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The sausage you purchase at the Lockeford Meat and Sausage Services is so fresh, and so delicious, that we gladly make the 55 mile drive to pick up a few pounds of the best sausage that we've ever eaten!

Photo:  If you love a dazzling variety of the best sausage found on the planet, produced in a super "low tech" factory, this place is for you.  You get on-street parking, and the atmosphere of a small, Texas butcher shop. Lockeford Meat and Sausage Services is famous around the world for their delicious sausage, and if you're a "foodie," or a sausage lover, this place should be on your bucket list.

Photo:  The meat counter is about 20 meet long, and carries the widest variety of sausage, along with bacon, that I've ever seen.  All of the sausage is made fresh, in-house, and it's so good, it's worth the drive from anywhere to pick up a few pounds of it.  The "showroom" features the meat counter, and that's about it, as it's tiny, and can really get packed with patrons, especially on weekends.  We drive 55 miles each way from Roseville, and despite the high price of gas, it's worth it, as the sausage is fabulous.  Of course, it's always fun to include a lunch at Country Cafe, located just across Cotton Street from this fine store.

Photo:  Looking through the saloon-style doors behind the meat counter, into the sausage factory.  Inside, and outside, you can smell the savory aroma of sausage cooking, believe me, it's mouth watering!  I got a kick out of the signs posted to the right of the door... I wonder what Governor Brown would think?

Photo:  The format goes that you tell the friendly counter person what variety of sausage you want, they pick it out, weigh it, wrap it in white butcher paper, and stick a bar code on it.  If you purchase different varieties, they'll mark your package with whatever variety of sausage is in the package.  As of this writing, most of the sausage is priced at around $4.59 a pound, which is a bargain, considering the quality of this wonderful product.  Today, we purchased 5 pounds of apple sausage, 2 pounds of fresh Dakota bratwurst, and a little over a pound of linguica, luau and mild Italian.  

If you're a lover of all things sausage, a visit to Lockeford Meat and Sausage Services is mandatory.  Don't take my word for it, visit Yelp or their Facebook page.  Lockeford Meat and Sausage Services makes the best sausage that we've ever eaten!

Lockeford Meat and Sausage Services
19775 N. Cotton St.
Lockeford, CA 95237
209 727-5584

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