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Sunday afternoon, April 27, 2014, I checked in to a motel, near downtown Tucson, and asked the friendly desk clerk for a good Sonoran-style hot dog restaurant.  She recommened El Guero, located just a few miles south of the motel, so after I settled in, I was off to El Guero to pick up a hot dog for dinner.

Photo:  On this busy, late Sunday afternoon, April 27, 2014, El Guero was busy, and packed with families enjoying a late afternoon dinner.  There is ample parking in the lot, on the back side of the restaurant.

Photo:  You wait in line, to order, and pay for your meal, to the "red" window at the right of the photo.  You order, and pay for your meal, and then you get a "number."  You wait until your "number" is called, in both English and Spanish, and you pick up your order from the "white" window, to the left of the photo.  As the restaurant was so busy, and the staff seemed to be so rushed, I had no opportunities to chat with staff, or take kitchen photos.  Note that menudo was still being served on this late Sunday afternoon, which is a very positive thing.

Photo:  The large, busy dining room, decked out in the colors of the Mexican flag.  Note the condiment bar, in the center of the photo, that allows clients to garnish their food with the condiments of their choice, as  El Guero offers many other choices beyond hot dogs.

Photo:  I was just "sampling" the restaurant, so I only ordered one hot dot.  As in the style of Tucson-area hot dots, the dog was wrapped in bacon, and served on a large, chewy bun, and garnished with mustard, mayonnaise, with salsa, and served with the traditional grilled pepper.  At $2.85, the dog was a good value, and it was good, but I really wasn't impressed, as I've enjoyed many better hot dogs during my visits to Tucson.

The hot dogs are good, they're authentic Sonora-styled bacon-wrapped hot dogs, and the price is right.  However, the restaurant is just too big, too crowded, the staff too busy, and the whole atmosphere is just to impersonal for me.  I prefer the small "mom and pop" restaurants, or the small hot dog stands that dot the Tucson landscape.  El Guero serves great hot dogs, but the atmosphere left me in the cold.

El Guero
5201 S. 12th Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85706
520 295-9005

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