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Boston Market, formerly known as "Boston Chicken" is a small chain of 300+ restaurants stretching across 28 states.  The restaurant specializes in rotisserie chicken, but also showcases most east coast-style "comfort food" such as ribs, ham, pot pies and more.  The Roseville, CA location, Boston Market #0578, has been on the corner of Foothills and Junction since the restaurant opened, back in the mid 1990's.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  The Roseville, CA location of Boston Market is located at the corner of Foothills Blvd and Junction Ave, and has been serving delicious east coast style "comfort food" since the mid-1990's.  It's a little past the 11:00 morning opening time on Saturday, April 30, 2020, and I've arrived to enjoy some amazing rotisserie chicken.

Photo;  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the order counter, the display case and the menu posted on the wall.  You'll be greeted by one of the friendly staff, who will welcome you to this friendly restaurant.

Photo:  The dining room is absolutely HUGE and quite sparsely furnished, which I assume is a leftover from 2020, and the pandemic that was ravaging restaurants everywhere.  The furniture is mostly tables, with a few booths, and a few large tables set aside for diners with special needs.  The dining room is modern, well lit, thanks to the many windows that light the room with natural sunlight, and very comfortable.

Photo:  You make your selection from the menu, which is placed above the order counter and preparation area, but unlike "fast food" restaurants, a staff member will prepare your order as you watch, and when your order is ready, you'll go to the cashier's station to pay for your order.  Regardless of whether your dining "in," or takeout, all orders are served in to-go containers and placed in a bag, complete with plastic forks and knives, and a few napkins. You'll thank the staff for the napkins, as the food is tender and juicy, and you'll go through many napkins as you enjoy your meal.

After you've paid for your meal, you pick a table, or take your meal to enjoy elsewhere.

Boston Market is certainly a "niche" restaurant, as it's a combination of "fast food" and "casual dining" and incorporates elements of both formats.  All of the delicious food is prepared in the kitchen, and brought to the display case, where the staff prepares your order as you watch.  You see many chickens cooking on spits in the huge, commercial rotisserie oven, located behind the display case.

Photo:  Behind the counter there is a display case where all of the sides and most of the main entrees are placed, after they're brought from the kitchen.  You don't simply "place your order" with an order-taker, as a staff member, behind the counter, will assemble your order from the display case, where menu selections are kept in separate trays.  Your order is personally put together as you watch.

Photo:  The restaurant's menu is posted on three video display monitors, located above the kitchen/preparation room, and I "assume" is posted, and updated online as well.  You'll note the menu specializes in rotisserie chicken, which is certain a crowd pleaser.  Click on the menu image to see the complete menu that I've posted.  

There is also a separate, printed catering menu, as the restaurant offers custom orders and catering packages for groups and for any occasion.  

Photo:  After I placed my order, my super friendly host, Clayton, grabbed a chicken from the large rotisserie oven, placed it on a cutting board, and cut it in half.  You can see chickens roasting in the oven behind him.

Photo:  After cutting the chicken, and scooping the side dishes I ordered into the standard takeout container, he grabbed one of the little cornbreads from the pan, and placed it in a paper bag, separate from my order.

Photo:  Meet my gracious host, who happens to be the manager of the restaurant, Clayton, who prepared my order, and delivered it to me with a smile.  He's joined by super friendly Andrew, who seemed to be everywhere, doing everything, as Andrew waves a friendly "hello" to my camera.  You can see how the order is presented, in a takeout container, covered by a plastic top.  No worries, as it keeps the food juicy and hot.

Clayton recently took over running this fine restaurant, which had received many negative reviews on various applications, and he has been working steadily to improve the dining experience, along with the quality of food. His efforts have off, as the food, service and friendly staff are outstanding!  This is not your daddy's Boston Market restaurant anymore!

To add icing to the cake, when I paid for my order, I was asked if I was military or a first responder, and I showed him my VA card, which lists my service in the Navy.  I received a small discount on my meal, and a friendly "Thank you for your service."  Thanks!

Photo:  I'm a happy diner as I give a "thumbs up" as I prepare to enjoy my delicious lunch at Boston Market.  

Photo:  From the "Signature Rotisserie Chicken" of the menu, I went with "Signature Half Rotisserie Chicken Individual Meal," which includes two sides, and like most meals, a small slice of cornbread.  I chose "Garlic Dill Potatoes" and "Creamed Spinach" as my sides.  The spinach is priced as a premium side dish, and I had to pay a small extra charge, but it had been a long time since I'd enjoyed creamed spinach, and it sounded great.

All orders, whether dine-in or takeout are packaged in "to-go" plastic trays, and wrapped in a bag.  I suppose it's the practical thing to do, as it seems the majority of younger consumers prefer to enjoy their meals "to go."  Not me, as I always enjoy dining in the diner... call me "old school."

The half chicken was some of the best rotisserie chicken that I've enjoyed for quite some time, as it was perfectly cooked, flavorful, tender, moist, juicy and simply delicious.  The skin had a slight crisp to it, and was browned perfectly, and held in the juicy tenderness of the chicken.  One half chicken sounds like more than one person could handle, but the bird wasn't gigantic, and the chicken completely satisfied my love of chicken.  The rotisserie chicken served at Boston Market is world's above the rotisserie chicken you find in your local supermarket!

The side of "Garlic Dill Potatoes" were roasted red potatoes, seasoned with garlic power - I think - and dried dill seasoning, for great flavor.  They were perfectly roasted, and cooked to perfection.  I absolutely loved them!

For an extra $.80, I added "Creamed Spinach" from the "Premium Sides" section of the menu.  The side of spinach was mashed, and mixed with heavy cream and cheese, which made for a great combination, and took an ordinary vegetable to a new level.  I truly believe that Popeye would throw away his can if he tasted this spinach!

The small cornbread resembled a miniature loaf, and I wasn't at all thrilled with it, as it was on the hard and dry side, as I truly believe it was made yesterday.  However, the flavor was good, and if I had ordered a side of gravy for dipping, this would have been a great addition to the meal.  

I've heard a not of negativity about the Roseville location of Boston Market, but thanks to the delicious food, and the amazingly friendly staff, my dining experience was as good as it gets.  I rarely dine at chain restaurants, and I rarely give them top ratings - because they're a chain - but when it comes to this location of Boston Market, I threw it all out the window, as my lunch was simply delicious!

Photo:  My half rotisserie chicken, which was the centerpiece of my delicious lunch at the Roseville location of Boston Market.  This chicken was moist, tender, and perfectly cooked, and arrived hot and fresh, right off the rotisserie.  

This chicken was so delicious that I didn't throw away my skin and bones, as I usually bring with me a "Zip Lock" bag, 'just because," so I gathered all the skin and bones and took them home with me to make a superior broth for soup tomorrow.  When I made the comment to the manager that I was taking skin and bones home with me, he laughed, and said "None of my customers do that!"  I'm "old school" and since this rotisserie chicken was so delicious, I look forward to amazing broth, which will be the flavorful foundation for tomorrows soup.

If you love "comfort food," with an east coast flair, the Roseville location of Boston Market will put a smile on your face, and remind you of the kind of food your mom used to make.  The food is simply delicious, you'll leave full, and the amazingly-friendly staff will treat you like family.

Boston Market, located in Roseville, CA, is highly recommended for delicious stick-to-your-ribs "old school" home-style food, that will comfort you, and warm your soul.

Boston Market #0578
5003 Foothills Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95747
916 783-9300

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