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New Orleans meets Roseville at Huckleberry's, where as the menu states, "Southern cookin' with a California twist." After enjoying breakfast at this fine restaurant, I'm a true believer, southern style...  

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Huckleberry's is located in a newer, upscale outdoor shopping center, on Fairway Drive in Roseville.  This fine breakfast and lunch restaurant opened back in September, 2018, and today, I'm finally getting around to paying them a visit.

It's a little past 7 in the morning, the time the restaurant opens, on Friday, May 17, 2019, and I'm in the mood for a great southern breakfast in Roseville.

Photo:  As you walk into the restaurant, you're greeted by friendly Sabrina, who meets, greets, and seats you.  As the restaurant had just opened on this early Friday morning, the dining room was very lightly seated, so I just picked a booth and sat down.

Photo:  After you're "meeted and greeted," the first thing you'll notice is the fireplace, with the 'gator on the hearth. The fireplace burns gas, and it provides a cheery glow, but little warmth.  Even though today was in the middle of May, the outside temperature was quite chilly, as we'd just had an unusual mid-May storm that dumped 1-1/2 inches of rain on our area.

The 'gator wasn't beside the fireplace, "back in the day," when this was the Original Pancake House...

Photo:  Just to the right of the "meet and greet" counter, is a square dining room, that is mostly furnished with booths, but there are a few tables in the center of the room.  The dining room is tastefully arranged, spacious, and offers lots of comfortable seating.

If this photo, and the previous photo look familiar, you may recall this restaurant used to be the Original Pancake House, which the now-defunct Sacramento Breakfast Club visited several times.  The only familiar feature left over from the "pancake" days is the fireplace; since Huckleberry's took over, the previously-open main dining room has been completely remodeled, and you wouldn't even recognize the dining room.  Click on this link to visit this fine restaurant as the Original Pancake House, back in 2012.

Photo:  This is just one page of the extensive breakfast meal, and features omelets, skillets and platters.  I love the "southern" names.  I was hungry, so I fixated on the "Half Pound Chicken Fried Steak."

Huckleberry's is open for breakfast and lunch, and if you're in the mood for a burger for breakfast, or an omelet for lunch, you've come to the right restaurant, as you can order anything listed on the menu anytime the restaurant is open.

Photo:  I sat at a booth in the main dining room and took a look toward the front of the restaurant, where Sabrina was busy at work.  To enhance your "southern" dining experience, traditional country, Cajun and "Dixieland" music was playing the background.  

The main dining room is entirely furnished with booths, with each booth designed to fix six adults.  It's comfortable and squeaky clean.

Photo:  There are windows from the dining room where you can look into the kitchen and watch the chef prepare your order.  The chef seems to be a little surprised as I snap the photo...

Photo:  Meet Ashley, my friendly server, who brings my breakfast to me with a smile.  Thanks for the great service!

My breakfast arrived, with a smile, in less than fifteen minutes after placing my order.  Ashley, my friendly server, took great care of me and treated me like a member of her family.

Photo:  I'm all smiles as I pose with my VERY LARGE breakfast that I'm ready to enjoy.  Yes, it's only 0730 in the morning, but I wake up HUNGRY for breakfast, and there is nothing like a HALF POUND chicken fried steak breakfast to get your Friday headed in the right direction!

I absolutely LOVED this fine breakfast and I ate every bite, as I'm a dedicated "foodie" and a great eater.

Photo:  From the "Huck's Platters" section of the breakfast menu, I ordered the "Half Pound Chicken Fried Steak." Included with the massive platter were three eggs, "Country Reds," as Huckleberry's calls their fried potatoes, sourdough toast, with an optional bowl of gravy, just in case I didn't get enough gravy on my chicken fried steak. Yes, the breakfast is massive, fried and southern, and it's a truly DELICIOUS breakfast!  Isn't the presentation beautiful?

The centerpiece of the meal is the half pound chicken fried steak.  The meat is tender, thin, and covered with a delicious, crispy batter, that's perfectly fried.  Unlike lesser restaurants, the batter isn't thick, greasy, soggy or overpowering; it's simply delicious and compliments the meat.  At a half pound, the meat is certain to fill you up; if not, the rest of the breakfast will.

Huckleberry's calls their fried potatoes, "Country Reds," but they're simply fried red potatoes.  They're fried just right, as they're crisp and golden on the outside, and chewy on the inside.  These amazing potatoes were tasty and perfect, without any hint of oil or grease, or excessive salt, but they packed LOTS of flavor!  Just like with the steak, you get a lot of country potatoes with your breakfast.

The breakfast included three eggs, cooked any way you want - my de facto standard is over easy - and my three eggs arrived, cooked as ordered, over easy.   I use eggs over easy as a "benchmark" to test the ability of the chef, as it's really easy to mess up eggs over easy - I've never acquired the technique - so when my order arrives with perfectly cooked eggs, it always puts a smile on my face.

What can I say about the toast, except it was toasted, buttered and it made a delicious compliment to this fine meal.

I absolutely LOVE gravy!  The entree came with gravy, but being the "foodie" that I am, I wanted more so I ordered a side of gravy.  The gravy was absolutely wonderful, as it was creamy, flavorful, and had lots of sausage, New Orleans style in it.  Such a great compliment to such a wonderful breakfast!

As an aside, as I received the check for my meal, I noticed there was NO CHARGE for the side of gravy.  Thank you, Huckleberry's!

Photo:  Half pound chicken fried steak covered in gravy, three eggs, country "red" potatoes and sourdough toast. Such an amazing breakfast!

I asked my friendly server, Ashley, to pass along my compliments to the chef, along with management, for this delicious breakfast.

Huckleberry's serves DELICIOUS food!  Their food is so good, that it would nearly turn a Oakland Raider football fan into a New Orleans Saints fan... well... almost.  As the menu states, "It's been said that Huckleberry's serves the best breakfast and lunch on this side of the ol' Mississippi..."  While I can't really say who serves the best breakfast and lunch in Roseville, I CAN say that if you're in the mood for some delicious N'Awlins style southern cuisine, than Huckleberry's will be your restaurant of choice in Roseville.  Huckleberry's has made a true believer in southern cuisine out of me...

1000 Fairway Dr. #170
Roseville, CA 95678
916 771-7017

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