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Arizona is a culinary crossroads state, where several distinct cuisines come together:  Southwestern, Mexican, Californian, and typical Americana.  Click on the highlighted links below for reviews of Arizona restaurants.

Kingman Airport Caf:  A "destination" restaurant for local pilots, and a great place to enjoy breakfast, whether your drive or fly.  Great food, and great, local, airport cuisine.

Oyster's Mexican and Seafood:  Family owned and operated restaurant, serves some of the best Mexican seafood that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy!  Fine dining in Kingman.

Roadkill Cafe:  Their motto reads, "You kill it, we grill it."  All kidding aside, Roadkill Cafe features fine diner-style dining, in Seligman, Arizona.

Route 66 Dog Haus:  Hamburgers, burritos, chicken sandwiches, and a variety of hot dogs are served at this restaurant, located on historic Route 66, in Flagstaff.

Crown Railroad Cafe:  Flagstaff dining at the finest, as it combines Route 66 and railroad cusine!  Great food, friendly people, railroad-style dining, and menudo on weekends.

Frantelli Pizza:  Voted by readers of the Arizona Sun newspaper as the best pizza in Flagstaff; I wouldn't know about that, but I KNOW they serve delicious pizza!

Tom and Suzie's Diner:  Classic "Americana" diner cuisine, and it's free, if you stay at the neighboring motel. "Comfort" food, friendly people... it's a winner in every respect!

El Rancho Motel and Restaurant:  Features delicious American, Mexican, New Mexico, and local, Navajo favorites, and is home to the sublime "Stuff Sopa."  Located in Holbrook.

Winners Circle Bar:  Cold beer, friendly people, and a local hang-out, Winner's is as "Holbrook" as Holbrook gets...

Mr. Maesta's:  Mexican, Navajo or American "comfort food," it's served here, in a nostalgic dining room, by friendly staff.  A Holbrook classic restaurant!

World Of Beer:  If it's beer, they have it, as it's all in a bottle, or on tap, and there's "pub grub" as well.  Downtown Tucson...

Carl's Jr., Tucson:  Located on Freeway Blvd., near I-10, I enjoy a Western Bacon Cheeseburger combo meal.

Poco and Mom's:  Delicious New Mexico style "Mexican" food, and some of the friendliest staff I've ever met, this restaurants offers a supurb dining experience in Tucson.

Taqueria Los Cipilones:  Serves several varieties of tacos, cooked in a small trailer, by a friendly guy who knows how to make delicious tacos.

Tacos Apson:  Tacos and more, cooked over an indoor, wood-fired grill.  Former diner, serves delicious Mexican food, and has a great condiment bar.

Birrieria Guadalajara:  Menudo!  Rojo or blanco... The place in Tucson for menudo!  Delicious Mexican and American cusine, great prices, and friendly service.

Hot Dogs Los Chipilones:  Trailer kitchen, dining room covered by a tarp, and serves only Sonoran-style hot dogs, grilled to perfection.

Duron's El Zarape Grill:  Combines the best of Arizona and Mexico, and serves an outstanding breakfast, in a comfortable dining room, with super-friendly staff.

El Guero:  Authentic Sonora-style, bacon-wrapped hot dogs and more, in a large, impersonal, family-friendly restaurant.

Copper Miner Kitchen:  Offers classic, "Americana" diner-style cusine, friendly service and great prices.  Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is open seven days a week.

Penny's Diner:  Features an open kitchen, 1950's decour, and the menu features classic, American, "comfort food." Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and staffed by friendly people.

Del Taco:  Del Taco is alive and well in Yuma.  Features, well... Del Taco cuisine, which, in my opinion, is some of the best "fast food" in the industry.

In-N-Out Burger:  Sometimes you just have to have a classic burger, and In 'N Out delivers the goods... in Yuma.

Bubba's BBQ Restaurant:  Serves Americana-style comfort food in a 1970's family-style diner atmosphere... and Bubba's serves a delicious breakfast!

Tortas La Bella:  One of the more unique restaurants that I've encountered, La Bella serves tacos and tortas out of a stationary travel trailer.  You're in for a spartan, rugged, outdoor dining experience!

Jack In The Box:  Yes, it's dinner at Jack's, as Jack makes a delicious double cheeseburger, and at the Yuma store, the people are friendly.

Wendy's #7835:  Features a fish sandwich entree, along with fries and an all-you-can-drink, drink, which is a good deal. The staff is friendly, and were very amused at my photo taking.

Filberto's Mexican Food:  They serve a great Mexican breakfast!  They mix a sit-down restaurant with a fast food joint, and in the process, serve a great breakfast...

Los Manjares De Pepe:  Owned and operated by some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet.  Probably the best coffee that I've ever tasted, killer breakfasts, and gigantic Torta de Carnita, and much more...

La Fonda Restaurant:  Family owned and operated, erves the best breakfast that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy in Yuma and they have an in-house tortilleria.

The Taco House:  Co-located with David's Market, this friendly taco stand specilizes in pollo, cabeza and carne asada tacos, along with Sonoran-style bacon wrapped hot dogs.

Tortas La Bella:  This unique restaurant is located in a travel trailer, perminently parked at a shady lot, and offers a variety of tacos and tortas.

Tacos y Mariscos Juanita:  Classy catering truck operation parked at a lot that features clean restrooms, shady, sit-down dining.  Great mariscos, low prices, and very friendly service.

Tacos Mi Rancho:  Serves delicious Sonoran style breakfast, lunch and dinner in a clean, comfortable restaurant, that features attractive Sonoran style decor.  

Brownie's Caf:  If you're a fan of old-school diner fare, served in a place that probably hasn't been updated since the 1960's, and if you're serious about breakfast, you'll love everything about Brownie's Caf!

Burger King:  Sometimes you just resist the "lure" of a delicious Whopper, even after you've been eating tacos for much of the day in Mexico.

Carl's Jr:  After a hard day of four wheeling, I was tired, beat, and after a couple of beers, in no shape to drive.  The nearby Carl's Jr. to the rescue!

McDonald's:  Normally not my first pick, but how could I pass up two Big Macs for the small price of $3.00?  That's the point, I couldn't... and I succomed to the lure of Corporate America...

Nico's Taco Shop:  This busy Tuscon restaurant is open 24/7 and features authentic Mexican food, varied menu, friendly staff, drive through window, and low prices.  A local favorite.

BK Hot Dogs:  I surfed the net, and read online that the Tucson Weekly had voted this place as the Best Taco and Hot Dog Stand, of 1997, so I just had to visit this restaurant.

El Tiburn:  Modest seafood restaurant that operates out of a food truck, on busy Irvington Road in Tucson.

Hot Dogs La Esquina:  Located at a busy intersection on the south side of Tucson, and working out of a catering truck, a hot dog cart, and a building, Esquina offers delicious hot dogs en Estilo Sonora, at rock-bottom prices.

Heart Attack Grill:  Probably the most politically-incorrect, and the most vegan-unfriedly restaurant you'll ever experience, yet it serves one of best cheeseburgers that I've ever eaten, and is the delight of carnivores and horndogs from all over the world.

El Manantial:  This catering truck serves one of the best Sonora-style hot dogs that I've ever eaten, plus they provide just about every sort of Mexican condiment, to perfectly garnish your delicious hot dog.

Oatman Hotel:  The "old west" is alive, well and lives on at the Oatman Hotel.

Roadkill Cafe:  Their motto reads, "You Kill It and We Grill It," in downtown Seligman.

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