me a pleasant Friday morning.

Huck's "secret sauce" was kind of like thousand island dressing... great but not at all noteworthy.  Topping the burger were fresh garnishings of lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced onion and dill pickle.  

Huckleberry's "nailed" the burger, as the "hot" stuff arrived hot/warm, while the garnishes arrived chilled... if you're a burger affectionado, you know the hot/cold will make or break a hamburger... Huckleberry's knows how to create an amazing burger, as the "hot/cold" ratio worked perfectly.

The "Huck's sauce" worked wonders, as I didn't need to add any ketchup, mustard or even "Cajun Sunshine," hot sauce, as "Bubba's" was simply "stand-alone" delicious as served.  

Huckleberry's seasoned fries are delicious, but for less than a dollar... CAJUN... here I come!  The $.99 buys you chili, Cheddar cheese to add to your fries, which make them Cajun... and simply DELICIOUS!

The "Bubba's" is a big, juicy and a quality burger, and one bite into it sent me into "burger nirvana."  Yes... it's juicy, tasty, with the right meat-to-bun balance, and the cheese, bacon, meat and buns were warm, while the lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle were chilled, which made for a perfect taste sensation, and an amazing burger.  The "Cajun fries" made for a perfect side dish...

The food is simply delicious, it's "bayou style..." the decor will bring out the "cajun" in anyone, and the staff is talented and friendly. For a taste of the Mississippi River delta, without leaving west Roseville, look to Huckleberry's, on Foothills Blvd. in Roseville, CA.

5181 Foothills Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95747
916 772-3779

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