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Hot Dogs Los Chipilones is everything that I look for in a hot dog stand, in Tucson, as it has all of the important "bases" covered. Read on...

Photo: Hot Dogs Los Chipilones is located in a dirt lot, and uses a trailer to cook the hot dogs, and a tent for a dining room.  The owner and operator, Huerco, told me the restaurant has been in the same location for the past five years.

Photo:  The kitchen is enclosed inside a trailer, and the griddle is fired by propane.  Hot dogs and condiments are kept cold, inside ice chests, since he restaurant lacks electricity.  There is ample seating under the shady awing to protect you from the hot Tucson sun, wind, and occasional rain.

Photo:  Garnishes include runny guacamole, in the style found in the nearby state of Sonora, Mexico, two varities of salsa, and shredded Cheddar cheese.  Ketchup and mustard are located in squeeze bottles, on the tables. The garnishes are chilled by using an ice chest filled with ice, which is low-tech, at best.  As for as Sonoran-style hot dogs, low-tech is best!

Photo:  Co-owner of the restaurant, Huerco, presents me with the first of the two dogs I ordered.  At $2.50 each, including tax, condiments and garnishes, Huerco's dogs were a real bargain, and, with the personal service, local atmosphere, and the "rustic" condiments, the dining experience here was a GIGANTIC plus over El Guero, which I enjoyed mere minutes before venturing to Hot Dogs Los Chipilones.  I'm a fan of personal service, and local atmosphere, and I found both at Hot Dogs Los Chipilones.

Photo:  Yes, Huerco was happy to take my photo, as I posed with one of my delicious Sonoran-style hot dogs.  The dogs come from the kitchen dressed with a little mustard, a decorative coating of mayo, and the customary grilled pepper on the side.  A grilled pepper is always served on the side in Tucson, and in the state of Sonora, Mexico.

Photo:  If I was talking about a Chicago dog, I would describe my dogs as being "dragged through the garden," but, I wasn't in Chicago, as I was in Tucson.  SO... drum roll... I garnished my dogs with runny guacamole, smoky salsa, and shredded Cheddar cheese.  Oh yes!  Combine the garnishes, with a perfectly grilled hot dog, wrapped with bacon, and placed on a large, soft, chewy bun... Well... when you're in Tucson, and you visit Hot Dogs Los Chipilones, you've arrive in hot dog heaven!

Two dollars and fifty-cents for one of the best hot dogs ever... Such a bargain!  Combine the bargain with a friendly server, local atmosphere, and a great Sonoran-style hot dog... Hot Dogs Los Chipilones is a winner in hot dogs!

Hot Dogs Los Chipilones
12th Ave. and Oklahoma St.
Tucson, AZ 85714
502 406-1640

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