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After eating a GIGANTIC breakfast at Crown Railroad Cafe, and spending all day railfanning west of Flagstaff, I was tired, and not really hungry.  Driving back to my motel, along historic Route 66, I passed by Route 66 Dog Haus, and a hot dog or two seemed like the right choice for a light, evening meal.  

Photo:  Route 66 Dog Haus's heritage is quite obvious, need I say Der Wienerschnitzel?  Most of the business is conducted in the drive-through in the center of building, but there are open-air tables outside, and a walk-up window.  I would imagine the open air tables receive little use during the brutal and showy Flagstaff winters.  I elected to use the walk-up order window at the front of the restaurant.  As an added bonus, the restaurant is located on historic Route 66, facing the railroad tracks, and offers railroad action as you munch on your hot dogs.

Photo:  Route 66 Dog Haus specializes in hot dogs, but they also offer burritos, chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, and a lot more.  The menu is posted at the order counter.  You make your selection, pay for your order, take a seat, wait for your number to be called, and then pick up your order.  Ditto for the drive-thru, except you're waiting in your vehicle.

Photo:  As the staff was preparing my order, I poked my camera through the order window to take this photo of the kitchen, and the two cooks at work.  

Photo:  I ordered two "Hickory Bacon Dogs," at at $2.19 each, was an excellent value.  Each "Hickory Bacon Dog" starts out on a soft, chewy hot dog bun, with a standard-sized hot dog wrapped in bacon, grilled, and topped with shredded cheddar cheese.  After the photo, I added mustard and dill pickle relish, which rounded out the dogs.  The dogs were basic, but very good, and the price was right.

The dogs are basic, the service is speedy, and the menu is ample, but if you're in the mood for a decent dog at the right price, Route 66 Dog Haus is a restaurant to enjoy a decent hot dog or two.

Route 66 Dog Haus
1302 Historic Route 66
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
928 774-3211

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