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Welcome to the Mexican dining scene, in the small Oregon town of Burns!  The Mexican dining scene isn't extensive, as, of this writing, there is exactly one Mexican restaurant in town, El Toreo Mexican Restaurant, but it's a great place to enjoy authentic, delicious Mexican food.  

Photo:  El Toreo Mexican Restaurant is located in downtown Burns, Oregon.  Despite the small "footprint" to the street, the restaurant is quite large inside, and even includes a large, private dining room in the back.

Photo:  Early Friday evening, June 26, 2015, I arrived to a busy restaurant, and was seated at a booth, not shown in the photo.  I was given a menu, a glass, and a pitcher of ice water, and I waited for 15 minutes for my server to stop by, although she passed by several times.  During my long wait, I seriously considered leaving, and going to the bar next door for pizza, but tonight, by darn, I was in the mood for Mexican food!

I figured... "Well, get up, take photos, and get noticed."  My strategy worked in a couple of ways, in that I noticed there was a counter, where I prefer to dine when I'm alone, and the flash of my camera got the attention of my server, Gloria.  I told her I was moving to the empty counter, and received a puzzled look in return.  I had heard Spanish coming from the kitchen, so I switched over to Spanish, and she got the message.  It was all uphill from there.  I never would have believed that my Spanish would come in handy in Burns!

Photo:  After relocating myself to the counter by the window to the kitchen, things improved!  Immediately I was brought a basked of warm, freshly-made tortilla chips, and small bowls of bean dip and salsa.  Naturally, I ordered a Pacifico beer, which is my favorite Mexican beer.

Photo:  From my seat at the counter, I was able to look into the kitchen, chat with the staff, and watch them in action.  The blonde gal in the photo seemed to be the only staff member who's "first" language was English, as the rest of the staff preferred to converse in Spanish, but most, if not all, spoke English.  I found it very interesting to be speaking Spanish in Burns.  Note the old school order wheel, where the wait staff places printed orders, and the 1980's vintage calculator, next to the blonde gal.  El Toreo Mexican Restaurant is definitely "old school!"

Photo:  After I placed my order, my server, Gloria, brought it to me in only about 10 minutes.  I made a great "move" to relocate to the counter, as I was mostly ignored when I was first seated at a booth.  I'm sure it was not intentional, as it was probably just a mix-up, as I've noticed sometimes happen when you dine alone, your seated at a booth, and the restaurant is busy.  

Photo:  Gloria snapped my photo, as I'm about ready to begin a delicious dinner.

Photo:  I ordered a #16 Combination Dinner from the menu, which includes to chilie rellenos, rice and beans.  I asked if they could substitute a beef enchilada for one of the chilie rellenos, which my server, Gloria, readily agreed to.  My dinner arrived in about 10 minutes, and it was hot and delicious.  Just what I had in mind for dinner in Burns on this warm Friday evening, June 26, 2015!

Despite the initial slow service, the dining experience proved to be very pleasant, especially after I relocated myself to the counter.  The food is delicious, the staff proved friendly, and the price is right.  I recommend El Toreo Mexican Restaurant when you're visiting Burns, and you're in the mood for great Mexican food.

El Toreo Mexican Restaurant
239 N. Broadway Ave.
Burns, OR. 97720
541 573-1829

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