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Home-made biscuits and gravy, made using Bisquick, is a delicious, easy breakfast dish to make, and it is the de facto standard for breakfast on the West Coast, particularly in California.  It is a breakfast dish that is ideal for home, or when you're camping in the Sierras, or the Mojave Desert.

Special tools:  Cast iron griddle, or frying pan for the gravy; Cast iron chicken cooker for the biscuits
Preparation time:  About 10 minutes
Cooking time:  About 10 minutes
Yield:  4 biscuits

For the biscuits:
1 cup Bisquick
1/3 cup milk

For the breakfast gravy:
Sausage drippings, the more the better
1 small link sausage, chopped very fine
3 - 4 tablespoons Bisquick
2 cups milk
1 tablespoon butter
Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.  Blend Bisquick and milk together, a little at a time.  Knead dough on a floured board.  Roll or press the dough to a thickness of about 1/2 inch.  Cut out biscuits to a size of 2-2/2" in diameter, and place on an un-greased cast iron griddle or cookie sheet.

Photo:  Bisquits are cut out and placed on a cookie sheet, ready to be placed in the oven.  I use a 2-1/2" cookie cutter to get the proper size, but the size isn't all that critical.

Bake about 10 minutes, or until golden brown.  Serve topped with breakfast gravy.  Recipe follows.

While biscuits are baking, crumble sausage link into frying pan, and cook over medium heat until browned; about 4 minutes.  Remove meat from pan and reserve.  Leave drippings in pan, add butter into cast iron skillet and cook over medium heat until butter is melted.  Add flour and brown to desired color.  Add crumbled meat.  Carefully pour in milk, turn heat to high, and continuously stir mixture, until cooked to desired thickness.  Add Bisquick, a little at a time for a thicker mixture.  Immediately serve over biscuits.

If you don't have sausage, you can chop a slice or two of bacon up into very fine pieces, fry it to desired texture, and use the meat and the drippings for the gravy.  This works very well, especially if you're planning on serving bacon as a side dish.  If you're a vegetarian, you're out of luck!

Photo:  Sausage links and fried eggs cooking on the griddle, what could be better?

Click on this link to read how to cook perfectly fried eggs.  If you care to differ from biscuits and gravy, I'll show you my method for cooking pancakes, sausage and eggs, by clicking on this link.  Enjoy your breakfast!

Everybody loves my biscuits and gravy!  Most people don't believe how quick and simple it is to make this recipe. As with everything else, feel free to experiment.  Sometimes I add cumin, chopped jalapeno peppers, oregano and bottled picante sauce to the gravy to enhance it.  If you're camping and don't have butter, you can substitute olive oil.

When I'm camping or four wheeling, I make these biscuits in the Dutch oven that I carry in my Compact Camp  Kitchen.  I just place it on the stove, cook the biscuits on high heat for about five minutes, turn them over, and cook them for another five minutes. I substitute powdered milk for the real thing.  The camp-made biscuits aren't quite as good as biscuits made at home, but the job gets done, and I haven't received any complaints from hungry campers.

Photo:  Here's a plate of perfectly prepared biscuits, gravy, fried eggs, sausage links, and garnishes.

It always seems like we have a crowd when we're camping and that's a good thing.  I usually serve small sausages as a side dish, so to make the gravy, I first fry the sausages.  Depending on how many people there are, I take one or two of the fried sausages out of the pan, and chop them into very fine pieces.  Whatever you do, leave the drippings in the pan, even the little burnt pieces of meat!  That simple act will make, or break your gravy.  Melt the butter, add the Bisquick, add the milk and stir to your heart's content.  Spoon the gravy over the biscuits, and you'll have a camp full of happy campers.

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