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Fellow Sacramento Breakfast Club members Dan MacLeod and David DeMario had been talking about Annie's Breakfast and Steaks restaurant for several weeks, and due to vacations and other issues, we decided to visit Annie's on October 19, 2006.  Technically, Annie's isn't located within the city limits of Sacramento, as its located in nearby unincorporated Orangevale, which is close enough for me.  As Dan and I were driving to Annie's after work, I remarked to him that it had better be good, as the restaurant is located on Greenback Lane, almost to Hazel, which is a 20 minute drive from work, and about that long of a drive from my home in Roseville.

Photo:  Annie's is located in a shopping center along busy Greenback Lane in Orangevale, Ca., in the greater Sacramento metropolitan area.

Photo:  Dan, and David, charter members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club begin to dig into a fine meal.  David is just pouring the gravy. Note the light from the many windows that offer a fine view outside.

Annie's is the sort of restaurant that you'll immediately feel at home in, as when you walk in the front door, you're immediately treated to a friendly gal at the counter who greets you, and doubles as the cashier.  She invites you to sit wherever you choose; there is absolutely nothing formal about Annie's.  Just past the counter is the large dining room, which was surprising full for a Thursday morning in October.  Annie's decor is very friendly, informal, light and airy, due to the large windows on every wall and the white, painted walls.  Decorating the walls are various photos, posters, awards and the like, plus vintage tools and other odd implements, such as animal traps.  That struck me as rather odd, but believe me, the decor works for Annie's.  It gives the diner a very definite, "hometown" feel.  If you're in the mood to dine outside, Annie's offers a pleasant patio dining area, which features a comfortable, informal, patio-setting, shaded by large trees, to shield you from the torrid, Sacramento summer heat.

Annie's is local all the way, as the restaurant is a Sacramento one-of-a-kind, and its owned and staffed by locals. Its located several miles east of I-80, so the crowd is all locals.  If you live in the area, you're sure to run into one of your neighbors dining at the restaurant.  During our Thursday morning visit the crowd consisted mostly of business people, blue collar workers and retired folks, but on weekends, the restaurant attracts families, as Annie's has a reputation of being a very family-friendly restaurant.

Photo:  Annie's dining room, looking toward the kitchen and the cashier's station.  

Photo: David pays for our meal. Behind the cashier, the friendly waitress is picking up another order from the kitchen.  Annie's Restaurant features light and airy decor, as these photos were taken using existing light, without the use of flash.

We found a table near one of the many windows, and were immediately greeted by a friendly waiter, who quickly produced menus, and with a minute, returned with glasses of ice water and cups of fresh, steaming hot coffee. Annie's features a very extensive breakfast menu that truly has something for every breakfast taste and appetite. I noted that they have a very large section of $1.99 breakfasts, which would be perfect for my usual appetite. These inexpensive breakfasts aren't the McDonald's style warmed-over junk breakfasts, as they all include two eggs, hashbrowns and a piece of toast, plus sausage, bacon or ham.  Such a deal!  But my appetite was calling, as I'd worked all night and hadn't eaten for over 12 hours, so I was ready for a lot more.  It wasn't hard for me to gravitate to one of my favorite breakfasts, their special platter that features hash browns, biscuits, sausage gravy, link sausages and fried eggs.  David, Dan and I are all lovers of breakfasts that feature gravy, so all of us made of similar choices from Annies tempting and extensive breakfast menu.  As an aside, if you don't see what you want on the menu, look at the whiteboard posted near the kitchen for the daily specials, or just as your friendly server, as Annie's is happy to make substitutions and to "mix and match."  The diner comes first at Annie's!

Our delicious meal arrived at our table in the amazingly-fast time of only five minutes!  Annie's in known for fantastic food and prompt service, but our meals were delivered a speed faster than light!  Oh yes, the presentation, the quality of the meal, the quantity of the food, reasonable prices and the fast service make Annie's an unbeatable combination, and when you factor in the wonderful coffee delivered from the "bottomless" coffee pot and the delicious food, it makes Annie's a must-eat-at restaurant.

Photo:  My breakfast of biscuits, gravy, hash browns, eggs and sausage.  The hash browns aren't greasy and they're delicious.  

Photo:  David "takes no prisoners" when it comes to breakfast, as his "Farmer's Breakfast" consists of hash browns, ham, sausage, bacon, fried eggs and melted cheddar cheese.  Not to mention toast and a side dish of sausage gravy.  Oh boy!!!!

Annie's Breakfast and Steaks is a fun, family-friendly restaurant, preferred by locals, and offers outstanding food, friendly, fast, efficient service at very reasonable prices.  When you're out in Orangevale and you're in the mood for an outstanding breakfast, stop by Annie's.  Tell them the Sacramento Breakfast Club recommended them and point them to this web site.  They'll get a kick out of it...

Annie's Breakfast and Steaks
8800 Greenback Lane
Orangevale, CA 95662
916 989-1682

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