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Friday, January 22, 2010 must have been a day that the "Breakfast Gods" felt like smiling upon members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, as today we enjoyed a record turnout of members, and potential members.  Maybe it was Dan's charming personality, as it was his turn to choose, maybe it had something to do with the rainy weather, but most likely it had to do with Dan's choice:  Annie's Breakfast and Steaks.  With the word "breakfast" included in the title of the restaurant, you know this place is serious about breakfast.

Photo:  Annie's Breakfast and Steaks is located in an attractive strip mall, along busy Greenback Lane, and offers shaded, outdoor seating when the weather cooperates.  On this rainy morning, outdoor dining wasn't an option.

Annie's is the sort of restaurant that you'll immediately feel at home in, as when you walk in the front door, you're immediately greeted by a friendly gal at the counter who invites you to sit wherever you choose; there is absolutely nothing formal about Annie's and there is no protocol to follow.  Annie's decor is very friendly, informal, light and airy, due to the large windows on every wall and the white, painted walls.  Decorating the walls are various photos, posters, awards and the like, plus vintage tools and other odd implements, such as animal traps. That struck me as rather odd, but believe me, the decor works for Annie's.  It gives the diner a very definite, "hometown" feel.  If you're in the mood to dine outside, Annie's offers a pleasant patio dining area, which features a comfortable, informal, patio-setting, shaded by large trees, to shield you from the scorching, Sacramento summer heat.

Photo:  These friendly gals welcome you to Annie's, seat you, and take your orders.  Note the white board, listing today's specials above the kitchen.  I almost chose the Italian Sausage omelette, as I love Italian Sausage.

Photo:  Check out the attractive, western-theme decor in Annie's main dining room.  Some of the paintings are Norman Rockwell prints.

We were a large group today, so we picked a spot in the dining room, next to the window, and with the help of our waitress, Kathy, we pushed a couple of tables together, and left our mark on another one.. Annie's features a very extensive breakfast menu that truly has something for every breakfast taste and appetite. I noted that they have a very large section of $2.99 breakfasts,  (how can a restaurant offer a full, albeit smaller sized breakfast for just $2.99 in 2010?) which would be perfect for my usual appetite. These inexpensive breakfasts aren't the fast food type warmed-over junk breakfasts, as they all include two eggs, hash brown potatoes and a piece of toast, plus sausage, bacon or ham.  Such a deal!   If you don't see what you want on the menu, you can take a look at the whiteboard posted above the kitchen for their tempting daily specials, or just as your friendly server, as Annie's is happy to make substitutions and to "mix and match."

All you have to do is to look around the restaurant, and you'll notice that the decor is quite western, (you'd feel at home in Fort Worth...) but when you look at the menu, entrées with rather quaint names such as Farmhouse Special, Buffalo Bill's Breakfast Sandwich, The Cowboy Sampler, and the choice that spoke to me, The Wyatt Special.  Wyatt Special is a plate full of two eggs, cooked any way you like 'em, TWO biscuits, covered with chunky sausage gravy, and a couple of link sausages, nestled on top of a bed of hash brown potatoes.  I had actually planned on ordering my de facto standard, a chicken fried steak, but upon examination of the menu, I just couldn't pass on The Wyatt Special, as it sounded amazingly good... (and later I wasn't disappointed.)  Annie's menu selection isn't limited just to western-theme breakfasts, as their menu offers something for every breakfast taste, and our members ordered accordingly.

Photo:  Our waitress Kathy serves Mark McIntire, as his wife Lisa begins to enjoy her breakfast of bacon and pancakes.

Photo: Today's even dozen Sacramento Breakfast members, from left to right:  Mark McIntire, Lisa McIntire, hiding behind Mark, my oldest daughter Jacquie Bower, Dan MacLeod, David DeMario, Bev MacLeod, DeAnn Harris, special guest Mary, Sergio Ganoa, Eric Rench, your webmaster and photographer, Matt Donnelly and Brad Holther. Quite a lovely gathering!

Serving a dozen hungry breakfast club members is no small feat, but our waitress Kathy and others were certainly up to the task, as our dozed breakfasts and side dishes arrived in a very timely manner, hot and fresh from the kitchen.  You may recall a couple of years ago we paid a previous visit to Annie's and we were simply amazed by their lightning-fast service, and today, we weren't disappointed.  Besides fast, friendly service, Annie's food is good, and it's attractively prepared, fresh, hot, and there's lots of it.  Also, the coffee just keeps on a comin' ...

Photo:  Now you know what a Wyatt's Special looks like, and trust me that it tastes as good as it looks.

Annie's Breakfast and Steaks is a fun, family-friendly restaurant, preferred by locals, and offers outstanding food, friendly, fast, efficient service at very reasonable prices.  When you're out in Orangevale and you're in the mood for an outstanding breakfast, stop by Annie's.  Tell them the Sacramento Breakfast Club recommended them and point them to this web site.  We, as the premier breakfast organization in the greater Sacramento metroplex highly recommend Annie's Breakfast and Steaks.

Annie's Breakfast and Steaks
8800 Greenback Lane
Orangevale, CA 95662
916 989-1682

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