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Every so often, you dine at a restaurant, and your dining experience really stays with you, for good, or for bad.  In the case of Crown Railroad Cafe, located in east Flagstaff, this restaurant sticks in my mind as one of the finest restaurants that I enjoyed during my May, 2014, road trip to Arizona.  Also, one of the finest diner-style restaurants that I've had to pleasure to enjoy in my lengthy dining career... Not to mention, my most memorable restaurant during my two-night stay in Flagstaff...

Photo:  If you're a fan of railroads and historic Route 66, as Crown Railroad Cafe is located along old Route 66, and has a railfan's-eye view of the BNSF main line through Flagstaff.  There is lots of free parking, and an adjacent motel.

Photo:  As soon as you walk in, a board greets you with the daily specials.  Look at the board, where to start?  I'd love to sample them all, but after careful consideration, I chose the Mexican Style Chicken Fried Steak Platter, as I'd heard about it, but everything on the board, and the menu sounded good.  I truly believe if I was a Flagstaff resident, I'd eat at this restaurant every day, and sample everything on the menu.  On this early Saturday morning, May 03, 2014, the board said "Please seat yourself," which wasn't a problem, as the restaurant was only about a third full.  I sat myself at the counter, as I prefer to sit at the counter when I dine alone, as it's easier to chit-chat with the staff, observe them in action, and take photos for my Internet write-ups.

Photo:  The dining room exhibits a definite "Route 66" and "railroad" theme, complete with model trains which run around a track near the ceiling, railroad signs, Route 66 signs, and other highway and railroad memorabilia.  I sat at the counter, at the second seat from the "Santa Fe" sign.

Photo:  Looking over the counter, into the window, which provides a view into the kitchen.  Note the model trains near the top of the photo; they operate, and provide a "railroad" atmosphere.  If you're not into model trains, all you have to do is to look through window, across historic Route 66, and you can visit the busy BNSF mainline railroad in action.

Photo:  Another view of the dining room, looking towards the entrance, from the opposite end of the room.  The Route 66 and railroad theme is very much apparent in this photo.  The gentleman at the left of the photo commented on my photo-taking, and I told him, since he was wearing digital camo, that he was automatically my friend, and that brought a laugh out of him.  I believe he was more curious of my activities than annoyed...

Photo:  I struck up a conversation with the owner of Crown Railroad Cafe, John Cavolo, and told him about my web site, my Facebook page, and gave him one of my business cards.  We chatted about railroads, Route 66, food, and I made a comment to him about the Mexican Chicken Fried Steak I ordered, and how I was torn between that, and the menudo that was featured as one of today's specials.  He offered to give me a sample of his menudo, which I readily accepted.  How many non-Mexican restaurants, - although Crown Railroad Cafe features many Mexican items on their menu - serve menudo on weekends?  Not many, but Crown Railroad Cafe does, so that bumps the restaurant up at least a "star" in my book.  In my opinion, Crown Railroad Cafe is a five-star restaurant!

Photo:  My friendly server, Lani, presents my breakfast of a Mexican Style Chicken Fried Steak Platter.  More on that in a couple of photos....

Photo:  Thank you Lani, for taking my photo, as I'm about ready to dig in, pig out, and enjoy, which I'll later discover to be one of the best breakfasts that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy!

Photo:  My breakfast of a Mexican Chicken Fried Steak Platter from Crown Railroad Cafe.  I my 62 years of walking planet Earth, I had never hear of a "Mexican" style chicken fried steak, so I had to try it.  So... the plate starts out with a tender - you don't need a knife to cut it - lightly-breaded chicken fried steak, topped with fresh, in-house-made chili verde salsa.  Then, you get a helping of "Those" potatoes, which are a legend by themselves, to diners familiar with Crown Railroad Cafe.  Included is a bowl of refried beans, a large, folded corn tortilla, and two eggs, cooked to the style of your choice, in my case, as always, over easy.  What did I think of this breakfast?  I was simply BLOWN AWAY, as this is one of the best breakfasts that I've ever had, during my long breakfast career. Words can't describe how fantastic this breakfast was, as it's one of the best breakfasts that I've EVER enjoyed!!!

Photo:  While chatting with the owner of the restaurant, John, Cavolo, and telling him about my travels to Mexico and the fact that I'm a "foodie," he offered to give me a sample of the menudo that Crown Railroad Cafe serves every Saturday and Sunday.  Although I was stuffed after enjoy my Mexican chicken fried steak, I accepted his kind offer.  He brought out a sample bowl of menudo, garnished, and said, "this is the way we make it."  It was fantastic! I neglected to ask John how he came up with the recipe to make such a delicious bowl of menudo - I regret that I didn't - but this bowl of menudo was FANTASTIC!!!

You just can't top a restaurant like Crown Railroad Cafe, as it combines EVERYTHING that I love, adore, and cherish in a restaurant, including American "comfort" food, Mexican food, quality food, friendly staff, and a lot more. Crown Railroad Cafe is a Route 66 restaurant, a "crown" jewel in Flagstaff dining, and a restaurant that you just don't want to pass by, during your visit to Flagstaff.  I LOVE this restaurant!!!!

Crown Railroad Cafe
3200 E. Route 66
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
928 522-9237

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