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Welcome to the breakfast scene in the central town of Burns!  On this beautiful Thursday morning, June 25, 2015, I chose to dine at Ye Olde Castle Family Restaurant, located just two blocks west of downtown, Burns, Oregon.

Photo:  Thursday morning, June 25, 2015, and it's time to enjoy breakfast at Ye Olde Castle Family Restaurant, near downtown Burns.  The restaurant offers plenty of free parking, but I was staying at a motel just a block from the restaurant, so parking didn't concern me.

Photo:  If you like antique bicycles, pedal cars, and strings of Christmas lights, you'll love the decor of this restaurant!  I believe if you closed your eyes and opened them, it would take you back to 1975, and I doubt the decor has been updated since then.  Many of the vinyl seats were held together with duct tape; a good example can be seen on the booth in the extreme lower right hand corner of the photo.  However, old and tired decor simply makes the food taste better!  If you follow this web site, you'll note that I seem to frequent restaurants that are not exactly "mainstream..." which works for me.

Photo:  Ye Olde Castle Family Restaurant features an extensive breakfast menu, and here's a photo of their main breakfast menu.  The prices are what you see, as there is no sales tax in Oregon.  How could I not resist but to order a #5 from the menu, which features chorizo and eggs.  When I placed my order, I didn't know that I was in for a great surprise.

Photo:  Another view of the "busy" dining room, showing the antiques, and the 1970's decor.  The pie case is to the right of the photo, so if it's your "thing," you could have pie for breakfast.

Photo:  Of course I just had to peek into the kitchen, through a side door, as my order was being prepared.

Photo:  My server, Ken, brings my #5 order of chorizo, eggs, hash brown potatoes and sourdough toast to my table. Before snapping his photo, I had explained to him my "mission" of taking photos and writing a review of the restaurant for my web site, and he was friendly, and good with it.  However, when he delivered my food, he was very "camera shy," as he said he wasn't properly dressed, and really didn't want his photo taken.  As you can see, I did the dirty "deed" anyway; call me a knave or something.  Personally, I have no problems with his attire, as was dressed very casually - we're in Burns for cryin' out loud! - was friendly, and very professional.

Photo:  Ken snapped my photo... Thanks!  I had to "rescue" it, via PaintShop, the best I could.  Sorry for the blurr...

Photo:  My breakfast, #5 on the menu, of chorizo, hash brown potatoes, two eggs - over easy, in my case, as always - and a bottomless cup of delicious coffee.  The surprise that I alluded to in a previous photo was in the chorizo; it was in a link, and not in a patty, as seen in 99.9% of restaurants in the U.S. and Mexico!  Such a welcome surprise.  The breakfast tasted as delicious as it looks in the photo, with the hash browns being golden and crispy on the outside, and warm and chewy inside.  The eggs were cooked perfectly - over easy - the way that I prefer my eggs.  The toast was buttered and melty, sort of, but I don't care if the butter isn't melted.  Folks, this was a GREAT breakfast!

I absolutely LOVE dining at a restaurant like Ye Olde Castle, as it is a very unique experience, and far removed from dining at a national restaurant chain outlet.  Yes, the decor is tired, shabby and very outdated, but the people are friendly, the food is great, sales tax does not exist in Oregon, and the dining experience is something to remember.  Breakfast at Ye Olde Castle Family Restaurant is a "must-do," when you're visiting Burns.

Ye Olde Castle Family Restaurant
186 W. Monroe St.
Burns, OR. 97720
541 573-6601

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