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North Dakota style Brautwurst, grilled indoors, on my electric George Foreman grill.  Easy, quick and delicious...

Photo:  The ingredients for tonight, Friday, February 07, 2014's dinner:  One-half North Dakota style Bratwurst, two small Yukon Gold potatoes, a roll, shredded cabbage, red onion and Anahiem chili pepper.

Photo:  Dinner is cooking on the electric George Foreman grill indoors, as I was too lazy tonight to go outside and fire up the propane grill on the patio.  In my opinion, since the sausage is already cooked, it doesn't make a lot of difference how it's grilled.  The potatoes are much better grilled outside, but the Foreman does a credible job, considering it's limitations.

Photo:  Grilled Bratwurst on a toasted roll, with all of the fixin's, along with grilled potato wedgies, and catsup.  Yes, I like to dip my potato wedges in catsup.  The North Dakota style Bratwurst was purchased at Lockeford Meat Company, in Lockeford, Ca., who in my opinion, make the best sausage that I've ever eaten.

Photo:  The Bratwurst sausages are absolutely GIGANTIC, so I only use half of one, which fills me up very well. Tuesday, February 11, 2014, I enjoyed practically the same dinner, but tonight, I dined by the light of the fire, and the kerosene lantern, outside on the patio.  The Tecate beer make the meal just that much better!

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