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Fried eggs over easy, are a very popular item on the breakfast menu, and it's amazing how many people end up with scrambled eggs when they really wanted eggs over easy.  The secret is high heat, the right amount of oil, a sharp spatula, and good timing...  Believe me, it took me almost 40 years to master the art of frying eggs for breakfast

Special tools:  Cast iron skillet, metal spatula
Preparation time:  A couple of minutes
Cooking time:  A couple of minutes
Yield:  2 eggs per serving, do the math...

2 Eggs per person
2 tablespoons olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Over high heat olive oil in cast iron skillet.  When olive oil is hot, gently break eggs on side of skillet and put them in the pan.  When the edges of the eggs start to bubble, after cooking about a minute, gently move the eggs with the spatula, to ensure they don't stick to the spatula.

Left:  The eggs are starting to bubble, and it's now time to flip them over, easy, using a metal spatula, with a sharp "leading edge."  Right:  Eggs over easy, ready to remove from the frying pan and enjoy.

When the edges of the eggs are partially cooked, about 30 seconds later, and the part near the yoke bubbles, gently turn the eggs over with the spatula, taking care not to break the yoke.  The eggs should be done about 30 seconds later. Remove from skillet and serve immediately.  Salt and pepper to taste.


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