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Reviews of restaurants we've enjoyed during our travels to Baja California, Mexico.  Page is indexed according to municipalities and geographical areas.  Click on the link of your choice to begin your adventure.

Mexicali, Tecate and Los Alodones:  The most northern area in Mexico, this page takes in all of the Mexicali municipality, and a lot more.

Bahķa Los Angeles:  Picturesque Bahķa Los Angeles, and all of the eastern side of the Baja penninsula, south of San Felipe.

Central Baja California:  South of Ensenada, along Federal Highway 1, including the towns of El Rosario, San Vicente, and the fabulous Meling Ranch.

Ensenada:  The city of Ensenada, and much of the municipality of the same name.

San Felipe:  One of my favorite places to visit in Mexico, as I just can't get enough of this beautiful town.  Once a sleepy fishing village, it's now morphed into a restort, that's the darling of the Norteamericanos.

Tijuana:  The city of Tijuana, and much of the municipality to the south, and to the east.

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